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Real Housewives of New York City Promote S4 on “The View” w/video

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 5, 2011

Today on “The View” 5 of the Real Housewives of New York appeared to promote the 4th season to premier this Thursday at 10:00 pm est.  The Countess LuLu and Sonja Morgan was not present.

Jill was the first to be interviewed by Sherry by rehashing all the Bethenny drama as well as the backlash she received from the shows fans and I could not believe my ears!  Jill responded to the questions regarding the argument she had with Bethenny as it was a “wink wink type of  drama for the show” and said she had hoped to make up after the season ended while trying to deflect any responsibility for her lies and jealousy AGAIN!  No wonder Bethenny did not accept ANY of Jill Zarin’s apologies since obviously she saw right through Jill and her lack of sincerity.

Jill also continues to state that the show for her was not real and “The Real Jill” was not shown last year. 

As Jill tries to create another story line for a season that has been already played out and has been in full on marathons for the upcoming new episode, Joy Behar chimes in:

“Are you saying things are faked for drama in the show?”.

  This stopped Jill dead in her tracks while she realized that she won’t be able to explain any of this away since the show is supposed to be unscripted and many times Jill has said that the show is not fake and all real. 

Which is it Jill Zarin?  Did you fake the drama last year or did you just play yourself in a reality show and didn’t like what you saw?  Oh Jill, the tangled webs you weave…


Sherri has me cracking up because she goes right after Kelly Been Shmokin and sort of lowered her voice and started..

“Kelly, I am now coming after you now.. um, you looked a little bit unstable on the show….  What happened?”


Where do go you from there?  Kelly tries to explain that she is not crazy because of her two beautiful daughters and Kelly has not real explanation for her behavior and goes on about being a mother.  At this point, watch Alex McCords face and she is trying to suppress all the ‘Skeary Island” moments and remembering how she needed security outside her door until Kelly was placed on a plane in a straight jacket!

It amazes me that some of these cast members think we all have short memories…   It’s all on video playing out all week!! 

Additional video for “The View Tube” LINK HERE  which shows the women cackling like hens and looking rediculous.  They can’t even focus on the producer behind the camera.  These women are fools!


50 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York City Promote S4 on “The View” w/video”

  1. Bryan said

    IJS, Jill should just kill herself, you would think she murdered a child, all she did was treat Bethenny bad, so what, people act like assholes all the time, she apologised for it, the only time she seems to talk about it is when some twat like fat ass dip stick Sherri Sheppard brings it up.

    I think it times you guys let it go,!!!!

  2. Dy said

    All the ladies look nice..Alex looks like her teeth were fixed or something, Kellys hair is combed ..Life is good!

    I’m over the whole Jill/ Bethenny,Bethenny/ Jill thing..It’s done put a fork in it.

  3. Rosie said

    Hi Dy and Bryan..
    Jill tried a new excuse today.. She needs to just not discuss last season.

    Kelly, didn’t even answer her question. Lol

    Alex looked the best, today, that she’s ever looked.

  4. Dy said

    @3 Hi Rosie

  5. Rosie said

    Hi. How are you?

  6. Bryan said

    @3 Rosie, so what if she had a new anwser, if someone keeps asking me about some ridiculous fight with bravo’s biggest nut case. I think I would start making some new stories up too.

    @2 Dy, the fact is, its not over, The Frankel Fanatics wont do that, they have to keep it going, just like they have to make sure Kelly look bad in every light, even when she takes a good photo, they still find fault with it.

  7. Bryan said

    Rosie, The View is stupid show, I wouldn’t anwser anything either,

  8. Bryan. lol you cant agree to go on a talk show and not talk.. you have to know what you have signed up for..

  9. Bryan said

    @8 IJS, yes you can, what are they going to do, file a lawsuit against her? besides, there is no need with these other loud mouths God someone stick a feed bag on Alex, she needs a bridle

  10. Dy said

    @5 Hi Rosie..I’m good and you?

    @6 Hi Bryan. SMH.. What did the Yenta do that was so terrible, she had a fight with Bethenny. She didn’t ruin her, or kill her. Geeze!

  11. Bryan said

    @10 Dy, I know, I think we need to ask those who want to burn Jill at the steak, she moved on to bigger and better things, she found some poor chump to marry her, she finally spit out a kid to take the place of the dog, She seems to have come away better then ever. So why does everyone have to still pick on Jill? Why does she have to supplicate to all the Bethenny Fanatics?

    get over it, stop clinging to every single word she says and beat her up over it!!!!

