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**UPDATE**EARLY REVIEWS: Real Housewives of New York Preview – Alex’s New Career as a Model

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 7, 2011



Cindy Barshop

Real Housewives of New York City season 4 premiere’s tonight and I am truly excited.  This is my favorite franchise of Real Housewives and tonight we are introduced to a new housewife, Cindy Barhop.

In tonight’s episode it appears many things are going on.  The is titled “Grin and Bare It” and I am wondering who has to grin and bare it and what?  What we do know is that Ramona throws a rooftop cocktail party, Alex invites Ramona to participate in a gay marriage equality march, LuAnn and Sonja go on a double date and finally, Cindy has an art party.

The show premiere’s at 10:oopm est with a Watch What Happens Live following immediately with Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin appearing.

Additionally, RHONYC will have a marathon all day from season 3 starting at 8:00 am and continuing all the way through to the premiere. 

Cindy Barshop Bio:  From revolutionizing hair removal with nationwide cult favorite Completely Bare spas and beauty products, to playing mom, Cindy Barshop’s glamorous life is an exercise in multi-tasking. The hair removal guru and happy single mother attributes her success to honesty, dedication and a belief that with enough hard work anything is possible. With so much on deck, Cindy still makes time for the things she loves: re-vamping her West Village condo, dining downtown, weekends in the Hamptons, and most of all, spending time with her twin girls.  (video below)


**UPDATE**  The Daily News had the opportunity to preview a few episodes and had scathing reviews for season 4.   YIKES!! 

 Bravo needs to provide previews to.. er um.. blogs that promote their programs and who love to criticize characters but find the entertainment factor with loyal viewers and commenters.  Hey, I’m Just Saying….

Below is an excerpt..  you can read the article by selecting the entire link above..

 Even when other characters pass through the “Housewives” world, they almost never seem to be the fun, pleasant people who live all over New York. They run more toward French boyfriends with open shirts, and their presence usually adds a faint whiff of desperation to a world where too many of the women already spend too much of their time trying to get validation for the “fabulous” tag they’ve slapped on their expensive eveningwear.

The biggest change in the ongoing cast this year seems to come from Alex’s decision to be more open, that is, more openly judgmental. That’s known as “personal growth” in “The Real Housewives,” and it has the desired effect of stirring up more drama.

Now if only it stirred up something we could care about.


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102 Responses to “**UPDATE**EARLY REVIEWS: Real Housewives of New York Preview – Alex’s New Career as a Model”

  1. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I didn’t quite get that either with the Ramona thing, but I have a feeling it will come back later since it has something to do with Cindy. Just another case of Ramonitis.

    @ TK and Fleur Yep, no change with Jillousy yet. Still talking out of both sides of her mouth, says she changed yet she is all up in everyone’s business and takes it personally if she doesn’t know everything.

    I found it kinda funny that Alex called her out on the charity thing. If I remember correctly from the pictures last fall, Jill suddenly finds a way to attend the March, sans wedding dress of course. Though, I will say, Alex is still like a duck out of water when she tries to go toe to toe with Jill.

  2. Fleur said

    Reading all the great comments now. Gee, I’ve missed y’all! 🙂 And ROHNY! Out of all the housewives Ramona’s still my favorite kind of crazy. And Kreepy Kelly still freaks me out!

  3. Dy said

    Hi Gsus..Was it actually Cindy that said that to Ramona?

    Hi TK Hi Fleur Hi Mikki, Hi Fleur

  4. G-sus said

    I heard them talking on the radio today about Jill and Ramona and their press junket this week. They were pointing out how Jill seemed irritated with Ramona and kept rolling her eyes at her. Should be interesting to see how they interact on WWHL tonight.

  5. G-sus said

    @ Dy, no I think it was Cindy’s sister in law, but they look a lot alike.

  6. Fleur said

    WTH is Jill wearing? She looks ridiculous!!

  7. Fleur said

    HUGS and HI’s DY <<~~~~waving

  8. G-sus said

    I’m on a twenty minute delay on WWHL, just so I can FF through the commercials. Wow, Andy called her out on the double-speak!

  9. Dy said

    @13 She said she was talking to a Producer on the side of her when she said that..She never said that the producers put words in her mouth.

    I’m glad she hasn’t spoken about Bethenny tonight either..Oy enough of that shit!

  10. G-sus said

    @ TK, I think that is the new slang for “It was edited to make me look bad”

  11. Mikki12 said

    Hi Dy, G-sus, Fleur, TK, Bryan and anyone else I might have missed. I think I’m going to like Cindy. In just the few minutes I watched her my initial reaction was “this is a real NY gal.” She’s not the stereotypical yenta-New Yorker like Jill or the “I’m trying so hard to be a New Yorker even though I’m not originally from NY” like Alex. I think Cindy is going to be the real deal.

