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“The View” Watch – Recap 4/4/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

On Today’s Show: Dennis Quaid, AnnaSophia Robb, Jerry Weintraub, Susie Ekins, Jane Morgan

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara

The first topic of the day was what they all did on their Spring Break. Sherri had on a dress that was made for her by women in Grenada. It was quite fetching. Apparently, she was vacationing there with her fiance. Barb asked where Jeffrey was and Sherri defensively she’s with him24 hours a day and that he was with his father. I’m not sure why Barb even mentioned that. Odd.
Sherri showed pictures of her trip and said she had a nice time.
Hasselbeck ran a marathon and also went to Disney World on her time off. Whoopi said she did stand-up and did really good. Barb spent time with her daughter, Jackie. She mentioned how she was worried about her growing up since she (Barb) worked so much but that Jackie turned out very well.

After break, they discussed the opening night of Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo Tour”. Apparently he was booed in Detroit and some audience members walked out. In Chicago, he did a little better. It’s a 20 city tour and Whoopi wondered if he can substain the tour for that many cities. Sherri mentioned that scalpers are having difficulty unloading tickets to his show. Hasselbeck was saying something about how people buy tickets to his show and doesn’t think it’s right that they demand their money back (?) Sherri said she had initially said she’d go to the show but now just sees it as an opportunity for research and to talk about it on the show . Whoopi thinks Sheen will get better the more shows he does.

Next topic was Meatloaf’s meltdown on Celebrity Apprentice last night. Barb said the interesting thing is Meatloaf did not get fired and that bad behavior is not punished.She talked about Richard Hatch being bounced because he did not have as many rich friends to sell his wares to like the other contestants. Joy thinks Meatloaf is bipolar, saying his behavior was her and then here.

They then discussed Chris Brown’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars last week. She said people wrote saying they did not want him on the show but his performance speaks for itself. She also mentioned it was one of the highest rated shows of the season.

Jerry Weitraub and his wife and girlfriend will all be appearing on the show today. His wife said everytime Jerry strayed, she got 1 million dollars. She also said she does not want to get divorce. Hasselbeck said this works for someone who is frugal and does not want to pay every time he strays. (huh?) Sherri asked what has gotten into her. I wondered the same, as I remember her going apocolyptic every time Bill Clinton was mentioned. Joy joked that she would put him on and collect the money every time he cheated. Whoopi saw it as a good compromise since many women don’t want their guy with a hooker. She’s also welcome him back into her bed as long as he wore a condom when straying.

The first guests to appear were Dennis Quaid and AnnaSophia Robb . Both star in the movie Soul Surfer, which is film about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack when she was 13 years old. AnnaSophia Robb stars as Hamilton, and Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt star as Hamilton’s parents. (Source: Wiki) Dennis talked about the timing of the film and seeing Bethany Hamilton being interviewed on the Today show. He said it hit him hearing her story and several days later being offered the role. AnnaSophia said she learned a lot from being around Bethany and said she took inspiration from her “looking forward” attitude. She said she watched Bethanyt surf and was really “stoked” seeing her.
Dennis was asked about his twins being given the wrong medication at the hospital and almost dying. He said they are doing fine now and that they were very lucky. He said the movie is about how life’s barriers and how Bethany took that barrier and turned into a bump in the road of her life.

Jerry Weintraub appeared next. Jerry is film producer and former chairman and CEO of United Artists. He was acompanied by his wife Jane Morgan and his girlfriend, Susie Ekins, with whom he resides. Susie said she did not seek marriage because she did not want to break the relationship Jerry and Jane have. Jerry said Jane and him are as close today as they were when they married. He also said he went to Jane and told her hwas in love with someone else and she said it is OK with her. Jane said she wanted him to be happy. She said there is no jealousy involved in the relationship and that’s why it works.
Jerry then told the story about the million dollar threat, relaying how Jane caught him in bed with another woman. It was an odd poine tless and uncomfortable interview and I think missed the point of his appearance in the first place, whtch was to plug the HBO documentary “It’s All Him“.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


5 Responses to ““The View” Watch – Recap 4/4/2011”

  1. Bryan said

    Sherri ( the world is flat ) Shepard has bosom of a old woman. I am surprised she has fallen on her ass she so top heavy, and its not pretty. and it looks like sometimes she is wearing some kind of push up foundation and when she is her boobs enter the stage several minutes before the rest of her does. Today she looked nice. for a change

  2. Bryan.. what gets me is that she thinks being so top heavy is her greatest asset! To large and not incharge..

    I loved the interview with Dennis Quaid and AnnaSophia in regards to the real life story of Bethany Hamilton depicted in the movie Soul Surfer. That girl is really inspirational and she truly amazes me.

  3. Bryan said

    @2 IJS, if thats her greatest assest, I feel bad for the fool who suppose to marry that mess. I didn’t see the rest of the show I usually just watch hot topics, Mr Weintraub was on Chelsea Lately the other night and they are good friends so I saw enough I didnt need to see the wife and side chickie

  4. Bryan.. if Sherry had a boob reduction.. she would lost 50 pounds.. fer realz..

    Bryan that whole Weintraub thing blew my mind! Its gotta be all bout the benjimens!! Why else would someone put up with this?

  5. Bryan said

    @4 IJS, she wouldn’t look someone from Russ Myers film., as for the Weintraub yeah its got to be for the money

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