  12. Dy said

    @11 Bryan..

    It’s just ridicles anymore in my opinion. My God they beat her up in the Blogs, tormented her on twitter etc..

  13. Dy and Bryan.. you both missing the point.. Jill has never really came clean and when she did, she totally backtracked and now has a new story.. its not what she did or didnt do to Bethenny.. Jill is a big fat liar! We call out housewives when they lie and Jill is no better. She just doesnt to hot tub scenes..

  14. Bryan said

    @13 IJS, but after all this time who cares!?!? So what if she wants to lie, let her lie, I think its the hard core Skeletor Frankel fans that are out of control about this.

  15. Bryan said

    I’m watching the Miami reunion right now, its sort of sad doing it live on the rumpus room set.

  16. Dy said

    IJS..I just don’t HATE Jill Zarin..
    If she is backtracking as to what happened last season, so what..Bethenny is backtracking about her woesome childhood now.
    I don’t agree that all Houswives get called out when they lie, or do stupid things Seems quite a few of them get passes.. If they are liked 😉

  17. Dy said

    @14 Bryan

    I’m watching it too..Geeze that Christy won’t let anyone talk…Lea looks like she had some “work” done, she looks good!

  18. Bryan said

    @17 Dy, All hell is breaking loose, Adriana just accused Cristy of giving blow jobs to 19 year old guy, poor Marysol stuck there, they need Elsa to come in and bring her wand to calm them down.

    I have a feeling after this, they may be back OY!!!!!

  19. Dy said

    @18 Bryan

    I know..WTF??

    Ohh, I don’t like Christy or Larsa..

    Audrinna is a spitfire..I like Marysol..Love Mama Elsa..wish she were there!

  20. Bryan said

    Larsa seems to forget what happen at that dinner she kept bothering poor Elsa about it

  21. Dy said

    Yep Bryan..Larsa is the type that is always right never wrong.

  22. Bryan said

    Oh god this prego show, I thought it was going to be set here in LA it seems so LA its in Manhattan, so lame!!!

  23. Dy said


    Well that reunion was a Hot mess..All that talking over each other sounded like Bethenny, Jill and Ramona have the freakin time Geeze!!

    Not even watching that stupid Prego show..Wtf is Bravo thinking?

  24. Bryan said

    Jackie Laurita twittered to Princess Cohen, begging him not to do the NJ reunion live, This may have bought miami another season?

  25. Bryan.. hard core skeleton fans of Bethenny are not hosts of the view. The viewers watched and saw the hypocrisy.. I dont care how old the issue is. Jill never owns up to her garbage. Its also done with other HW’s. we still toting out Danielle, Teresa, etc.

    Its no different and really has nothing to do with Bethenny but more of like to catch Jill in her never ending lies. She is totally bogus and starting a new season Thursday.. gonna be on watch.. she still has to make up with Alex so that is not old news.. lets see how that goes.

    Jills downfalls are not really about Bethenny.. she attacks people on twitter.. came out that she was bullied.. oh the humanity!!

  26. Dy said

    @24 Bryan LMAO..I’m sure she was totally busting chomps( she has that kind of sense of humor) but I’m sure some people will take her seriously!

    Miami was not bad in my opinion, it took me a minute to get into it, but I liked it in the end, just like I ended up liking DC. We’ll see what happens

  27. Bryan said

    IJS, the ONLY thing Alex deserves is a surry with the fringe on top. Danielle was involved with Felons and wanted to do harm, Teresa’s nonsense was nothing that effected my way of life same with Jill. So what if they lie and are bogus, why do you invest so much into them that you DEMAND the truth!?

    Alex deserves to be bashed at every moment, I’m gonna help Jill with that, first off, send Alex some hay and feedbag!

  28. Bryan said

    @26 Dy, it gave us Elsa and with Marysol along as her straight man they were the best, too bad we didn’t get to see anymore of the road trip but the wigs and heels were flying. Any minute I was waiting for someone to beat the other one with a pair of spanks

  29. Bryan said

    Totally off topic but I just saw a commercial for “The Katie Brown Workshop” I remember when she was on food network she was Martha Lite and much more pleasant, I love here, she is someone Id love to have over for dinner and just talk too

  30. Bryan.. Jill did create a felony by putting her name on a book that she didnt even write! I call that plagerism and just plain hypocrisy!! you should create Jills new bullying campaign video.. 😉

  31. Bryan said

    @30 IJS, people stick their names on books written by ghost writers all the time, this was her sister and mother they probably contributed in some fashion, so what, you know Temple B didn’t write any of her books.

