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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview – The Mile High Club

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 11, 2011

Bethenny emerges this week finally out of the depths of despair and self loathing and into preparing for Skating With The Stars.   I watched the program and am eager to get some back stage info with the Bethenny and Johnny Weir drama.  To be truthful, I didn’t really understand why Johnny would so viciously go after Bethenny even if he was friends with Jill.  He would do nothing but compliment the 2 worst skaters who would fall down but would slam into Bethenny each time.  I get the criticism but never a single compliment?   You could tell right off the bat that Johnny’s feedback to Bethenny was skewed by “other” reasons and we all know #itsJillZarinsFault.  <—- twitter hashtag  😉

Bethenny’s ratings last week were  (1.350 million viewers, #14; adults 18-49: 0.7, #T9).  Not too shabby for a show that does not include other housewives baggage.   Compared to the previous week, Bethenny Ever After ratings were (1.281 million viewers, #15; adults 18-49: 0.7, #9) which is an improvement altogether!

Hate Bethenny or Love her, the show’s ratings are substantial enough for Bravo and people are watching.    Bethenny Ever After has an average of 1.396 million viewers per week and a season 3 has already been given the green light.

        It’s finally here! Jason and Bethenny can barely bottle their enthusiasm about visiting the SkinnyGirl plant.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel go jean shopping for Jason and I swear, this past weekend me and Mr Man attempted to jean shop for him because I told him he had on geeky jeans and might as well have white tape across the bridge of his glasses.   He was perplexed.  He didn’t know there was any other style of jeans..  I swear I am not making this up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



22 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview – The Mile High Club”

  1. Dy said

    I didn’t watch SWTS, really had no interest. I did read all the crap with J.W. and it sure didn’t seem fair. I’m not a Bethenny fan( haven’t been since the second season of NY, BUT I did feel bad for her last season, hey I’m human ;).Anyway if J.W. doesn’t like Bethenny thats fine there are people out there that don’t, (I know it’s hard for some of her fans to believe.) But him going out of his way to be cruel and not give constructive critisim(sp) just makes him very petty, and wrong,and not proffesional.

    Btw..I can’t believe she doesn’t cry,and feel sorry for herself this week..Oh hell No!

  2. Rosie said

    Hi Dy.. 🙂
    I didn’t watch SWTS either, just not my thing. But the way JW acted toward B, was a big news item when it was happening. It sounds like it was truly nasty and it probably hurt his reputation.

    IJS.. Lol on the jeans shopping! I use the “Pocket protector” version when my hubby gets nerdy..

  3. Dy said

    Hi Rosie 🙂

    I know Rosie, I read it all,I think it was terrible of him. Its just wrong on all kinds of levels not to be fair,and let personal feelings cloud judgement.

  4. hey Dy and Rosie!! I so agree with you guys.. personal stuff should be left at the door when you are judging a contest. It seems the cards were stacked against Bethenny from day 1 although the right person won. Also Bethenny fans really kept her in the game when Johnny Mosely was voted out because he was a much stronger skater then Bethenny.

    Bethenny really did trust her partner because she did some pretty good stunts out doing all the other couples but it seemed that bethennys partner didnt focus on making Bethenny a stronger skater. She almost looked like she was pushed around instead of skating on her own.

    Rosie.. he really wanted to find cooler jeans.. lmaoooo

  5. G-sus said

    I watched SWTS, actually tivo’d and FF through everyone but that skier Johnny and Bethenny. Before I found out he was friends with Ginger Yenta, I couldn’t understand why he seemed to have a stick up his ass about her. When I read about him being friends with Jill, it all made sense. Especially since Jill herself did skating on Season 3, it seemed like the green eyed monster appeared once again, though in the form of JW.

  6. Dy said

    @4 Totally agree IJS..
    Also Bethenny knew the reason she was still hangin in there was because of her Fans and she thanked them week after week.
    I might not be a rah rah sis boom ba fan of Queen B. but I’m fair,and what happened with her concerning JW not fair/ right.

  7. Bryan said

    The jeans thing was sad, she took Jason to some place where some raving queen was picking out the jeans for him, I wear nothing but Levi’s still the best jeans in the world. I have some that are almost 10 years old, they are best. I am not going to spend over 100 dollars for jeans, and now they have everything from the traditional straight cut to dusted.

    Hey Temple Beth Frankel had to learn not everyone plays fairly and not everyone thinks she is america’s favorite reality poor little rich girl cuddle bunny, and she went up against high flying bitch queen. Also do you think they hired him to be fair and professional, not on your life, they knew he would bring his ultra gay bitch game and he did.

    So all the one liners and usual repetoire was no match for a raving skating queen!

  8. @tweatcyn said

    I watched SWTS and Johnny Weir was complete ass to Bethenny from day one. Bethenny skated very well, and deserved her second place standing. Rebecca won fair and square. Johnny was actually helping Jill train for her birthday skating debut performance in that rediculous pink outfit. He was off camera when that coach chewed Jill a new one for getting in the way of the pro’s. I think the fan response in voting was directly in response to Johnny’s biased judging. I hope I hope I hope that some of this will be revealed on BEA.

  9. Bryan said

    @8 TweatCyn, yeah but who’s going to care, it comes down to ratings and that thing was a disaster, don’t think it’s going to be back.

  10. Dy said

    @ 9…You are right Bryan, actually who is going to care, it’s over…Holy Cannoli..Moving On…

  11. Dy said

    Well I was wrong Queen B. did not cry or feel sorry for herself in tonights episode.

  12. Coffee FIRST said

    @Bryan…are you around?

  13. ilene gordon said

    can u tell me what designer jacket bethenny was wearing when she went jean shopping with jason it was a black cropped jacket?

  14. Ilene.. this is the bone I can throw you!! tell me if it helped.

    I think it was the tweed jacket you are inquiring about.. hope you got the info!

  15. Pam said

    I have the same question as Ilene. I don’t think it was the tweed jacket. it was cropped, belted and had a dramatic collar. would love to know the designer!

  16. Bryan said

    @15 Pam, tweet her if you have twitter, she loves to anwser those questions

  17. Pam said

    Will do, thanks!

  18. Dy said

    @15 Her assistant is answering tweets while she is on vacay..I was on her twitter and she has a link on there about what she is wearing( on the last episode) and where she got it.

  19. KT said

    Did anyone have success finding out where she got that black cropped jacket?

  20. Dy said

    @KT did you check out her twitter?

  21. KT said

    @Dy I did but had a hard time finding it. Hmm..I’ll try looking again.

  22. Dy said

    @ KT

    I just checked it’s under the Show and Tell Tweet..The jacket is Zara, probaby if you go to the wbsite you can find out where to get it..I liked it too and her her lether legging and fedora.

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