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What’s New On TV Tonight? OWN: ‘The Judds’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘RHoOC’ & ‘The Borgias’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 10, 2011

Tonight, HBO is airing both episode 4 & 5 to end the series “Mildred Pierce”.   I am not sure if it was planned or prematurely finishing the series due to ratings. 

The OWN channel is airing 2 new episodes of the premiere, “The Judds”.  I am going to watch but not sure if it can hold my interest. 

Don’t forget “Brothers and Sisters”  has a new episode tonight and its 2 hours!!  Totally wreaking havoc on the DVR with the 2 hour airing of “Celebrity Apprentice”.  Ugh.. 

Don’t forget TLC’s “Sister Wives” airs tonight and did anyone see the reports that wife #4, Robyn is pregnant?

Happy Sunday People!!!

America’s Next Great Restaurant 8-9pm, NBC. The remaining contestants are tasked with creating their our food truck to service Los Angeles.

The Comedy Awards 9-11pm, COM. The awards show actual took place two weeks ago at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, but they’ll air tonight.

Mildred Pierce 9-11:35pm, HBO. The miniseries concludes tonight as Mildred’s relationship with her daughter becomes ever more complicated.

The Killing 10-11pm, AMC. Sarah and Holder sniff out a potential witness to the murder while Councilman Richmond investigates a possible leak in his team.

Here’s what’s on TV tonight (all times Eastern).


CBS: ’60 Minutes’
NBC: ‘Dateline’

7:30 pm

FOX: ‘American Dad’


CBS: ‘The Amazing Race’
NBC: ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’
FOX: ‘The Simpsons’
ABC: ‘Secret Millionaire’
DSC: ‘Human Planet’
OWN: ‘Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes’


FOX: ‘Bob’s Burgers”


CBS: ‘Undercover Boss’
NBC: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
FOX: ‘Family Guy’
ABC: ‘Brothers and Sisters’
DSC: ‘Human Planet’
TLC: ‘Sister Wives’
COM: ‘The Comedy Awards’
LIFE: ‘Army Wives’
HIST: ‘Ax Men’
HBO: ‘Mildred Pierce’
OWN: The Judds

9:30 pm

FOX: ‘The Cleveland Show’


CBS: ‘CSI:Miami

TLC: ‘Strange Sex’
FOOD: ‘Iron Chef America’
AMC: ‘The Killing’
BRAVO: ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’
Life: ‘Coming Home’
AE: ‘Break Out Kings’
E: ‘Chloe and Lamar’
APL: ‘River Monsters’
SHOW: ‘The Borgias’
OWN: ‘The Judds’

10:30 pm

TLC: ‘Strange Sex’
E: ‘The Dance Scene’


Bravo: ‘Watch What Happens Live’


39 Responses to “What’s New On TV Tonight? OWN: ‘The Judds’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘RHoOC’ & ‘The Borgias’”

  1. tvtwaddle said

    I’m loving THE KILLING on AMC. that’s what i’ll be watching tonight!

  2. Bryan said

    those fucking Judds’s who really wants to watch their nonsense, go away all of you!

  3. Dy said

    C.A…Holy Cannoli, I can’t miss it, then OC..

    Meh, The Judds, IJS, I’m like you, don’t know if it will hold my interest either.

  4. Bryan.. you always come here in such a good mood.. lol 😉

    TVTWAD.. I still have it on my DVR and still recording.. I need some downtime to catch up!

    Dy I am with you. I am recording and will watch.. I will wait til I view and then cast Bryans stones. 😉

  5. Bryan said

    I saw them on the view last week and the mom and the daughter looked like a side show with the bad make up and the horrible red hair, not even a nice normal red but like some bad clown red. Couldn’t you see the mom running some brothel outside of vegas.

    And now Ashley who career is pretty much dead has a book out about being abused by her sister??? what the hell is wrong with these people!?

  6. Dy said

    Bryan I read the People artice with Ashley. She says she was sexually assaulted by a “older man in town”,and then again by a “family members husband”..I didn’t read anything about being absused by her sister. I didn’t see the View, did she say something on there?

  7. Rosie said

    Bryan.. Lol. They are a sideshow.. That’s why I’m TiVoing it sometime in the middle of the night. I’ll give it a shot to see if it’s a hilarious sideshow or just a train wreck, but it will be last on my list to watch.