    Aside to Bryan: Your commnents about Alex have me ROTFLMAO. Too, too funny.

  12. Fleur said

    I love it!! AC did a poll in WWHL

    Team Ramona or Team Jill?

    Jill 22%
    RAMONA 78%

  13. G-sus said

    @ Dy, she said she was talking to a producer on the side and they put those words in my mouth. What does that mean? They asked her if she changed and turned over a new leaf and she said “yes”. She told Kelly that she couldn’t help but be nice. How is that putting words in her mouth?

  14. Dy said

    @19 Who knows Gsus.. really i don’t care..stupid shit..

  15. Mikki12 said

    Was it just me or did anyone else think that Ramona’s face, especially around the eyes, looked a lot tighter? I don’t know why they were focusing so much on Jill having had some work done on her face. I would swear that Ramona has had more than her non-surgical treatments that she’s always touting. After all she is 50+. Not too many women at that age can have a face that tight and smoothe without a little nip and tuck.

  16. G-sus said

    Mikki, I think Ramona has all kinds of work done, though, judging from the wrinkles, I don’t think Botox is one of them. She does look extra tight.
    If Jill gets work done, I think it is tastefully done. She tends to just look younger than her age. She does look great, too bad her personality doesn’t match.

  17. G-sus said

    Ya gotta give Ramona credit, she knows how to handle Jill, she just laughs her off.

    • sorry peeps.. totally out of pocket.. mr man arrived home from business trip and had to feed the animal.. so far behind and will catch up but not on eastern time.. sorry peeps! watching now..

  18. Dy said

    @21 Hi Mikki

    She does look like she had a “lift” around the eyes, maybe eleswhere too. She looks great though, I think.

  19. Dy said

    @23 Gsus

    I agree, Ramona does know how to handle Jill, she doesn’t let her get to her she blows she off and laughes at her.At the end of WWHL, they were

    I think Jill and Ramona look great whatever they are doing it’s done tastefully..They both look better than Bethenny in my opinion.

    LuLu looks great too

  20. Dy said

    @25 You’ll like it IJS, Jill is Jill hasn’t changed still needs to stuff a bagel in it,and stop rolling the eyes..Alex I thought came off as a pompous Ass..UGH!!

  21. G-sus said

    @ Dy, just checked out Bravo, there is a video of Cindy talking about the Ramona wedding incident. That was Cindy’s brother Howie and his girlfriend. His girlfriend Carol was engaged to this Jeff guy who died and gave Howie one of his old cigars. Ramona was offended that he told her that it was one of Jeff’s cigars since he was a close friend of hers.
    Sounds stupid, but in the Bravo world it will be another “Why are they filming you without Kelsey” moment that gets dragged out FOREVER!

  22. Mikki12 said

    Dy: Didn’t Jill mention in one of the past seasons that she and Ramona know each other a long time? Like 12 or 15 years? I think despite their squabbles they are able to “kiss and make-up” when all is said and done. I also agree about LuLu. She looks very good. Sometimes a new man in your life can do that.(plus a nip and tuck.) I’m starting to wonder if Bethenny is going for the Maria Shriver look. You know – all angles. Not flattering at all.
    Will someone please feed her!

  23. Dy said

    @28 Gsus

    Thanks sweetie..I just couldn’t get that Zoom right over my head, lol.

    It does sound stupid..Wtf?? Shit, I hope it doesn’t get drawn out, Ican’t take a stupid comment one sentence crazy ass thing going on for a whole freakin season again..UGH!!!

  24. Dy said

    @29 Yes Mikki, a long time like close to 20 years. Ramona is not afraid to call Jill out, and tell her when she is wrong but she also knows that Jill is human,and screws up.Jill must like that about Ramona cause they are still close. Ramona also has been friends with Sonja a long time.

  25. G-sus said

    @ Dy, unfortunately I think it is going to be. The previews look as though Ramona and Cindy go at it, so I have a feeling that is why. Kinda smells like a Bravo setup. I don’t think it is a coincidence that they catch Ramona on film talking about it and then catch Cindy talking about it. Producers probably are egging that one on.

  26. Dy said

    @32 Gsus

    Holy been through this shit before!!! Shoot me now!!

  27. G-sus said

    @ Dy, right along with you. I could do without all the product plugging as well. Ramona’s wine, Jill’s spanx, UGH!

  28. G-sus said

    Interesting little tidbit on Ramona’s blog. Evidently the wedding reception was at a house that Jill sold 4 years ago. Ramona said Jill had been calling the bride and giving her a hard time about having the reception there. Why would that be such a big deal? And why would you badger the bride about it?

