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Dancing With The Stars Wendy Williams Talks Being Eliminated W/Video

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 7, 2011

My Feet Are Busted!

Wendy Williams appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to discuss getting the boot from “Dancing With The Stars” and the risks of signing up for the show.

Wendy spoke about the difficulties on participating on the show while shooting a talk show 5 days a week while trying to be a good mother and wife.  She also complains about the need to be in top shape in order to perform.  She does say that she had a lot of fun with her partner Tony Dovolani and had the greatest opportunity to perform her “superhero pose on a twirling platform”. 

I really like Wendy Williams.  She does make me laugh and has really changed her style a bit when transitioning from radio to tv host.  Below, Wendy tweets pictures of her busted feet which really shows her sense of humor.  After viewing the following  photo’s, I have decided to not pursue the current interest in my performance on “Dancing With The Stars”.  A girl has to ensure her feet are ready for fuke me pumps at all times.  😉  (video below)

This is not a pretty look which is why I turned down the producers.



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