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Real Housewives of New York City Ratings for the Anticipated Season 4 Premiere

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 10, 2011

As we all were anxiously anticipating the premiere of Real Housewives of New York City,  so were the people who hand count all the viewers (tough job) for ratings and I have the numbers for you!

For the Thursday primetime on the cable networks, Real Housewives Of New York City premiered with  (1.965 million viewers, #6; adults 18-49: 1.0, #T4).   

Well actually thats not too shabby …. until…….   you find out who beat the RHONYC gig for cable networks ratings:

Swamp People (3.532 million viewers, #1; adults 18-49: 1.4, #1)

TNT NBA Game #1 (3.258 million viewers, #2; adults 18-49: 1.3, #2)

America’s Best Dance Crew (2.394 million viewers, #3; adults 18-49: 1.1, #3)

Mounted in Alaska (10:00) (2.331 million viewers, #4; adults 18-49: 1.0, #T4)

Mounted in Alaska (10:30) (1.999 million viewers, #5; adults 18-49: 0.9, #6)

So the moral to the story is, “Swamp People” or getting “Mounted in Alaska”  is somehow more interesting to some then RHONY viewers.. lol
To be fair if we compare to last season, The June 3 season 3 finale of The Real Housewives Of New York City on Bravo not only attracted its best ratings ever but  wrapped up a record season for the reality show. The finale attracted 1.76 million adults among the ages of 18-49 and a series history high of 2.64 million total viewers – up 16% and 30% respectively, versus the season 2 finale.Overall, the third season of Real Housewives averaged 1.38 million adults 18-49 and 2.02 million total viewers, the highest rated season so far for the New York City franchise.

So I guess we can say this season is off to a bang!! (If you are getting “Mounted in Alaska”. )  😉 

Now only if they can cast a few ‘Swamp People” into the cast, we may have ratings gold!!!!

For your viewing pleasure..  (an oldie but a goodie)


30 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York City Ratings for the Anticipated Season 4 Premiere”

  1. Dy said

    Thats the first time I saw that IJS..OMG loved loved it..and of course love love love David Gilmore, The man is so freakin talented

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Your welcome Dy!! I totally forgot about the video.. Had to paste in the replacement and hack in Sonja.. lol

  3. Dy said

    And you got Cindy in there too, IJS.. Your Good 🙂

  4. […] original post here: Real Housewives of New York City Ratings for the Anticipated … Stop Snoring | Affordable SEO […]

  5. Mrs T Soprano said

    I love Swamp People!! It’s interesting & entertaining. I began watching last season & am glad to see it back. Didn’t even watch RHNY, without Bethenny I realized I didn’t really care about any of these women. I’ll just read your recaps. Night all!!

  6. Bryan said

    @4 Mrs Soprano, you should have watched, she wasn’t really missed, and I don’t mean that because she isn’t one of my favorite people as of late, but there is enough stuff going on that compared to some of the other HW shows, its alot more interesting.

  7. Wildheart said

    Swamp People? Mounted in Alaska? I’ve never even heard of these two shows. Lol I’m thinking I lead too sheltered a life! 😉

  8. Wildheart said

    Swamp People? Mounted in Alaska? I’ve never even heard of these two shows. Lol I’m thinking I lead too sheltered a life! 😉 Love David’s art!

  9. carrot said

    Omg @ Swamp People. I’m curious, but not curious enough.
    Regarding ratings, remember the HW shows pick up steam as the season rolls on. BH started off in the same range and then made it big. ATL started off with lower numbers compared to the last episodes of season 2, but ended up the highest rated Bravo show ever.

  10. Mikki12 said

    Last week for my birthday we went out to dinner and a movie. We went to see “Source Code, ” which is a really enjoyable film. Anyway, while we were waiting for the movie to begin we had to sit through numerous trailers. One of the trailers was for “Swamp People.” I have to admit it did look interesting. I’m a city gal – born and raised – so what do I know about the Louisiana bayou or catching alligators? I’m curious enough that I just might watch the show. As for RHONY – still love it!

