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“The View” Watch Recap – 4/6/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 6, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth

Tom, The View’s audience warm up guy, was traumatized by a 2 year old kid peeing on the street. He could not understand why he gets a ticket if he does that but the kid gets off scott free. Um, if this guy can’t tell the differnce between why he’d be ticketed if he urinated in public as opposed to a toddler doing so, he’s got bigger problems than what he’s complaining about. Hasselbeck told Tom that he’s just jealous. Sherri said she is considerate and finds a bush for Jeffrey to go on. Joy said the dealbreaker is going in the pool. Sherri said everybody goes in there, which Whoopi loudly disputed.

Next topic was a New York councilman is proposing a bill that would only allow toys in Happy Meals that meet certain requirements. Hasselbeck likes this, saying it’s a positive reinforcement.She thinks kids would like the option of a toy or healthy meal. Whoopi thinks kids should have fun toys because life is rough.

After break, they discussed the story of the 11 year Texas old who was gang raped multiple times and being blamed for it. People are saying she asked for it because she lied about her age, hung out with an older crowd and dressed provocatively. Joy noted that the New York Times is under the gun because of their various reports of how she was dressed, implying she was asking for it. Hasselbeck said the girl was not being protected. Whoopi related to the girl sneaking out and said you tell the child not to do something but kids sometimes don’t listen.

They then discussed Dancing with the Stars. Despite Sherri’s insistence that Wendy Williams would stay on the show because of her fan base, Wendy was voted off last night. Whoopi said Wendy gave it the ol’ college try.

Mariah Carey is making headlines for posing nude with her pregnant belly. Sherri find it beauitiful and natural, saying she always wanted to walk around with her belly hanging out. Hasselbeck said she’d show part of it.

The first guest to appear was shley Judd. Ashley Judd is an actress, who is best known for playing a number of characters in films such as Ruby in Paradise, Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy, Where the Heart Is and High Crimes. She was there to promote her memoir, titled “All That Is Bitter and Sweet “. In it, she shares the secrets of a childhood fraught with neglect, abuse and debilitating depression, she confronts the stigma of mental illness and celebrates the serenity that comes with the hard work of recovery. Ashley said she was doing good in her career but still felt something was not right. Ashley took a break from her career and visited Cambodia, doin human rights and social justice work. It was there that she met an orphan who allowed her to nurture her. She then that she realized she had so much love to give and is able to tell their stories. Ashley talked about the shame and secrets that people who experience sexual abuse go through and said we need to talk about it. Ashley said the perpetrators – like the guys in Texas who raped the young girl – are shameless when they are empowered by media or those blaming the child. She said it’s in recovery that we learn to give the shame back where it belongs, which is on the person the perpetrators. She also reminded us there is no words of consent for children.
Ashley said the depression she suffered from as a child was partly due to her family system that did not work. She says today, things are a lot better.
I must say, I was incredibly impressed with Ashley. She came off as a well spoken, intelligent individual that you could tell really cares for the cause that she is representing. If you did not watch the show, I encourage you to find the video of it online; there was a lot more to the discussion that I did not transcribe here.

Former Minnesota governor, navy SEAL, and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura. Ventura has a new truTVshow investigating but not necessarily debunking conspiracy theories. He recently said he’d consider being a running mate for representative Ron Paul for the presidential election. He said he thinks Paul is the only representative in America who puts the people in America ahead of their political party. He then started talking about getting rid of the Federal Reserve and Homeland Security, an interest he and Paul share. Jesse was there to talk about his latest book “American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us “. In it, he dissects such famed objects of unending speculation as the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations. Ventura concludes that none of those were twisted-loner crimes but rather resulted from conspiracies of varying vastness. Jesse said the government classified 16 million documents as top secret. He thinks he has the right to read them because he pays taxes.

In his book, he also talks about how the military can take over the country anytime and set up relocation camps. He tried to do one of his shows on it but says the government intervened and pulled it. Jesse called it censorship. He also said it may be good for the government to shut down for awhle – which is something that may happen. Jesse advises people to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans and to send a message by voting third party.
Jesse and his wife are seeking to become citizens of Mexico.

The final guest to appear was guitarist Robbie Robertson. Robbie is a singer-songwriter, and guitarist. He is best known for his membership as the guitarist and primary songwriter within The Band. He was ranked 78th in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Robbie said he Robbie performed “He Don’t Live Here Anymore“a track from his album”How to be Clairvoyant“.
It was a really good performance.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!



5 Responses to ““The View” Watch Recap – 4/6/2011”

  1. Ashley Judd is incredibly amazing. She is the perfect spokes person for such issues. She has style, grace and the most articulate celebrity for a fantastic cause and is quick to her point without tripping up on her words.. such elegance..

  2. Dy said

    IJS..Love Ashley Judd, such a lady..I just my People mag. , she has abook out about her life..

    Btw..Loved her in Sister of the YA YA..( whatever eles it is called, great movie)

  3. Leigh said

    @Dy Divine secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood:) Was a great movie! The books is amazing and I think working on that film probably triggered some of her memories.The book more so than the movie is much darker in it’s depiction of what the main characters went through..
    I think her mother Naomi isn’t as wonderful as she would like everyone to believe..

  4. Dy said

    @3 Thanks Leigh 🙂 I never read the book, Omg I’m gonna have to!

    I think you are right about Mama Judd.

  5. Leigh.. The Divine Secrets of the Yaya’s is one of my favorite books by Rebecca Wells. Did you read Little Alters Everywhere by Wells? Yaya’s is actually a sequel to Little Alters but I suggest to read in reverse order. Other wise you might not like the character(s) is YaYa’s but then you understand the characters in YaYa’s with some compassion or understanding? Did I make any sense? I didnt have my required amount of tea yet.

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