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“Mrs. Brown’s Boys” – Mrs. Brown Get’s A Bikini Wax

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 6, 2011


How did I not know about this program?  I just received this in my email from a friend Lorie and thanks!

  This past February, a new BBC One comedy starring Brendan O’Carroll as loud-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes Brown premiered.  Her favorite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children and this is a show that is quite familiar to me!   I think being Irish will be funny, but I think a lot of cultures could probably relate to this.  Meddling is not synonymous with Irish.

The season had only 6 episodes and had already ended, but I have links here to the youtube channel, and the BBC main site.     Additionally, I encourage you to download via Netflix or where ever you get your previous episodes from.  Mr Man being the techy savvy guy that he is has some entertainment device attached to the TV that gets all BBC shows, documentaries, etc and I haven’t checked it out yet since my TV line up is full.


If you don’t believe me, watch the extended video below.  ‘Mrs. Brown Gets a Bikini Wax’

“Did you just walk into that wall?  “Yes,  I was trying to get to Hogwarts”.

15 Responses to ““Mrs. Brown’s Boys” – Mrs. Brown Get’s A Bikini Wax”

  1. BobLHead said

    omg….too freakin’ funny!

  2. Bryan said

    Did I post anything here on that BBC show called “No Heroics”, I think I did , Its on the 101 channel on direct tv I think I did and IJS said something about having the 101 channel.

  3. @tweatcyn said

    That’s “Fekkin” hilarious!

  4. Bryan it wasnt me! I dont have direct TV. I tried to look in my list of immediate source for downloads but I didnt find it. I will have my son get it for me. 😉

  5. Bryan said

    @4 IJS, here is the trailer for it,,,,

  6. Bryan said

    And check THIS out…………..

  7. lisa said

    is this on dvd yet?

  8. Dani said

    That had me laughing so hard, I was crying. Drat it, now I have to reapply makeup before work. Hilarious though.

  9. Mikki12 said

    I have Time Warner and get BBC America on channel 117. I guess this is not the same as BBC One. Does anyone else with Time Warner know anything more?

  10. […] don’t know what that means  but all I remember is she is a woman who rips hair off your body and her charity event involves using your feet to make art!  Her brother Howie is important to her […]

  11. Cynthia said

    BBC One is in the UK. You can’t get it here. We only get BBC America which usually has shows that are either older or the episode are behind. So newer shows we won’t get for a while unless you can find it online! If anyone has found these episodes online please let me know!! Thanks!!

  12. Cynthia said

    If you like this then watch Father Ted, Absolutely Fabulous (Abfab) and Vicar of Dibley. I know you can find them on Netflix. They are also hilarious!

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