  32. Bryan said

    @30 IJS, all of her books were written by that hungry girl LOL!!!!

  33. Dy said

    Bethenny books were written with Eva Adamson

    Jills book was wriiten with her mother and sister

    Teresa book was written with Heather Maclean

  34. Bryan said

    Plagarism!!!! get me the FBI!!!!!

  35. Bryan said

    Hey and Chelsea Handlers books were ALL written by Chelsea Handler, which makes Chelsea the most Fabulous, but I worship at the temple of Coslopus

  36. Dy said

    @27 and @ 34 Bryan..lmao

  37. Rosie said

    Good morning all..
    Omg! What a train wreck that live reunion was. I like Marysol and Elsa, but that’s it. The women wanted to set the record straight.. But, I think the reunion just confirmed who they are.
    Christy never stopped talking for two minutes, and Adrianna was swearing a blue streak, like a drunken sailor..

  38. Diane said

    Thx for the recap , A ! I honestly am looking forward to the new season of New York. Oh…that Jill. Such double speak backtracking.

    Ramona looks gorgeous. She is in her mid-50’s – what does she do to her skin? Cant be all “Re-new”.

    Alex looked beautiful. I am pretty sure she had her front teeth veneered.

    As for Kelly. After all is said and done about Scary Island etc and reading ever blog & hundreds of posts ….I am of the firm belief that she has mild adult Asperger’s Syndrome. Now let’s turn the volume down to #2 and go for white noise….pun intended.;)

  39. Dy said

    Good Morning Rosie, Everyone 🙂

    There is really some bad blood with Adrianna and Christy,( like to know more about that) that spitfire could not hold back, Oy! Also Marysol and Alexia called out Christy also, they just didn’t have to use the language Adrianna did to do it.

  40. WAVING FURIOUSLY AT DIANE!! Diane I cant wait either! Its a bloggers dream. Recapping their sex in the city in Morocco is going to be hysterical. Diane are you on twitter?

  41. Diane said

    A, babe…! No, honey, I am not on Twitter.:(

    The pix you posted of Jill at that candy shop last year. I recall them. They were so indicative that Jill thinks she is the “cute” one. ‘Shana punim’ and all.Oy !Well Jill is in high school and I am back in New Jersey trying to make it in this ecomomy !

    I still think that Jill thought that she was top popular dog over Bethenny and would get the spin off – or at the least would get a show with only Herself and Beth, ala Laverne and Shirley.

    Uh….Now I am following Beth last season and her new season of Ever After. I am troubled….many mixed feelings. I am worried for little adorable innocent Bryn.Big time. And that marriage lasting.

    • Diane.. I thought the pics of Jill pill are spot on to the hypocrisy! lmaooo yeah she looks zexy huh? 😉

      I think Bethenny is lucky to have Jason to reign her in when she loses her chit. She does seem to respond to his voice of reason and you can tell she doesnt want to mess it up. Its gonna a good couple of years for them to really understand each other. They came together to fast but hopefully it will work. i think the thing that draws them to each other is the wit and laughter. That they do share..

  42. Bryan said

    IJS, a small request, is there a way for you to post the vid without them coming on every time the page loads?

  43. Ok Bry its fixed.. p.s. have you ever had the brand Nong Shim noodle stuff? Its Korean but the gourmet spicy one really has a thai flavor.. cant use the entire soup base packet because i would die from the heat but I think this product is a great quick way to make some thai dish. I can see adding more vegetables that the vegie packet contains. but mostly addind lemon grass beef.. you should check it out.. We got it from Costco and it was a surprising find..

  44. Dy said

    @45 IJS

    That stuff is the bomb. com!! I had it years ago when I worked with a lady that had it for lunch one day, back then you could only get it at the Asian Store here. Everytime she went she would pick up some for me and my family.. Imagine my surprise years later, when I found it at Costco!

    • Oh fantastic DY! I see so many possibilties for this stuff. I love thai food but cant see buying ALL the ingredients for one dish so I thought it would be a great start for a quick dish. Even the noodles arent bad. I was actually shocked..

  45. Dy said

    @47 IJS.. It’s perfect for Thai food Ijs, all the spices are there..Try in on Shrimp,Chicken, freakin Great. Very ecomonical, I agree why buy all the ingredients they are all right there!

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