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Jill Zarin Finally Manages to Skweez Out Bethenny

Posted by tinselkitty on April 9, 2011

Oh, Jill. Honestly, it looks like I’ll be starting out most of my Jill Zarin posts with that short sentence. There may be sighs added from time to time as well. Jill’s finally gotten her chance to skweez Bethenny out of her life, just like that ruthless bitch did to Jill last year.

Today, I spent some time woogling our New York ladies and did some time with Jill Zarin. She’s finally got a site for Skweez, so of course I poked around in there, as I am wont to do. Yeah, I know, it’s a pet peeve of mine, but why won’t any of these ladies spend some cash on a professionally built site? It’s not that much more expensive. But I digress.

Getting past the bit about this being an organic transition from Jill’s time in the hosiery business (when did that happen?), I noticed the Housewives picture she has on her front page scroll didn’t include Cindy, her newest and bestest BFF ever and ever for all time air kisses air kisses air kisses. Having heard Jill drop Cindy’s name as a lover of all things Skweez for so long, my kitty whiskers set a’twitchin’. A closer look at the photo gave me pause – specifically the horrid crop job next to Alex. Bravo is not in the habit of releasing shoddy photography for cast photos, so I went to digging around the ‘tubez.

Here is the original photo as released by Bravo for Season 3 –

Looky what’s actually to the right of Alex. That’s right, one Mizz Bethenny Frankel, traitor to the stars. Well, traitor to Jill Zarin, and we all know she totally sees herself as a star. One might imagine that the entire impetus of Skweez was in response to Jill Zarin getting too big for her britches.

Oh, Jill. Jill, Jill, Jill. Don’t you ever tire of petty? I don’t even see how you can PR this into something other than it is. The cast photo for Season 4, seen below, was released way back at the beginning of March, at least a few weeks before you launched this site. In it, there is nary a trace of Frankeltraitor. It would have been easier to use that then it was to crop an old photo. What excuse are you going to come up with to explain this one, Jill? I just can’t wait to hear it.

While we’re on the topic of Skweez, Jill, can I just say that I’m really befuddled at how excited you are to use Cindy and Skweez in the same breath? You keep going on and on about how skinny she is already. I thought the point of shapewear was that it was for the less than teeny-tiny folks. Silly Tinselkitty, asking questions about big business and stuff. Aren’t you just a cute little thing. Tee hee.


11 Responses to “Jill Zarin Finally Manages to Skweez Out Bethenny”

  1. Dy said

    Really? The Big Bad Yenta had the nerve to use a picture that Bethenny was in and cropped her out,( I agree, not a good job). But really, WT…. Who Cares? Maybe she liked the way all the ladies looked in that orignal picture, I don’t know, me I don’t think it is any big deal, but then again I don’t hate Jill Zarin.

  2. Mikki12 said

    My guess would be if Jill used the older photo could be because it does a better job of displaying the womens’ figures. They don’t look quite as shapley in the more recent photo.

  3. Dee said

    I think it is totally classless for Jill to use this photo…kind of a final F U to Bethenny if you will. Damn, thought she was smart enough and rich enough to just set up a new shoot with the new housewives and pay for it herself. Nope of course, that penny pinching witch decides to be tacky, BIG SURPRISE!!! Funny thing is, it is false advertisement if she is trying to intimate that those women got THAT look by wearing skeaz, uh I mean squueez wear.

  4. Bryan said

    Temple Beth Frankel deserves more then just a final FU, she needs an FU and then a swift kick in the bony flat ass, “bitch begone!!!”

  5. Fleur said

    The name “Skweeze,” just sounds so juvenile and silly. Nothing about it remotely reminds me of couture or good branding. It’s more like something you’d find in one of those low priced teen stores. Rue 21, Aeropostle, Pac Sun, etc… I don’t know woman with money or class who would consider buying this nonsense. Especially from someone as widely reviled as Jill Zarin!

  6. G-sus said

    Maybe this is what is wrong with Jill? Her girdle is just too damn tight. Size up Jill.

    Seems weird to me to do all this PR for a shapewear line that no one is able to buy. I think it frustrates the hell out of consumers to be told a product and then say “sorry, you can’t buy it.” Not that I would be interested. I agree with Fleur, nothing different or “couture” about this line. Skweeze? Skeeze? someone didn’t have their thinking cap on that day.

    As far as the picture, I think it probably served a dual purpose for the the Ginger Yenta. She got a pic of the gals in tight dresses AND got a shot in at Bethenny at the same time. Double points in Zarin’s mind.

  7. Bryan said

    @5,Fleur, you would be surprised at the amount of fans she has, especially those who don’t like Temple Beth Frankel, and there are alot of those.

  8. anon said

    In the top picture Jill’s head is photoshopped on… unnaturally crooked! She has that portrait shot on her Facebook, I think, and suspect a body double was used to boot. So sad, so sorry…so pathetique!

  9. anon said

    Last thing, RE: the “hosiery market”…Back in the day when Jill lived with her daughter in Queens, not even Brooklyn but Queens, her day job was selling mens’ socks in a NYC Department store. Which is how and where she met Bobby, and the rest is history. (Allegedly.) Today she gets to comment on other’s social standing.

  10. Fay said

    It that was the official Bravo photo for season 3, where was Sonja?

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