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Real Housewives of OC Vicky Gunvelson Having a Mid Life Crisis

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 3, 2011


The Real Housewives of Orange County paid a visit to ‘Us Weekly in NYC, where Vicki  Gunvalson, 49, admitted to Us, “I’m going through a midlife crisis.”  She goes on to say the following:

The evidence? “I’ve got a convertible, a belly button ring, and I’m getting a divorce!” (Gunvalson and hubby Donn filed for divorce last year after 16 years of marriage.)

Wasn’t it last week where Vicki and Tamra went to Cabo and Vicki acted shocked for Tamra allowing a woman to do a body shot on Tamra claiming she is a mother of 4 and in her talking head interviews still acted as if she was still shocked at Tamra’s behavior? 

Below is a video of Vicki at Bravo’s recent upfront and if that cleavage does not scream ‘mid life crisis’ then I don’t know what does.  Truly, I say if you got it! – flaunt it.  But Vicki’s age is showing in her cleavage and could have used a bit of tape to lift and not separate any further, but push together?   Sorry people, but that’s some wonky cleavage and I think since Vicki is all for plastic surgery, maybe she should have the procedure “De-wonk Cleavage” .

Hey!!  I’m Just Saying!


15 Responses to “Real Housewives of OC Vicky Gunvelson Having a Mid Life Crisis”

  1. Bryan said

    Look at this sad old whore, good lord, she needs to go visit Strega’s boob doctor, OC has turned into a festival of skank.

  2. @tweatcyn said

    her saggy boobs are the least of her problems. it’s that ugly face and personality that really need work.

  3. Bryan said

    @2 TweatCyn,the personality needs work the most she’s just a wreck

  4. Dy said

    Vicki, Vicki, Vicki..The J-lo dress is not working, No,No,No!

    Peggy did ya think you were working at the Strip Club that night

    Gerty stop with the Pagent Looks. ridicules

    Alexass.. ugly necklace and your dress is too short

    TamTam..glad you dress covered you boobs.

  5. Seriously.. don’t peep look in the mirror? I actually like Alexa’s necklace but its paired with the wrong dress.

    Peggy looks messy to me.. sort of like an old stripper with the leopard print metallic dress. Just cause its metalic.. its still strippernonriffic.

  6. Bryan said

    They all look like they were out on the town celebrating a reunion of ex bunny ranch employees

  7. Rosie said

    Where is “taste” these days? I think most of these women use stylists, but they must be pretty low-rent.
    Countess Lulu needs to give style seminars to all HWs, she’s got the best taste.

  8. Dy said


    I couldn’t agree with you more..Lulu knows how to dress,and could teach them all a thing or two,although I have to say Camile ALWAYS looks good too, in my opinion.

  9. Rosie said

    Hi Dy..
    You’re right. I forgot about Camille. She does always look good, too.

  10. Bryan said

    Okay Please Eddie, bitch is homo!!!, please!!! stop this nonsense!

  11. Dy said

    What is so hot about Eddie, he looks dirty.

    AlexAss..TamTam was busting chomps about the mace, Holy Cannoli, get a sense of humor.

  12. Bryan said

    Alex is a idiot, she needs to grow up

  13. Dy said

    @ 12..I know she has some pretty “jelly” comments going on.
    Sorry her Spa Party was not all that,and didn’t seem all that high end, as she thought it was..Believe me, I have been to better.

  14. Bryan said

    Alex is an idiot, her whole deal about OC and fake boobs and botox is full of crap, this is the typical mentality of idiots who come here from other states with all these preconcieved ideas from soap opera’s

  15. humbruh said

    Can you say SQUARE TITS?

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