  11. Olive the Other Reindeer said


    I am now boycotting Celebrity Apprentice and American Idol…
    nothing more,,just wanted someone to know that….

    *waves bye

  12. Mikki12 said

    Olive: Great..just great…You make a statement about boycotting CA and AI and give us no clue as to why. Not acceptable. We want details!

  13. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    ok,,since I’m getting the inquesition by St. Mikki…..cuz of Dummald and Pia was voted off,,,I’m an open book,,,anything else m’lady?

  14. Rosie said

    Olive! Hi. Where have you been? xo

    David Gilmore is so good. Thanks for the pics. I’ve never seen it either. Not sure if anyone pointed this out yet, but that picture in Vicki’s office (Coto), that says “My People” was done by David Gilmore. She commissioned it from him. She’s a fan.

  15. Mikki12 said

    Okay, Olive. No argument from me about The Donald. I also felt bad about Pia but not enough to make me boycott AI. Every year there is always some “shocking elimination” so why should this year be any different? Someone had to go and although I think it shoud have been Stefano I have faith that this week will probably be his last. Some people have said the judges used the “save” too early and could have used it for Pia. I’m personally glad that Casey was saved because I enjoy him. There’s some really good talent this year and someone had to go. I’m sorry it was Pia but it isn’t going to be any easier to vote someone off in the coming weeks.

  16. @tweatcyn said

    OMG, Swamp people. I got bored with that in 15 minutes. All it is, is toothless rednecks setting traps and shooting poor crocks with shotguns.

  17. @tweatcyn said

    P.S. Love the Gilmore artwork. I believe the VanKempen’s/McCords had a full size print in their house last year.

  18. Bryan said

    @17 TweatCybn Oh good lord, by now Robepierre and Pierpont have probably throw juice on it, I cant wait to see Alex tossed out on her flat ass, I want to see her hit the street with a thud

  19. Dy said

    @18 Bryan ” Robepierre and Pierpont”…Omg lmao!!

  20. Cyn I watched maybe 2 episodes of Swamp People!! I found it entertaining but 2 shows is all that was needed to be entertained!

  21. Liz said

    Well, at least the NY Housewives is a lot better show than Bethany Ever After. Bethany has turned into another Kate Gosselin. Her attitude has become so annoying.

  22. Liz said

    Please send Alex McCord over to Bethany Ever After and then I do not have to watch either of those two. What has happened to Alex? She has become a dumb sounding bulldog going after Jill. Fame really changed Kate Gosselin, Bethany, and Alex. They are not stars just reality TV housewives. Their 15 minutes are ticking.

  23. LWoo said

    OMG! Those charicatures (sp?) are awesome! LOL!!!

  24. Bryan said

    @19 Dy, those poor boys, I would mis-behave too if my parents gave me such RIDICULOUS names in this day and age, it screams of sucking up to the rich social climbers.

  25. Bryan said

    @22 Liz, I agree ship her off to Frankleland, although if she tries to pull that “found my voice shit” on Temple Beth Frankel, she wont last a day.

  26. Dy said

    @24 Bryan

    Holy Ridicules Pretentous Names..Poor little guys, I feel bad for them.

  27. clee54 said

    i have watched the first two episodes of RHONYC and i am not very interested. i miss bethenny – this year seems flat without her. and there is way too much arguing

    • Clee I agree about missing Bethenny but I have a feeling she is in a better place not getting inbetween all this drama.. The episode was arguing and difficult to watch at times..

  28. Bryan said

    @27 & 28, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes Temple Beth Frankel was a delicious cuddle bunny full of sunshine and joy. She is worse NOW then she was on the NY housewives. But hey I am not unsympathetic to your plight, just don’t watch the NY housewives, Tinsel can do the recaps, and just focus on Temple Beth Frankel and her dog and pony show. Then you can just bask in her glow of love and goodwill.=)

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