    I’m TiVoing everything I can fit in.. Two at a time, all night. OC, Mildred Pierce, the Kennedys, the Borgias, Sister Wives, O Season 25, WWHL & CA! We updated our TiVo to the new Premier model. It’s great! I can even program it when I’m not home from my iPhone. 🙂

  8. Bryan said

    @6 Dy, yeah they brought it up to the side show freaks and said something about the sister, it was really weird and I wonder what is the purpose for even doing a book about this/

    @7, I can only imagine what a drama fest this thing with these two old tarts is going to be like

  9. Dy said

    @8 Bryan.. Oy!!

  10. Rosie said

    Bryan and Dy..
    I saw them on the View too. It was the men that Ashley talked about. Not her Sister. But when the singing Judds were on a few days later, the really red-headed sister said she was abused, by a man, also. Apparently the mother said she went through it too, in her youth.

  11. Dy said

    @10 Rosie

    Oh My

  12. Dani said

    Hi all. I love Sundays for CA.

    Bryan, there has been some bad press recently directed at Ashley concerning her last movie or broadway show. People she worked with were complaining about how crappy she treated people around her. However, I have always thought she was a physically beautiful woman. Personality wise Naomi, not so much. I remember seeing her on Oprah once w/Wynona and she was plain cruel to her daughter. One definitely got the feeling there is bad blood between those 2 and perhaps the dysfuction includes Ashley? One thing is for sure about Naomi, she clawed her way to the top of a tough business but may not be the nicest person in the world. I have a tough time watching her after that Oprah show. Just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

  13. Dy said

    Latoya..PM..Oy,Oy,Oy..Nice lady, but..Oy!

  14. I did not read Ashleys book but I never heard that Ashley states that her sister was included in some sort of abuse.. just men of some sort.

    I could be wrong but I didnt hear that either..

  15. Dani said

    Dy, she is gonna get in deep doo doo. Star has that look in her eyes. Ruh roh.

    That military jacket LaToya was wearing was kinda freakin me out. She looked so much like Michael with it on. A bit eerie.

  16. Dy said

    I don’t know Latoya..You’re not helping are all over the place. and you don’t wanna use Hope as your model..

  17. Dani said

    IJS @14. I think their lives are like a big soap opera.

  18. Dy said

    @ Dani

    Lmao!! Well you know Star, no one, no how, no way, a can do things better than her, and lord knows she’s the “smartest” 😉 Marlee is not happy either.

  19. Dani said

    Lil Jon is pretty saavy business wise. I like him.

  20. Dani said

    Dy, I like LaToya too but she does need to focus. Yes, use Hope for free. That’s a no-brainer.

    Star is funny because she is so easy to read, at least when she is unhappy.

  21. Dy said

    Lil Jon is good Dani, I agree..So is My Man John Rich.

    Star..Minga! Always with the food in her mouth Geeze!

    Latoya is right when she says Star always has her nose in it,and barks all the time, but she never takes responsibity.

  22. Dani said

    Dy, the Jons are my top 2 guys. I was liking Meatloaf too, until he threw me a monkey wrench w/his meltdown. Yikes.

    Agree about Star. Doesn’t everybody know somebody like that from their work.

    Oh yeah, I like the little white dog too.

  23. Leigh said

    Lewis Black does a great routine about people who think they are gods gifts…
    “I’m the smartest fucker here and you sniveling shits would be lost without me!”…
    When Star speaks,this is what I hear:)!

  24. Dy said

    @23 Leigh..OMG Thats so freakin funny!! That sounds like something our Bryan would say..Love it!

    @ 22 Dani..That dog is cute isn’t she?..Aww NeNe went and tattled to Donny J..

  25. Dy said

    Uggh..Gary pitching himself..Terrible move wrong. Seriously he has got to go.

    Ohh NeNe getting all cocky with the Donald. lOL

  26. G-sus said

    I won’t give away the team that lost on CA, but in the beginning of the show, when they showed that team trying to come up with a concept, in the background they were playing “Another one bites the dust.” The other team had an upbeat song. Thought that was a little peculiar.

  27. Dy said

    NeNe going off on Latoya was all kinds of wrong…NeNe you are so out of your league, Latoya is a class act, you have absolutely none!

  28. G-sus said

    I honestly feel sorry for Gary. I’d be willing to bet that his personality is a direct result of the brain injury he suffered after his accident. I don’t think he can help what he says.

