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“The View” Watch Recap – 4/5/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 5, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Today’s Show: Eva Longoria, The Real Housewives of New York

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara

Whoopi opened the show congratulating the UConn Huskies for winning the NCAA championship.

The first topic of the day was Kirstie Alley falling on Dancing With the Stars last night during a dance routine. Her partner, Maksim, apologized to Kirstie for almost dropping her. Despite the misstep, Kirstie and Maksim received a score of 2. Joy thought that was wrong, saying Sugar Ray and his partner received a 20. Sherri said Kirstie fell but got back up and was still graceful. Whoopi bought up Kirstie’s weight , saying she’s not a tiny woman. Sherri said her partner needs to know Kirstie’s body. Barbara speculated that Kirstie received a higher score because people want to see her stay in the game, like last year with Bristol Palin. Sherri disagreed, pointing out that Kirstie is a good dancer.

Next topic was the Royal Wedding and the latest claim that Prince Williams will not wear a wedding ring. Barbara said despite the fact that no one will talk about what’s going on with the wedding, someone is very cleverly leaking information about the couple. Sherri said none of the princes need to wear a ring, when she looks at them she knows they are married. She said her fiance would have to wear one because no one knows him. Hasselbeck said a ring does not stop a woman from trying to go after a married man. She said she has her husband’s ring cemented on his finger.

After break, they continued the wedding discussion by talking about how Prince William is being advised to get a pre-nup. Sherri said she looks at prenups like car insurance; no one drives saying they want to get into an accident but if something happens, you have insurance. Barbara noted how long Kate and the Prince have been together and said if he asks for a prenup, it would be a disaster. Whoopi agreed, saying she does not think he can ask for one.

They then talked about how DOJ’s Eric Holder and the Obama administration will not hold terror trials in New York. Whoopi said she is thrilled about this. Hasselbeck started talking about how the terror suspect has been gaining publicity at the possibility of a trial in NY. S.he also raised some fake concern about hoping the decision was based on honoring families blah blah blah and not political.

Whoopi went into the wayback machine and used her silly Valley Girl voice to to report how Kathy Hilton was overheard saying that her daughter, Paris is the original reality show star. She also supposedly stated that Kim Kardashian is copying everything Paris does. Whoopi said she doesn’t know if this is true, but if it is, “it’s sooooo wrong”. Joy bought up that Paris made a sex tape before Kim and said Kathy is a proud mother. Hasselbeck asked if Kathy has thrown in the towel for her daughter and is saying Kim won. (Huh??)
Barb looked bewildered, noting how they went from discussing Guantanemo to sex tapes. Barb, you all do this everyday. Stop acting like this is an anomally.

Next subject was a new app that gives dieters the calorie count of foods just by taking a picture of it. Joy said that would not work on lasagna because no one knows what’s in there. Shesaid bananas are easy but if it’s complicated the app won’t work. Sherri noted that the description of it says a “range of calories”, so it would calculate the average range of content calories.

Then they showed a clip of an anchor fooling his co-host into licking her iPad.

Eva Langoria was the first guest. Eva stars in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”, playing She said her character’s life won’t get better this season. She also said she is surprised it’s still the number one unscripted show on ABC.
Eva has a new cookbook titled “Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends“. In it, she highlights the essentials of great Mexican cooking, Texas style—with her family’s recipes and techniques for making the world’s best tamales, homemade tortillas, Spanish rice, and Pan de Polvo (Mexican pastry), to name a few. She also offers dishes from a variety of international cuisines, from Latin American to Italian and French, inspired by her globe-trotting travels. Eva was aksed how she stays so thin and she replied she does not eat all the food at once; it’s all moderation. Of course, crass Whoopi was picking food off while they were trying to talk – something I found very distracting.Barbara even mentioned it, saying how Whoopi was blocking her [camera] shot. To be fair though, the food looked absolutely delicious.
Eva’s mom was in the audience and was asked if Eva can cook. Mrs Longoria said yes and that she taught her how. Eva lauded he
mom, saying she raised 4 daughters all while working a full time job. Eva owns two restaurants.She said her favorite recipe in the book was the for the Tortilla Soup. She said she loves to cook and can’t wait to get in the kitchen, calling it therapeutic.
Barbara just had to ask about Eva’s divorce but Eva said she would never use her pain for book sales.

The final guests to appear were the cast of “Real Houswives of New York”. The Real Housewives of New York City is an American reality television program on the Bravo cable TV network. A spin-off of the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Orange County, it is the second city featured in The Real Housewives franchise. It was tentatively titled “Manhattan Moms” while in production for Season 1.
The current cast members are: Alex McCord, LuAnn de Lesseps, Jill Zarin, Ramona Singer, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Sonja Morgan and (new member) Cindy Barshop. Jill was asked about why she cried so much last year. She said she went through really tough times with her husband getting sick. She said she thought her disputes with Betheny Frankel last year was just for the benefit of the show and that they would make up. She received a lot of hate mail last year but went in this season with a whole new attitude and more relaxed. Kelly addressed how she came off last year looking unstable but said she makes great television. Ramona said we all know what happened and it’s all behind her. She also said this year she is quite emotional because her daughter is going off to college. Alex said it took awhile for her to tell people what she was thinking and to speak up for herself. The newest member, Cindy, is a single mom with twins and a business. She said being on the show is like being on “Survivor”. She also said the ladies have their own dynamic and she had to learn their rules.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!



5 Responses to ““The View” Watch Recap – 4/5/2011”

  1. Bryan said

    Check this out. here’s “The View’s” favorite guest on the beach, OY!!!!

  2. Mikki12 said

    Good grief! Kathy looks like Casper the Ghost with red hair.

  3. Bryan said

    I hope there is ALOT of sunscreen on her poor body

  4. Eva Longoria’s food look really good. I would love to sample her cooking..

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