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“The View” Watch Recap 4/7/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 7, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara
Sherri congratulated actress Tina Fey’s pregnancy. Tina is expecting her second baby.

The first topic of the day was Glenn Beck leaving Faux News. Whoopi wonders why. Barb said he was popular but his controversal remarks caused sponsors to pull their ads from his show. She thinks he went too far. Joy suggested that Beck should have been fired when he said President Obama was a racist and nasty comments about the victims of 911. Hasselbeck said she respects Roger Ailes and that he knew Beck was on a path to something as well as the sponsors would eventially drop out ( Wow, that was some some spin). Barb said Ailes is all about the ratings. Whoopi questioned why Beck would call Obama a racist when you consider who his mom was.

Next topic was a poll that favored Nancy Reagan as favorite American First Ladies. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was in second place. Whoopi noted how Nancy was vilified during her time as First Lady. Barbara said they always love you more when you leave. Joy noted how people treated Hillary, saying women turned on her after Pres. Clinton cheated. Hasselbeck disputed that, saying women related to her after that. Joy correctly stated that they turned on her because they felt she should have left Pres. Clinton.

After break, they discussed last night’s airing of American Idol.

Moammar Gadhafi wished President Obama luck in his 2012 reelection bid. Barb called the proclamation hurtful. Sherri wonders if he is crazy or smart. Hasselbeck said people won’t take this seriously (which is of course why the 4am guys and Gedde even bought this up on the show in the first place, right?)

A mega church pastor who made headlines when he said he doubted the existence of hell stated his disbelief on the controversy his words ignited. Sherri said she did not think he was questioning the existence of hell. Rather, he thinks Christians are so focused on fear and that we forget people are starving right now. She asked how do we get them out of that hell. Sherri also said we need a hell.

The first guests to appear were Winona and Naomi Judd. The Judds are an American country music duo composed of Naomi Judd and her daughter, Wynonna Judd. Signed to RCA Records in 1983, the duo released six studio albums between then and 1991. One of the most successful acts in country music history, The Judds won five Grammy Awards for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, and eight Country Music Association awards. The duo also charted twenty-five singles on the country music charts between 1983 and 2000, fourteen of which went to Number One and six more of which made Top Ten on the same chart. (Source: Wiki) They first talked about Ashley’s appearance on the show yesterday and her new book in which she discussed sexual abuse and depression. Winona said their story is not unique but they have broken the cycle. Naomi said she adores her daughter and supports her. Winona said she has not read the book because she’s been touring.

Wynonna and Naomi Judd were there to discuss their new show “The Judds”., which premieres on Oprha Winfrey’s OWN Tv channel. It is a six-episode series, and enters the duo’s private and public lives. Cameras follow as they hit the road for their first and final concert tour in 10 years, capturing their emotional journey as they work to heal their relationship, reconnect with their fans and share the spotlight once again. Naiomi said she did the best that she could during her younger years and is a different person now. She hopes the show challenges families to re-examine and re-evaluate your relationships and know what not to do. Winona said she trusts Oprah and is tired of people saying the crap about their family not getting along. She wants to show America what it’s like to honor her mom who got them to where they are today.

‘The Judds’ to air at 4/10/11 9 PM ET on OWN TV.

Former governor Mike Huckabee . When asked why a Republican has not thrown his hat into the ring yet, Mike answered that there is no hurry. He said whoever wins will have to climb a “billion dollar Barack Obama mountain”. Huckabee does not belive the birth certificate nonsesne. He said if there was anything to it, Sec. Clinton’s opposition team would have found it and told us about it.
Mike was there to promote his latest book, “A Simple Government“. In it, he claims to offer “black-and-white solutions for complicated, gray-hued problems”. He says family is the force that gives him meaning and it’s the Band-aid with which he suggests we fix our social ills, from poverty to abortion: ” He calls out-of-wedlock births and on-demand abortion and epidemic and says they are sapping America’s moral strength. Huck also goes after gay parenthood, saying that homosexuals “love their children as deeply as heterosexuals do,” but posits that “love alone cannot…provide what children need” and leans on conventional gender constructs to teach children (“most of whom are heterosexual”) how men and women relate. He addressed single moms and how much they have to work to support a child on their own. Huckabee breaks with his party and says he believes safety nets should stay in place for people that need them.He insists the problem is the federal government and is a believer in states rights.

Huckabee also incorrectly stated that the House passed a bill saying the president and Concress would not be paid in the event of a shutdown but that the Senate rejected it. FALSE. Both chambers passed a bill, however House Republicans embedded their no-pay legislation in a bigger bill — one which would automatically trigger drastic spending cuts, and which has been rejected by Democrats.
The two bills don’t agree — and they must for President Obama to sign it.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


2 Responses to ““The View” Watch Recap 4/7/2011”

  1. Bryan said

    Could these two be any more of a mess?

  2. Colbert has the answer to end of Beck’s show…

    If you love Glenn Beck’s daily show on Fox News and are bummed by today’s announcement that the program is coming to an end, fear not. Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert has just the thing for you.”Folks, it’s the day we all feared would come — the…

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