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Real Housewives of OC – Preview: Tamra Naked with A Lesbian

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 3, 2011


Tonight we are introduced to a possible new OC Housewife Fernanda Rocha where she is posing with Tamra Barney for a ‘No-H8’ photo shoot.   Fernando does have a bio at Bravo but I am wondering how Bravo decides to retain housewives for the next season.  What the hell am I saying, they have to do or say something outlandish so we should just wait!

So far for me, Peggy Tanous is not very interesting and she is a mirror copy to Alexis and I can only handle one Alexis.  I actually find Peggy’s husband more interesting than Peggy herself.  I like watching him react to Peggy’s freak out moments where you can visually watch him trying to channel calm to the scene.

Fernanda Rocha is a 34-year old,  Brazilian lesbian fitness instructor. Fernanda and  Tamra are pals and they love to flirt… well, with each other. The pair model topless for a charity fundraiser poster, and their behavior spreads rumors and speculation in the O.C. circle.

Eventually, Fernanda gets to know the other girls and decides to go with Gretchen, Alexis and Peggy on a girl trip to San Antonio. The move helps her develop strong friendships with the gals beyond her tie to Tamra.  (video below)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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49 Responses to “Real Housewives of OC – Preview: Tamra Naked with A Lesbian”

  1. Bryan said

    I think INS needs to be called and the roach needs to be deported

  2. carrot said


    It’s kinda a mystery to me how Bravo picks out the housewives– Kim G on NJ was outlandish as hell and practically begged to be a housewives, but failed. Bravo’s been kinda cockblocking Fernanda’s life, so it appears they are still on the fence about her. To me, even at this point, she seems 20x more interesting than Peggy.

  3. Dy said

    Peggy, Fernanda..Meh.. I don’t think anything about them yet, they don’t really bother me..Yet!
    Tamra doesn’t bother me, sorry she doesn’t.

    The scene they are showing with Gerty ‘stealing’ a dreass from her Mom’s closet, looks cute.

    The season so far..Blahhhhhh. But then again OC has never been a favorite of mine. Bring on Ny. and Jersey, Then BH.. Lol.

  4. Rosie said

    Hi Bryan, Carrot & Dy..
    The OC season, has been boring, so far, but its better than Miami. That show was the worst of the HWs to me. I’m so happy NY is coming. The Miami live reunion should be an interesting swan song..

  5. Dy said

    Hi Rosie

    Miami was ok to me, it took me a minute but then I kinda got into it..Loved Mama Elsa.. But I’ll tell ya, if they don’t bring it back, it won’t bother me at all. lol

  6. Bryan said

    Afternoon all, Over Crack-Tea there is a story that Barnyard no longer regrets her bathtub scene and says ” I am a free spirit” or some kind of ridiculous bullshit, bitch, your a slut , just own, work it, She says she isn’t afraid of what her girls will think because they wont see it……

    I’m sorry but if you have kids reguardless of their age, get your shit under control, they should be your first and formost concern, not your pleasure centers….Idiots, IDIOTS!!!!

  7. Bryan said

    @5 Dy, I loved Elsa and Marysol, I say ditch the rest of those fifi’s and do a show, something like “Bruja Knows Best” with just Elsa and Marysol, kind of like a Miami BEA.

  8. carrot said

    Good evening my beautifuls,

    I don’t care for OC this season either, and all the blond is KILLING me. Doesn’t it seem like no one likes each other on that show? Bravo should think about scrapping most of the cast for next season.

    I enjoyed Miami more than I have OC. But I know what you’re saying, Bravo created a train wreck and should have had some quality control. I love food and dinner parties, but if I never see another televised gourmet meal again it’ll be too damn soon.

    Loooooove the idea about Elsa and Marysol.

  9. Dy said

    Hi Everyone! 🙂

    @6..Yea, I saw that Bryan..You know how I feel..I’m not gonna beat her up for doing that, when I have seen others on the Housewives series do the same ie; Lisa,and Laurie..She/they have got to explain to their kids at some time or another not me.

    @5..Carrot..I can’t really get into it..I love the scenery that they show ( the ocean etc) I love seeing theri homes and how they have decorated them.Ilove seeing what they are wearing..But that is about it, so far..
    I’m over Tam Tam, and her free bitch blah..I’m over Gerty talking about Tam Tam and blaming her for all her ass aches in life..Ugh!

  10. Dani said

    Hi everyone.

    Carrot, you raise a good point in regards to these ladies not liking each other. As a woman, I am wondering where is the female bonding? I have close girlfriends who would be and have been there for me in a time of need and visa versa. Why do we not see this type of bonding with most of these ladies? Makes us women in general appear catty and bitchy for the most part. Sigh.

