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RHONYC’s Simon Van Kempen is Insulted by Bethenny’s Drunk Comment and He Takes It To Twitter!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 5, 2011


Of course thats what you do!  In last night’s episode of “Bethenny Ever After”,  Bethenny had made a comment in her talking head interview that she needed some comic relief and “I enjoy Simon and Alex, Simon likes to get bombed and I could use the fun”.   Something like that.  To be truthful, I thought Bethenny meant Simon is funny when he drinks and they have a good time but I did cringe a bit since if we remember in season 2,  Jill had given an interview in respsonse to Simon’s comments that “Jill is from Long Island and it show’s”.  Jill fired back stating that Simon is a falling down drunk so I can imagine Simon is a bit sensitive on the subject. 

Truth be told you need to own your behavior when you are out drinking publicly.  We have seen Simon many times in the media or on the show where he has had too much to drink and has a good old time.  He appeared to be over served on “What What Happens Live”, at Bethennys wedding on “Bethenny Getting Married?”, at the RHONY Creaky Joints fund raiser and even an interview on the street with his wife Alex, where he pulled up Alex’s dress to expose her thonged arse. Much to Alex’s surprise. (Damn it if I can’t find the video right now..) 

So what does one do in lieu of a phone call?  Take it directly to twitter!  Simon’s angry tweets below:

On Tuesday 5th April 2011, @SimonvanKempen said:

I’ve never been snarky at other’s expense. I’ve always reacted but never attacked, but there comes a time to call the hypocrites out. I REPEAT I admire her success but I also believe that success can come without slamming others. RT @SuzieB302: @SimonvanKempen how come you’re so snarky & cynical?! I think @Bethenny was just meaning if you got bombed it would be a good distraction.

On Tuesday 5th April 2011, @SimonvanKempen said:

It was her normal MO. Attack in an interview but not say it to my face. At least have the gumption to make your accusations in person. RT @MamaStasia: @SimonvanKempen ur being a lil sensitive. Think the tweeters have gotten 2u! Idt @Bethenny meant anything by that just that ur fun @parties

Bethenny did not respond via Twitter.


29 Responses to “RHONYC’s Simon Van Kempen is Insulted by Bethenny’s Drunk Comment and He Takes It To Twitter!”

  1. Bryan said

    How DARE he be upset with america’s favorite little poor little rich urchin!!!

  2. Linda said

    I think that Simon very well may have issues with alcohol and he is sensitive to the comments B made. I think most people would just laugh off the comments that B made.

  3. Bea form NJ said

    Simon needs to chill out. He absolutely blew this out of proportion.

  4. Bryan said

    @2 Linda, yeah it wasn’t that bad, what a pussy this man is.

  5. Dy said

    Although I really don’t think Bethenny said anything bad,( I have heard her say plenty of other things that are alot worse about people). Simon can be upset with her remarks if he chooses, so what.

  6. Bryan said

    @5 Dy well it makes him look like a big baby, no one would have thought twice about it, but he is probably doing it because he didn’t get to be on GMA and wants some attention… like I said before, a big pussy!

  7. Dy said

    @6 Bryan

    I stil stand by what I said..He’s allowed to be upset with Bethenny and tweet about it if he wants.

  8. Bryan said

    @7, Dy, Sure he is allowed to but when he gets blasted for it and you know he will especially from the RABID, Temple Beth Frankel fans, and he starts crying and sobbing about it, he has only himself to blame. I wonder if this will put a crimp in the Temple B, Horse face relationship?

  9. Dy said

    @8 Bryan

    Seriously these people tweeting him or going off on him ( on blogs or whatever) for saying what he felt, or God forbid anything against Bethenny,..Well that alittle too much, in my opinion.

    Afterall Simon did not lie about Bethenny in his tweets, everything he said was/is was true.

  10. Simon just seems super sensitive here.. when one doth protest too much.. hmmm…

  11. Bryan said

    @9 Dy, see I you knew it was going to bring out all rabid frankel fans, I can see them know clutching their copies of “A place of yes”, swigging her swill and typing rapidly and furiously at simon

  12. Leigh said

    I don’t really have much invested in either one,but had Simon let it go,no one would have thought anything of it!

  13. Rosie said

    Simon should have just let it go.. He is bringing way more attention to the comment than it deserved.
    Simon always looks half in the bag at parties, almost every time, but he seems harmless and amusing.

  14. Mikki12 said

    Bethenny didn’t say anything that terrible to elicit such a strong reaction from Simon. I always thought he was a male-publicity-whore and I still think so. I don’t know why he doesn’t shave his beard and put on a wig and audition as a housewife. He so much wants to be one of the girls.

  15. Rosie said

    Hi Mikki.. 🙂

  16. Mikki12 said

    Hey Rosie! Are you back from vacation? Or are you still enjoying the islands?

