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Watch What Happens Live Recap PLUS! After Show with Ramona and Jill

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 10, 2011


Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin appeared on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” 100th episode on Thursday night.  Ramona dress was flawless and Jill Zarin?  What the hell was that?  Really, who told her that looked good?  She should have reserved this look for one of her up and coming Halloween Gala’s to attend and then I would have liked the look.  Did anyone else notice that Jill wore the same leggins that she wore at her recent appearance at “The View”?  Hey… I’m Just Saying..

Jill also had Ginger with her dressed in a kimono sent to her by a fan. (Jill says this was “in honor” of the Japanese disasters?)  Who nearly “died” when you heard that comment?  Me, that’s who..  Everyone, I implore you!  If you want to “honor” the victims of Japan, please all seek out some kind of kimono and drink a diet coke while you placate shooting your self for foot in mouth.. 

The drinking game word is “Pinot” and I would imagine if the word/Phrase was “Mean” I would be drunk!  We have the new poll for tonight for which team you are on Ramona or Jill and I am going to post one here as well.  Well a few of them.

Andy starts in with demonstrating how Jill who says she turned over a new leaf, may have been caught in a leaf wind storm already in episode 1 of RHONY.  Andy plays the collective track and we see Jill calling Alex a bitch because Alex approached her to say hello while self professing how “nice” she is.  This one still gets me, Jill stating that Alex McCord is “socializing in a party that is so ‘above’ her”?  Welcome back season 3 Jill Zarin.  Wow Jill, that leaf must have been poison  ivy and their is no turning that leaf!    Jill’s response was not to address her comments but to again tell us it was editing.  Good deflection Jill except that line has been  over-used and as Sonja Morgan would say..


Ramona’s collective track is actually funny and Ramona takes the shots and laughs at herself and then Jill calls Ramona “mean’.  Ramona may be mean but what does that make Jill?  The bickering gets elevated and Jill now says she was president of a 100 million dollar company?  Ramona says she was a secretary at her boyfriends company and now this sets off the cat fight!  Ramona now calls Jill a ‘mean girl’ and I can not be happier at this point.  Jill and Ramona are ready to jump into the mud pit and slug it out and I want a front seat!  I want to see Andy walking around the ring in a speedo holding the round number placards above his head and  Jill has to wear that entire outfit in the mud pit or it wont be much fun because that pony tail is a great advantage for Ramona to get a tight grip on.

Andy reads one of the online questions which asks if Jill Zarin has had plastic surgery but to be truthful Jill is wearing a tightly pulled back ponytail and I could only image its a mini face stretch and I am thinking the benefits might be good for most of us!  I just had my hair cut so I can’t rock that ponytail now for a few months.  Damn..

Another caller asks Jill what was her problem with Alex and Jill replied that she doesn’t really have a problem with Alex.  WHAT?????  Did I watch another show?  What happened to owning what you say and do?  Now Jill thinks she was set up to look bad.  So it’s the cast members faults AND editing.    Jill wants Andy to call up Jennifer for confirmation and Andy looked as if Jill just asked him to motor-boat her!

Ramona asks Mario to come up to the stage area for comic relief and it was quite awkward.  There was no comic relief and Andy is running the show Ramona..  When Ramona is cornered, she has a way of freezing her face so as to not show any expressions or emotions what so ever.  I need to practice this.

LuAnn tweeted Andy and makes mention to Ramona sticking her finger in the wedding cake and suggests she should read her book.  (Ramona again freezes her face here) I so agree here with LuAnn.  You expect children to do that but I think it was Ramona trying to piss off Jill.


Ben Weiner calls in to ask Jill “when was the last time you saw Bethenny”.  I don’t blame Jill for not answering.  It’s a no-win situation for her and its time to put World War III to rest!  I am over it!  But too funny that Ramona has to chime in how she adores Bethenny’s show.  LMAOO!!  Ramona sure is showing Jill what team she is on. 

I was going to create a poll of ‘Who Whored It Better” for Ramona and Jill, but that one is too easy.  Instead..

 Both Jill and Ramona  play a game to win 10 seconds to hawk their wares and I was truly thankful!  Andy must be really reading our tweets or reading our minds. 

Ramona and Jill appeared to make up and I guess no mud pit wrestling will happen now.  It’s very disappointing but somehow I see jello pit wrestling is on the horizon at some point this season.  Or atleast in the after show.  (Video’s below)

Mazel of the Week – “The Viewers” for tweeting, texting and calling.  I have seen a few of my twitter buds questions read on WWHL.

Jackhole of the Week – ‘The Hiccup Girl’ where Andy proclaims her to be a faker for her earlier appearances on The Today Show.  Andy also warns viewers or maybe his guests for letting fame getting to big for your head or you may be charged with murder..  Was there a subliminal message there Andy?

Poll Question Results – What Team are you on?  Ramona or Jill?   Ramona wins with 78% and Jill loses with 22%. 

***UPDATE***  Well it has come to my attention that the poll results are inacurate..  now it Ramona wins 59% and Jill 41%

The people have spoken.

Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live has guest’s Jay Morh and Peggy  Tanous.

Video below for the After Show!

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Vodpod videos no longer available.



11 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live Recap PLUS! After Show with Ramona and Jill”

  1. G-sus said

    The kimono comment stuck out for me also, mostly because she also meant a “fan” made it for her. She mastered mentioning she had fans AND threw out a “see I’m charitable” vibe all in the first 30 seconds.

  2. Bryan said

    Happy Monday All…

    Check out what Michael K of Dlisted had to say about the new look of Mrs Limon Zirga…

  3. Bryan said

    Oh please that rat ginger is no Giggy, not happeing!!!

  4. BobLHead said

    Agree Bryan….Ginger can not compare to the wonderful Giggy!!! And what the hell was up with the Madonna-wear??? Jill, even Madonna can’t pull that off anymore!

  5. Dy said

    Hi Bryan.. Hi Everyone 🙂

    @2 Thanks Bryan, love Michael K. and his take always funny!

    @3 Best scene last year was when Ginger farted in the bed when LuLu and Yenta were talking, I laughed my ass off. I still think it was LuLu, ya know “she how smelt it…

  6. BobLHead said

    Morning peeps! Lady Dy, Bryan!

  7. Dy said

    Hi Bob 🙂

  8. BobLHead said

    It’s been so crazy at my house lately, bday, after bday, after bday!

  9. Dy said


    Oh wow, but it’s a fun kinda crazy huh Bob?

    How are the plans going for your 70’s Bday Party. so many things to do with that start with the Hippy thing end with the Disco thing..Fun,fun, fun

  10. BobLHead said

    70’s party still in development stages. I do have a banner that says “That 70’s Party” with peace signs, etc. I’m totally going hippie, some are coming disco, roller girl, cheesey polyester….70’s music only, but that’s all I got so far, I still have 3 weeks to pull it together…then no more parties until July/August..that will be the 2nd Annual Big Gay BBQ!

  11. Dy said

    @10 Bob

    “That 70’s Party”..LOL, Thats great!

    Thats the thing about the 70’s so much you can do Hippy to Disco everything in between..So many options..It will be great Bob 🙂

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