  29. Dy said

    @28 I think it is exactly what Star and John Rich says..The man is focused when he wants to be, not on the tasks, but defaintly in the board room. He knows exactly what he is doing and what he says, he “conviently(sp) forgets or “oh me i didn’t say that, I didn’t do that”.. He was like that also on Celebrity Rehab., He’s a player.

  30. G-sus said

    @ Dy I guess I see him differently. I have worked with people with brain injuries and their personalities can be exhausting, but it usually is from damage to that part of the brain. Same thing can happen to people who take too many drugs or drink too much. They tend to be inappropriate and seem to lack a filter.

  31. G-sus said

    Just watching the OC. I wish I could shake Vicki. She may have all the niceties in life, nice house, nice car, nice job. But in the end, it’s not the niceties that you remember, but the time you spend with your family. I’ve said this before, but no one at the end of their life looks back and says, “I wish I would have worked more.”
    Poor Donn, came in to her office all smiles and all she did was berate him about the dog and shoo him out the door.

  32. Dy said

    @30 I have too GSus, from working in Mental Health. I agree totally about the lack of filter, but Gary seems to be able to turn that on and off. I feel bad about his injury, please do not get me wrong. But believe me that man in my opinion is no dummy, he knows exactly what he is doing.

  33. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hello everyone,,,funny some remarked about mama Judd,,,we were channel surfing and my family was over for my big brother’s birthday ( the first born son,,oh come let us adore him,,oh come let us adore him,,,*that’s a whole other story )..anyway,,ooo shiny object…
    um,,my uncle and aunt said that mama Judd had this liver disease and kept doing the farewell tour,,seemed like 2 years,,then all of a sudden she was cured,,but what they suspected was the record companies just wanted Wynona,,cuz the “new” country music was popular and mama was holding her back,,or something I dunno’..just giving my 2 cents,,bet u wish I went back under the rock from whence I came

  34. Bryan said

    Last night I watched the new episodes of “Upstairs Downstairs” I’m glad it wasn’t a reboot but more like a sequel to the first series but with a new family moving into “Eaton Place”, and with Rose Buck ( Jean Marsh ) who created the show along with Eileen Atkins along this time,Jean of course played Rose Buck, who now was running a placement agency for people needing house hold staff
    Eileen Atkins plays the mother of the young diplomat who along with his wife moves into the house.

    And like the original series you have what goes on upstairs and down, I like the mother, she isn’t your typical british dowager, she came back from India with a tall turbaned Indian man servant, played by Art Malik, who if you follow british tv has been a star for years here I rememeber he played the lead terrorist in True Lies.. The mother also brought with her a monkey called Solomon who has penchant for Orange marmalade.

    It was just an hour episode and it just three episodes but what I understand this was a big hit already in england that they have ordered 6 more. I liked it, of course now it had more money which means better production quality, costumes, make up and hair very authentic to the time period ( 1936)

    I remember the old series my mom was a huge fan of this and called me yesterday to tell me about the new episodes, glad she did it was really good.

  35. Mikki12 said

    Olive: Good memory. What happened with Naomi Judd was this: Naomi had worked as a nurse before becoming a famous singer with daughter Wynona. According to he story, Naomi had contracted Hepatitis C while working as a nurse and the condition had flared up again. This was supposed to be the reason she was “retiring.” Health issues. One of the best things you can do for Hepatitis is to get plenty of rest. So I guess after a couple of years of resting Naomi was ready to return to performing. Not saying I totally believed this story but that’s what was given to the public.

  36. Dy said

    I remember all that about Mama Judd too. @35

    Hi Mikki, Olive, Bryan.. Everyone

  37. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hi DY,,,Bryan,,,and St. Mikki *sticks tongue out at Mikki,,u know what u did,,now i can’t stop typing,,lol….

    I liked a few Wynona songs,,,but I remember a long time ago,,when Tammy Wynette passed away,,Wynona san “How Great Thou Art” and I got goose bumps..

  38. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Bryan,,is that Masterpiece Theater???? I just watched Downton Abbey on Netflix,,can’t wait for thenext season

  39. @tweatcyn said

    @G-Sus, you’re right. Often with a frontal lobe head injury, there are definite post healing personality changes that are permanent. Sometimes it’s aggressiveness and impatience, and sometimes there is no longer impulse control. I wonder if Ramona Singer has ever had a head injury?

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