  17. Rosie said

    Hubby had a huge deal at work, so we changed trip to right after Easter.

  18. Linda said

    I’m bot a huge Bethany fan, but Simon, come on. I thought it was sorta a compliment. She seemed relieved that he was there and would provide fun and distraction. I really don’t think she meant it in a mean or insulting way.
    If NY isn’t as successful this season, Simon may need all the fans he can get. Simon, hope you chill and be forgiving. You may need Bethany some day…just smart business to keep it positive.

  19. Hey & Waving at u Bea, “Way Up There” 🙂 I agree with you & Our Blogtastic Bloggess, ijs 🙂 Sensitive Simon BLEW it Way Outta perportion! I took it as a “Term of Endearment” for Him 🙂 She said it with the “Look” of Relief, As in “Yay, Simons Here..He’ll get Bombed & I can Chillax & We’ll Have Fun times.. Accept the Compliment given u, Dude Man Simon. Btw: for u peeps who “Know Me” I’m a Majah Bethenny Fan/Supporter, & Resent that ppl Refer to ppl that do like/love, etc, Bethenny, As “Worshipers of Temple of Bethenny”. (That Ain’t Right) I like Simon & Sorry He’s so Sensitive & got his feelings Hurt, But Dude, Send B a text or give gf a call. Takin it to twit, Can never turn out Good.. “Keep In Mind, tomorrow is Premeire of RHONY, So.. I’m thinking, PUBLICITY MUCH? #ImajustSaying 🙂 @Bryan kinda, LOVED your “Sentiment” 😉

  20. Bryan said

    @20 Alana, Thanks, =)

  21. @Bryan Btw, the ONLY post I “Kinda Agreed” with u, Was about, Simon being a, pussy!! Not your “Thoughts” of Bethenny. 😉 *Just wanted to clear that up*.. God Knows, FREEDOM OF SPEECH ROCKS!! 🙂

  22. Bryan said

    @22 Alana, I figured it was something that had to do with him, he isn’t so bad just sort of a wuss, its his horse like wife that bugs me. Please after last night’s Yenta Ever After she needs to go!!! and to quote designing women, “She was acting like a big donkey” all that hysteria because she is turning 40, please!!!

    Free Speech does rock, so true

  23. @Bryan Simons ahight..I like Alex & glad she’s adding some BALLS to her Wardrobe this Season, Or so its been “Rumored”. As I said, MAJOR Bethenny Fan & glad She’s here to stay, at least another Season. 🙂 But Dude..(U are a Dude, I mean, Never know) I Am a Woman, & We are Complex human beings(Ya think) & I totally got where B was coming from.. Dang, When I turned 40, left my ex U Never Know what BAD Issues are Lurking in the Mind & Heart of another Human being.. Ima add her Bday Meltdown to Exhaustion, Stress, Giving Birth-Post Partum Chit, Childhood/Adult Family Issues, Whole New (Never Had) Family. So I’ll Cut girlfriend Some Slack 🙂 Thanks Bryan, “I’m So Glad we had this time, together” (Name who Sung it & from What Show..hmmmm!! 🙂 lata-tata @TweetinGrandma Is Me 🙂

  24. Bryan said

    @24 Alana, Carol Burnett ( I’m 43, I used to watch that show, loved it) and yes I am male, tap on my name it will take you to my twatter account.

    When I turned fourty two friends of mine, ( the two I went to stay with when San Diego had the Tsunami warning) threw me a birthday party, by the end of the evening most of us who were still there about 12-15 were naked and in the pool, and I was given the same special birthday present twice by two guests =)…there were no tears

  25. Mrs T Soprano said

    Brian, I don’t think that turning 40 had anything to do with B’s meltdown. She was dealing with so many issues at the time and really didn’t want the party, but gave in to placate her husband. I’m a fan, although I wouldn’t classify myself as “rabid”, so I try to understand where’s she coming from, where Jason is coming from, the grandparents, etc. I think in time she and Jason, and his parents, will work out their problems/issues and come to understand and accept each other. Maybe that’s something we should all work on. Peace out, everyone!

  26. Bryan said

    @26 Mrs T Soprano, I hope so for the sake of that baby she needs all that family, Bethenny needs them too

  27. Mrs T Soprano said

    Brian, I totally agree. Everyone needs love and acceptance. B just needs to open her heart and mind to it. Reminds me of that old song “Put a little love in your heart.” Who the heck sang that??

  28. @Bryan Well, Mr “Happy Endings” Birthday Man… You Had yourself a Dang good time… Go on wit your Badd Self. Turning 40 is a Doozey, Could Be Please Dooooo or Please Doo take my Mine was good one, But You take the Cake 🙂 *Oh Yea* Ding – Ding – Ding…You Are the Winna “Carol Burnett Rocked that chit” 🙂

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