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“The View” Watch Recap 4/8/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 9, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

On Today’s Show: Keanu Reeves, James Caan, Debbie Reynolds, designer Elie Tahari

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth

Whoopi is wearing her usual sloppy fitting attire. Joy looks nice, I really like the color of her jacket. Sherri is wearing a peasant style top which is OK. I’m giving her points because she doesn’t look like she squeezed into it. Hasselbeck was wearing an accordian style gold lame’-ish skirt, which looks horrible. Horrible.

The first topic of the day was an event Sherri attended that benefitted Steve Harvey’s mentoring program. Apparently it featured Chris Rock, who used a lot of curse words when he was giving a speech, despite Steve Harvey censoring himself through the night. The audience loved it. Sherri wondered would they have liked it had Steve Harvey just out of the gate had not initially watched what he was saying. Joy thinks it would havce been overkill and the audience would have been used to it by then. Whoopi did not think people would have been accepting of it because she said that’s not Steve. I’m moving on because I don’t get the point of this “hot” topic and I don’t think they do either.

Next topic was Cindy Jackson, who just broke the record for having the most plastic surgery. The procedures include lipo, eye jobs and five face lifts. Shat your neck. erri thinks if you’ve had 52 procedures, you have to wonder when it will stop. Whoopi said despite the surgeries, people can still tell your age by looking

Keanu Reeves and his co-star James Caan were the first guests. Both star in the new movie “Henry’s Crime”. Keanu plays the title character; described as a going-nowhere nice guy duped into driving the getaway car in a bank stickup.a bank After he is released from prison, he decides to rob a bank and recruits Caan’s character to help him pull it off. Keanu said they worked on the script for 5 years and sent it to Caan, who accepted the part. Keanu also talked about driving from Canada to Los Angeles with no money when he first started out. His agent suggested he change his name but he couldn’t do it.

Debbie Reynolds appeared next. Debbie is an actress, singer, and dancer and mother of actress/author Carrie Fisher. Reynolds’ marriage to Eddie Fisher ended in divorce in 1959 when he went to marry her former friend Elizabeth Taylor. And you know – in true View form – that she was asked about that. Debbie said you can’t make a man leave a woman unless he wants to go. She also said she spoke to Elizabeth a couple of weeks before she passed away. She joked that Elizabeth loved life because she completely took hers (Debbies). But she said you have to forgive it. Debbie said she missed Elizabeth’s friendship when she was younger.
Debbie has been collecting costumes from Oscar winning films from the past 15 years and is now auctioning them off. She said she t wanted to keep them but is doing so because she was unable to build a museum for them. She’s glad that the people will be getting the pieces. They showed the collection and the costumes were so gorgeous. The auction will take place June 18.
I found Debbie to be a delightful and entertaining guest. It was clear the hosts could not keep up with her sharp wit. She also directed the entire interview, which I loved. I was incredibly impressed with her.

The final guest to appear Elie Tahari Elie Tahari is an American luxury fashion designer of men and women’s clothing. He has evolved a $500 million business, with a presence on five continents, in more than 6,000 US stores and in five free-standing boutiques. (Source: Wiki). Elie came to New York with $100 in his pocket and said when he got here he felt he was in the right place. He is credited to making the tube top popular.
Elie then showed various outfits from his latest Spring collection. He said this season, it’s all about color. I was very impressed with some of the dresses he showed and thought they were very wearable for those of us in the “real world”. No mention of prices, though, so I’m sure they are quite expensive.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


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