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Tonight! Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview – Dance Practice & Birthday Meltdown

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 4, 2011


This week we have the dreaded episode of the “Bethenny Ever After” episode ‘Fleeing from 40’ and I think this is going to be hard to watch.  I have seen kids who have terrible anticipation and anxiety with their own birthdays but not really seen an adult who behaves like this.  Thank goodness Bethenny has someone like Jason to ground her at moments like this and I don’t think Jason will ever forget to NOT celebrate her  birthday in the future.  Dang, I like getting gifts so I am all for it! 

Additionally I am turning 40 + many years 😉 and Mr Man is asking me what I want for my birthday.  I do not want a party because truly, I can’t bring myself to plan my own party which I think is self-indulgent but when people plan a party or a surprise, I always had the greatest time and appreciated that people care enough and relish in the ‘my day’ celebration.   Since Mr Man has never planned anything in his life except for travel, I don’t think a party would be happening and I don’t see Mr. Man hiring a Shawn Rabideau either. 

Mr. Man asked me if I would like the new IPad or jewelry.  I truly can’t decide.  I want the diamond earrings but I am really leaning towards the new IPad and wonder if the IPad is a good fit for me.   

How does a girl choose?

I could live and die for diamonds and I think they look good on me.. or rather.. I do diamonds good!!  😉

You cant make me hate gems.  I am a girl all round and am superficial bout the jewelery.  You cant take it with you but you certainly can will all to you fabulous daughter and I think she has my demise planned.  😉

Bethenny Frankel tries to get her dance steps perfect and realizes it’s a bit more intense than she anticipated.  I give her credit, you couldn’t pay me enough money to put skates on again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




In this next preview, we get an earful of Bethenny’s meltdown.  I actually cringed while watching this for all the embarrassment on both their ends.                                                

Vodpod videos no longer available.

                                         Bethenny Ever After Preview – Birthday Breakdown, posted with vodpod


In this final preview, which Bravo calls an “Exclusive Video” which really I interpret as edited out footage, Shawn Rabideau welcomes Max Meisel as his new assistant.  Who new?

Vodpod videos no longer available.
                                        Bethenny Ever After Preview – Shawn’s New Assis…, posted with vodpod


40 Responses to “Tonight! Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview – Dance Practice & Birthday Meltdown”

  1. Its plain to see Bethenny has “Issues” with her Birthdays. U know Ima Bethenny Lovin Woman, & can totally understand her Angst for a Celebration of Something (Bday) she Never had. I’ve “Personally” known many adults who had same issues & felt same Angst. Is hard to see, but have Never “Personally” walked in her Stilletos. I’m believing she’s made Major growth since that time, if not..All Bday celebrations will be saved for Shweet baby Bryn, and Hunky hubby Jason. 🙂 Btw: I’d go for the Ipad. *You can STILL get them Diamonds, If u have long hard talk with, Mr Man.* 😉 Hey, I’m Just Sayin!!

  2. Neenee.. your write.. I totally blocked our my ex who has issues with his birthday. We always celebrated this kids big time and now that we are divorced, the kids cant even reach him on his birthday just for a good mention! Totally forgot and thinks its nutz.. but yes.. some peeps have serious issues with their birthday for expectations that were never met. shmooches woman

  3. neenee.. put your link here for your Bethenny meeting!!

  4. Check out NeeNee blog for her encounter with Bethenny’s show..

  5. twunty said

    Get the joorey. Always get the joorey. Later on, talk him into getting you the iPad for work. That way you get both, YAY!

  6. Twunty you make a good argument. Truth be told if I asked for any kind of electronic I would get it STAT! The Mr is electronic worthy since he cant help himself since he is a geek of all things electronic.. YOUR A GENIUS!!

