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Bethenny Frankel – News, Rumors and Just Plain Gossip: Bethenny Got A New Talk Show?

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 5, 2011


A Bethenny Talk Show In The Works? 

Rumor Fix is reporting that Bethenny Frankel has signed a deal for  her own Talk Show which she has stated on a few occasions how a daytime talk show would be her ultimate goal.  I imagine it would be easier to balance family and work since the hours would be easier to manage and it would not require alot of travel.   

Our staff has learned the star of Bethenny Ever After has just signed a deal with Telepictures, which is the production company behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tyra, Lopez Tonight and Anderson.

Bethenny’s show is currently in development; two months ago, the reality star told Popeater why she wanted a talk show:

“I would like a daytime talk show because my conversation with my fans right now is through social networking, and my TV show communicates what I’m doing, but it isn’t really a dialogue or a conversation.”

Mind you this same news source also claims that Bethenny ordered a re-editing of her own show to appear “nicer”. 

There has been no confirmation on both reports by Bethenny and or her “people”.


Bethenny’s Mom – ” ‘I consider her to be demented and beyond help” is reporting:

The mother-daughter feud continues! Ten years ago, Bethenny Ever After star Bethenny Frankel had a major falling out with her mother Bernadette Parisella Birk. To this day, Bethenny has no intention of fixing their relationship. “It depends upon what I want, and I don’t know that I want that,” Bethenny tells exclusively. “My life is kind of the way I want it right now.”

“My childhood was not terrible,” she admits during our interview. “I had a lot of happiness — or at least a lot of fun times. I did a lot of interesting things’ — but not necessarily at an age that would have been appropriate, she feels.

Bethenny’s mother responds with:

“My comment is the same as it was — I consider her to be demented and beyond help,” Bernadette says. “Reconciliation is not up to her at all. She would never want to repair anything because then all of her lies would come out.”

At this point they both need to just stop speaking out against each other.  I don’t see how any of this is productive to anyone.   We get it!  Bethenny had some bad experiences in the parents department and her mother obviously didn’t read Dr. Spock’s book “Baby and Child Rearing”.  Sometimes I feel the majority of Bethenny’s issue’s come from being an only child with turbulent parents who did not make their child a priority.  In my opinion, when parents become neglectful for one reason or another, usually the children lean on each other for support and validation.  In this case Bethenny didn’t have that which left her emotionally stunted.

Bethenny Frankel Appeared on Imus This Morning

 Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Tells Imus How to Get to “A Place of Yes,” and Why She Did What She Did in a Bucket That One Time

Bethenny Frankel, an original New York City housewife on the Bravo series, had initially turned down the offer to appear on the program, afraid it would ruin her reputation as a natural food chef. Fast-forward a few years, and not only is Frankel now a wife and a mother, but she stars in her own reality television show, Bethenny Ever After; created an expanding line of health-conscious cocktails called Skinnygirl; and wrote the New York Times bestselling book, A Place of Yes.
“I’m not one of those people who has the big picture plan,” Frankel said today, adding, “I don’t think I want to conquer the world.”
All evidence to the contrary. Since leaving the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City at the end of last season, Frankel’s fame has skyrocketed, something she attributes to her truthful nature.
“People choose who they like,” she said. “I have a really strong fan base. I do think that by being completely honest and straightforward, I did develop a really good relationship with my fans.”
Unlike, say, her now former friend Jill Zarin, who still appears on The Real Housewives of NYC and was a guest on this program not long ago. “Jill and I had a great relationship, it just ended kind of poorly on television,” Frankel said, diplomatically. She’s not interested in trashing Zarin, she claimed, “because nothing good is going to come out of that.”
Other than maybe a successful, long-standing career as the host of a nationally syndicated radio program with a television simulcast?
During the previous iteration of her show, Bethenny Getting Married, Frankel notoriously urinated in a champagne bucket at her wedding, an incident Imus wasted no time addressing with her this morning.
“I was pregnant,” she said, and explained that “when you’re pregnant, you have to pee while you’re peeing.” About to head down the aisle, Frankel opted to go to the bathroom in a bucket rather than on her white dress.
Sensing a kindred spirit, Imus shared that he had once peed in a phone booth, but not because he was pregnant or about to get married. Or, as Frankel learned, because he was making a phone call at the time. “That would be using your time wisely,” she remarked.
So would reading Frankel’s tome A Place of Yes, in which she instructs readers how to get the most out of life by turning “nos” into “yeses,” advice she has followed for much of her professional life.
“Skinnygirl Margarita was an idea that I took to all the major liquor companies in the world—run by men,” she said. “They all said no, and I turned it into a brand.” And not just because, as Imus pointed out, nobody likes a fat drunk.
Now, she told Imus, all those men have either copied her simple recipe of clear tequila, agave nectar and lime, or want to buy it. “I definitely have changed the entire liquor industry, because it has created an entire category for cocktails marketed to women,” she said.
The pearls of wisdom in A Place of Yes speak for themselves: Frankel recently sold Skinnygirl Cocktails to Jim Beam for an undisclosed sum, and demand for her brand and personality are rapidly increasing. She’s made no specific plans for the future, but surmised a talk show could be a nice next step. “I do want my conversation with my fans to be more than 140 characters on Twitter,” she said.
With A Place of Yes already on the New York Times Bestsellers list and everything else thriving, Frankel admitted there was no reason for her appearance with Imus today. “I heard you were fun to talk to,” she quipped, then added, “But what the heck do I need you for?”


11 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel – News, Rumors and Just Plain Gossip: Bethenny Got A New Talk Show?”

  1. Bryan said

    This bitch cant shut her fucking mouth for two seconds to let anyone else talk. she wants to host a talk show, what a joke

  2. Miss Figg said

    I don’t see what the big draw would be for Bethenny to host her own talk show. She’d be another mini Oprah and make it always about her, with her constant interrupting and one liners. And she shouldn’t be one to talk about JZ’s honking voice, her’s isn’t much better. I give up on these media whores. She wants to be alone, with a camera crew, when she wants and is so controlling she can’t even be kind to Jason’s parents. Sick of her and her issues, which I believe are half made up.

  3. Dy said

    I could never see Bethenny as a Talk Show Host, Major Fail. She would never let her guests talk, she would constantly interupt them..Oy!

  4. Bryan said

    @, 2 and 3, Thank you Miss Figg and thank you Dy nicely said, after watching that mess last night I’m really over that fraud

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  7. nevermind said

    She talks about herself all the time. So, that would not be good for a talk show. She does not listen and reflect. She needs a center stage and she needs to crack jokes all the time. She should become an actress or a comedian. Not a talk show. Compassion is against her religion. Self promotion is her religion.

  8. nevermind said

    also…doesn’t she have a baby at home and tons of millions already? Then forget selfpromotion and spend yoru time with the baby. prove in actions that you are a commited mother.

  9. nevermind said

    Right…people work because they have to. Leaving your baby home while you already have so many millions is selfish. Baby is not even one year old. I worked most of my life (still do),,,but when my kids where babies, i did not work and spent all my time with them.
    Why leave you baby to a nurse and talk on tv whne you already flthy rich?
    Not good for baby. Bryn will grow up and tell Bethenny that she was left alone too much. Ice-skating (for fame), business building, traveling…and baby Bryn is not with her mom in the mean time. And we are talking about Bethenny that threw her own mom under the bus for not being there for her.

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