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Hey, Where’s Our Olive Gone?

Posted by tinselkitty on April 10, 2011

For realz, anyone heard? And all our other regulars, too – where you be? Speak up, peeps, I worry!


12 Responses to “Hey, Where’s Our Olive Gone?”

  1. Wildheart said

    Where is Olive? I’m here but I usually am too late for the party on a thread so just lurk. Sending you sparkly, glittery love, TK!

  2. BobLHead said

    I’m here….just been having “issues” lately. Nothing too crazy, but lots of bdays and party planning this time of year for me. We have bdays EVERY freakin’ month from Dec until May…party, party, party. Last one is April 30th (for ME!) We are doing a 70’s themed bash, so lots of shopping to do, so I can turn my house into a “groovy pad”.

    Hope Olive is well!!!!

  3. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    OK,,picture this,,,I decide to give myself a pedicure,,,I soak my feet,,,and after that decide the one bathroom has better light…so i sit on the side of the tub and put my feet up on the toilet,,I could see this happening but couldn’t stop it…the shorts I had on were kinda’ silky,,,so…I started slipping and had pedi utensils in my hands so I couldn’t stop it,,,well I hit ,,and hit hard,,,the soap holder is embedded in the wall and hit me square between the shoulder blades,,,I hit my head hard that I was a little dazed,,and well my bum took a I was really bruised and sore,,,I already have bad discs from dance so this was just great,,,just wonderful (sarcasm) I swear only things like this can happen to me,,,they are Olive-isms….

    I swear Mr. Kotter,,,I got a note!

  4. BobLHead said

    OMG Olive….next time, get someone else to give you a pedicure. And wrap yourself in bubblewrap!

  5. Olive the Other Reindeer said where were ya’ when I needed this idea,,I always have a story,,my friends just can’t get over it,I can’t do anything simply,,,I have stories that will shock u,,,or make u blush…some things that have happened to me,,I know I have had an angel on my shoulder,,like this one,,I really hurt myself,,but there are some that would make u laff…ditzy blonde that I am….

    My cousin bday was Tuesday and my big brother’s was Saturday,,so I had a party at my house yesterday,,so I have empathy for u,,,but ya’ know what? It brought me out of my funk,,,the cooking was rough,,but my boyfriend is such a good guy,,he did a lot of the cooking,,,

    See,,u r my favorite boblhead cuz ur bday is shared by a good friend of mine,,,so good people have birthdays in April and May….Hugsssssssssssssssssss,,,,,hope u give the little buggers in the sweat shop some crumbs from the cake,,lol

  6. Bryan said

    Good lord Olive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad your here !!!!!

  7. Dy said

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Olive!.. Glad you are ok.

  8. Mikki12 said

    Olive: Did you remember to pray to me? After all, I do have my sainthood now. I shall do all I can to protect the meek and the accident-prone. Not to mention dummies who give themselves pedicures while sitting on the side of the tub. What are we going to do with you? (shaking head in disbelief)

  9. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    yep,,*sarcasm St. Mikki ..patron saint of the home pedicure,,,lol..u know what u can do for me? love me for the dummy that I am,,,

    I’m feeling better now Bryan,,,but wasn’t so good..only could happen to me

    Thank u,,Dy,,,I’m very lucky,,I know it,,if I had hit,,well…I didn’t so we won’t go there,,

  10. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I’m blushing as I type this,,could be worse,,I coulda’ been waxing…oh god,,I am so inappropriiate * smiles angelically

  11. Rosie said

    Hi everyone.. So glad you’re all here!

    @3 Olive! Omg. What’s next? You poor baby. From now on, mani/pedis for you. 🙂

  12. Mikki12 said

    Olive dear: I can live with being the patron saint of the home pedicure. Just don’t get any ideas about waxing. Now that is where I must draw the line.

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