  7. Dy said

    Queen B. Why,Why,Why agree to a party, approve the site, approve a guest list, etc..When you have issues with your B’Day?? But you have let everyone and their mother know that your B’Day is coming..Wt….?
    Bethenny should never ever make fun out of anyone with issues, or breaking down, calling them crazy etc., because she has more I swear than anyone eles.
    Is this Therapist helping her? She seems like she has gotten worse..Last week when she referred to her father as an f…… asshole,and her mother as f…… crazy..Sorry that is too much.

    IJS..Get the earrings..Mr Man, will get you the Ipad, soon enough, you know he gets you wahtever you want 😉

  8. Bryan said

    You know, compared to the wrecks of OC, this one can cry a little bit if she wants, just make sure your serving good cake.

  9. Mikki12 said

    IJS: Get the earrings. Don’t you know that diamonds are forever, iPads aren’t.

    P.S. Earrings are a more personal gift and just feel right for a birthday. Get the iPad for Christmas.

  10. Dy said

    @8 Bryan

    Yea, you know QueenB Loves,loves loves her cake..Trouble is she needs to eat it, not just “taste it”..

  11. Bryan said

    That whole tasting thing is ridiculous and sure sign of some kind of eating disorder, she’s looking bad, too fucking skinny, why do I keep thinking of the saying “everything that is happening now, has happend before and will happen again” when I see Temple B. I feel like she is going to do or have the same kind of relationship or something close to it with Bryn, like she had with her mom. The one factor to keep that from happening is Jason and his family, they can hopefully keep that little girl sane as she grows ups. Or maybe just maybe, Temple B will have some kind of light bulb moment and say, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and turn it all around and start to eat….among other things

  12. Bryan said

    The I pad, what a waste of money as are most apple products especially their computers, can you say SUCK!!!!

  13. Dy said

    @11 Bryan

    I agree..

  14. Bryan said

    There is a story on crack-tea with some comments from Temple B’s Mom. I am beginning to wonder just how BAD her childhood was growing up and how alot of was due to her own behavior and choices not because she was acting out against some horrible mom.or the dad or step dad. If her life was not the mess that it was that would blow her whole “Story of woe” out of the water.

    there are always two sides.

  15. Dy said

    @14 Bryan

    Yikes, I just read that article. Me, I think the apple hasn’t fallin too far from the tree, Bethenny/ Bernadette.
    Also, I think Bethenny has spoken out of both sides of her mouth..First all we have ever heard from her is how awful her childhood was, now she is saying it wasn’t that bad? Wt…. I’m tellin ya, she is all over the place.

  16. Bryan said

    @15 Dy, that exactly what I am talking about, there are always two sides and then there is the truth, but then the truth might not sell books and fake booze

  17. Dy said

    @16 Bryan

    Yes, Bryan you are right. 2 sides to every story.

    Me,I always thought it was terrible of Bethenny to speak about her parents the way she always has, so not necesary in my opinion. Mama Bernie saying Bethenny is demented, Wow not good either. But I’ll tell ya, it sounds like something Bethenny would say..

  18. Bryan said

    @17 Dy, obviously they are cut from the same cloth which is probably why they don’t get along

  19. Dy said

    @18 Bryan


    I just hope that Bethenny is the perfect mother, because “all this” just might come back to bite her straight in her ass.

  20. Dy said

    Holy Cannoli

    That was a rough episode.

  21. Bryan said

    Good lord this was just ridiculous, the whole thing, but the worst was when Alex came galloping in looking like a time square prostitute, or a horse dressed as a time square prostitute, and then Ramoner,someone needs to throw her out the window!