  29. Dy said

    @34 Gsus

    Oh I know remember the the second season when all these goofs were selling something Jill( Zarin Fabrics, Bethenny SGM, Ramona TRU FAITH TRU RENEWAL, LuLu and her freakin book..My God, it was like that season was a freakin infomercal Jesus!! Then the freakin season from hell last year,and the infomercal shit quieted down for a minute. now it seems like it’s up and running again..Oy..Bad enough week after freakin week SGM is shoved down our throats on BEA

  30. G-sus said

    The only products I seem be okay with are the cookbooks, Teresa’s, Bethenny’s, and even Sonja’s toaster one sounds interesting. At least they know of what they shlep.
    Everyone should take a moment and read Kelly’s blog, it’s like she OD’d on gummy worms and jelly beans before she wrote it. She really has no clue on reality.
    There is this show on the radio that I listen to and they watch all the HW shows. One of them was talking about an interview that Kelly gave when she was raving about Visa-like gift cards. She was actually explaining how you can buy anything with them as long as you have money in the account. Like it was a new thing! How clueless is this woman.

  31. G-sus said

    Gotta run, early morning, night all!

  32. Dy said

    I don’t care that they sell stuff, none of them, let them capitalize on there”fame”. People will buy their stuff. That has never ever bothered me.

    I just don’t like when its all over there shows epecially NY second season, and now it seems like this season too( hopefully not) and BEA, Jesus! They turn the shows into commercals.

  33. Dy said

    Loved Sonjas Blog ,when you guys geta chance, read it. She is so honset, I really like her.

  34. Bryan said

    Alex was a big donkey the whole episode, she needs smacking by each of them, Okay Jill, the new look, I will wait till I see you with the hair down and not in that crazy top. Ramoner’s big yap got her in trouble and rightly so, what a stupid thing to get upset about. she’s lucky that big ol girl who heard her did pop her one because she looks like the type that would do it.

    Bethenny who??????

  35. Rosie said

    Ok.. I get why Alex is so disgusted with Jill.. She openly mocks her house, husband and children (children are off-limits).. But, IJS is right, Alex is no match for Jill. She needs to stop what she is doing, it’s not working for her. Jill doesn’t need help with being nasty. She does just fine on her own. Jill is cruel naturally, Alex isn’t.

  36. LWoo said

    I didn’t watch WWHL. I hardly watch the show; but I did catch the part about Cindy and how she decided to have kids- via IVF. I don’t think anything was wrong with that, so why did Jill? In my opinion, it was in bad taste for Jill to talk about her like that.

    I think it was brave of Cindy to have children on her own and the way she did!

  37. Rosie said

    Hi LWoo.. Agree!

  38. Bryan said

    @ Rosie, Alex was digusted all last year, she is just working this crap this season looking for camera time and its making her look like a big annoying wuss, and it looks like she works everyone’s last nerve and Thank you Sonja for throwing that plow horse out of her party, I hope she grabs her by the back of the head and the bottom of the dress and tosses her out!

  39. Bryan said

    Good Morning All

  40. LWoo said

    Good morning, everyone! *hugs*

  41. Dy said

    Alex so far is reminding me of Gerty and her never ending whinnig and remarks about Tamra..UGH, I hate that shit let it go. Gotta agree with Bryan “camera time”..

  42. Dani said

    Coming late to the party but had a few thoughts after watching.

    Jill is Jill is Jill. I don’t see this new Jill that she professes to be but she also doesn’t bug me. Kinda take her like the friend you have in your group that can drives everyone nuts but you like them because they are such a turd. Not sure I would ever trust her with my secrets but in a group I could deal with her.

    Ramona cracks me up with her mouth. When she was interviewing those girls, Holly Molly, the looks on their faces was priceless. And yes I agree w/Mikki who mentioned she has had some work done. She definitely has had work on her face. Although Jill looked a little silly in her outfit on WWHL, I do like her hair pulled back away from her face. It really changes her appearance.

    Alex looks more put together this year but her new personality, hmmm, not so much. It is like she got a little notoriety last season for standing up to Jill and now she is off the rail with it and Simon does not look healthy.

    LuLu looks good and appears happy. Sonya is a man-eater and I love her honesty about her love for men. I think she would be fun to hang out with because she just likes having a good time.

    Cindy, on first impression is a good addition. Those babies are adorable.

    So many interesting comments from all. Thanks for the read.

  43. Dy said

    Good Morning Everyone! XO 🙂

  44. Rosie said

    Good morning everyone!
    I do agree Alex needs to stop.. And she most likely is doing it for the cameras. She’s not good at it, so it just makes her look worse than she needs to.

    Bryan.. Lol.. Alex = horse reference!

  45. Dy said

    @1 Hi Rosie

    I’m all for someone sticking up for themselves,when something is said to them,( but not making a scene, especially at someones home, party. etc.) but to go LOOKING for a headache and causing a scene Oy..Not cool!

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