  22. Bryan said

    Okay no matter what she said, bitch is upset that she hit 40, to her it means old, its not the new 30, some can’t deal with it, and then you Ramoner going on about “Raw Love”, raw meat you sad old twat!!! why did they even bother throwing this twit a party, oh god that lunatic Ramoner just said Turtle Time, I hate that fucking shit

  23. Thunderdragon said

    To all the sweat pant wearing, couch surfing pseudo psychologists and mud slinging sycophants: Some of you making these cold comments are a lot like Bethenny’s well intended husband who grew up enjoying the unconditional love, emotional and financial support of one, if not both of your parents. A privilege you’ve probably taken for granted….. Until you know or GROW enough to empathically embrace what it’s like to have the opposite experience,**Deleted**… Until you can get your head and your heart around what it is like to NOT have the nurturing loving support of your parents, to NOT have an extended family to reach out to then you have no right to judge. The fact that you can and do so with such little humanity says more about your personal short comings as a human being. **Deleted**

    From IMA: No personal attacks on other posters. Debate all you want and suggest for you not take other comments so personally, your forehead vein would not buldge then. Please read forum rules.

  24. Bryan said

    @23 did we touch a raw nerve toots, awwwww well you came to the wrong place they one thing we do NOT do is shut the fuck up so just get used to it, or go back to crack-tea or the bravo home page.

  25. Dy said

    Thank you Ijs@23

    Next week they show Julie reading something to Bethenny about her Mother not shutting her mouth about Bethenny..Wow, don’t get that, Mama Bernie has only said a few things in defense of herself that I’m aware of. Bethenny has been trashing her parents for years..SMH.

    • Your Welcome Dy.. I saw that preview for next week and a new report this week that her mom called her demented. Its clear bethenny and her mom didnt talk already for years even before she appeared on Martha’s Stewarts apprentice.. so things where stranged for reasons we can only read about.

  26. Bryan said

    @25 Dy, I think its gotten to the point that she sees it as some kind of benefit to be angry at them or her. I mean why?? I would think for the sake of the kid and the sake of your own peace of mind you would want to stop all of this. Its kind of ridiculous now.

    Yes thank you IJS

  27. Dy said

    @26 Bryan

    I couldn’t agree with you more..

  28. Bryan said

    @27 There is an interesting comment posted on Crack-Tea from someone who posted some info about her and some of her claims, its right now the last comment. One this was her father gave her away at her first wedding? I wonder if he meant the frankel father or the step?

  29. Dy said


    I just came from there and saw that post..It was really good. I’m pretty sure this person means her father, not step father.

  30. Bryan said

    @29 Dy, Thats what I thought too but I wasn’t sure, It takes two, I think her drive to be a fame-ho has made create a more colorful and appealing to the viewers background one of “poor little rich urchin”

  31. Dy said

    @30 Bryan

    You could be right.

  32. Dy said

    @ Bryan

    I’m just not a fan of ANYONE trashing family,( especially on tv and to the press) just not necessary. It’s cruel and mean,and says alot more of the person that is doing it, than not.

  33. Bryan said

    I think her act is going to wain really fast, there is only so much manic mania one can take

  34. Dy said

    @33 Bryan

    I agree..It’s just getting to be too much

  35. Bryan said

    It takes two IJS, Bethnney is just to blame and if she isn’t careful Bryn is going to give her the same treatment, in fact if she doesn’t try set things right with her mom before the woman passes, It’s bound to happen

  36. Dy said


    I know Ijs, Bryan and I were discussing it.

    This is only the second time that I’m aware of Mama Bernie saying anything regarding her daughter, not that I think it is right, but given what Bethenny has said about her Mother and her Father for years,I’m not surprised that Mama is opening her mouth.

    @36 Bryan..I agree.

  37. Rosie said

    Hi guys
    That episode on Mon was so uncomfortable to watch. I did feel bad for Jason.

  38. Dy said

    @38..Hi Rosie

    It was rough, huh Rosie..Geeze.

  39. Heya Ima.. (Sleepless Night..sigh) checking out ur Blog, Was reading over some older post & Low & behold I see your comment/Reply to me on this one. I missed.. *bumfuzzled am I* (I know was long time ago 04-04-11–i thinks) anywho, here’s nudda post fer ya 🙂
    *My Night Out with Bethenny Frankel* (On:03-11-11) Had meself a Great time 😀
    Btw: Appreciate the link u posted 4me 😀 …U da best.. Shmoochies xo

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