    I too loved watching Elsa and Marysol on Miami. I wish they could get their own show. Their relationship was the most interesting part of Miami for me. They have a good mother and daughter duo going there. The mother daughter thing is what I always liked most about Kathy G.’s show too. Maggie’s reaction to Kathy always made me laugh. Well that and her affection for boxed wine. I think Elsa likes her wine too.

  11. Bryan said

    @9, Dy, sure its up to them to explain to their kids, but I’m still going to feel bad for them and these two are the worst, they need to go!! or better yet, give them their own show to showcase their new found whore-ness, they can call it “the Secret adventures of OC Cougars”, better yet have it on some pay cable channel then both of them can run around naked film all their sex acts and their crusing clubs looking for 20 something horny men.

  12. Dy said

    @11 Bryan..LOL

    Sure I feel bad for their kids. She/They have got explaining to do, and I’m sure they will do it.
    I guess I don’t get too wrapped up in what these goofy women do..I will call out the shit they have done, and snark about all of them and their ridicules behavior but I’m over it, nothing I can do about it. I hate none of these ladies from any of these shows, they entertain the hell of of me.

  13. Bryan said

    @12 barnyard said her kids are all in therapy, ( the little ones) and the four year is taking it the hardest, but now it doesn’t matter, man let Simon, get them and keep them away from her, he is no prize but he is out there, waving his cock in front of a camera, the oldest one, well shit, that bitch is not better, Isn’t he still in jail?

  14. Dy said

    @13..Oh No Bryan, I don’t agree, I’m sorry.
    She has done nothing to have her kids taken from her.
    I don’t know about Ryan, I know he got in trouble for traffic tickets/ violations.

  15. Bryan said

    @14 he’s been or still in Jail

  16. Ok.. I dont know if any of you guys noticed.. but remember back when when I said I was protesting the RHOM and one of my few requests where to get rid of the freakin black box to the left of the video?? LO and Behold.. its GONE!!!! Thank you Bravo!!!

  17. Bryan said

    Wait, what black box, what was that again?

  18. Dy said

    @17..Bryan..You took the words right out of my mouth,I have no idea what Ijs is talking about.:/

  19. Rosie said

    Lol. I’m with you guys.. Huh? IJS

    I like Marysol and Elsa too. They made Miami watchable..
    But I disliked all of the other Miami women, from the beginning, and they just got worse.

  20. Bryan said

    I Fast forwarded thru that poser photo shoot, I’m pissed off enough about it.

  21. Dy said

    It was an ok episode, nothing special :/

  22. Bryan said

    Why the FUCK is Neigh Neigh on Rumpus Room live again, between that gassy bitch and Skeletor Hoppy Frankel, those two clowns are always haunting that show.

  23. Dy said

    @22..I know, I don’t get why she was on..

  24. Bryan said

    @23 I twatted princess cohen and told her to lay off the “bloop” it’s stupid

  25. Dy said

    @24..LMAO..Whats with the sideway glances,and chair dancing and trying to look sexy? Wtf..NeNe , you are not sexy, Dear Lord No, No No!

  26. Bryan said

    @24 Bitch does that all the time she is on, she is not the coquette she thinks she is, You know she is holding those giant ass cheeks together to keep that doodie bubble in, once she is out of there she’s gonna let it rip, probably in the limo, poor driver may run off the road.

  27. Dy said

    @26 Tinsel..It’s her hair, but she wears extentions when it real full.

    @27 Bryan your killin me..Lmao

  28. Bryan said

    I want someone to just smack that texas twit, she is working my last nerve!

  29. Bryan said

    Princess Cohen twatted back to me with a series a bloops

  30. Dy said

    @29..If your talking about Gerty..Completely agree. Between her obnoxious laugh, and P-Shaw thing she has going on, well it’s not cute, she is ridicules.

    @30..Oh thats funny!

  31. Bryan said

    My friend who did that NOH8 thing also knows barnyard, and twatted to her about her dildo comment, I twatted them both but most to him, “You know bitch has a strap on, and Eddie has no choice but to take it”

  32. Dy said

    @32 Tinsel..If your talking about when Gerty and her asst. were at her mothers home getting that dress, yes, that is all her hair..She does have nice hair, her mother has nice hair too. I always liked Gertys hair, except when she goes all Pagent looking, it looks stupid.

  33. Dy said

    @35 Tinsel

    She has very nice hair, very healthy. Love the color, high and low lites.

  34. Dy said

    Did you all think it was kinda weird for Gerty to use her diamonds( from her wedding ring) from her first marriage in a ring for her Mother to be given to by her Father?
    Is her father broke or something? That just strikes me as strange. :/

  35. Dy said

    @37..I don’t know Tinsel, but NeNe has Stars number.

  36. Dy said

    Another thing Mr Latin Lover should not be telling TamTam to get rid of/ throw out stuff from her marriage to Simon. She has 2 girls that might want to wear her wedding dress someday, also wedding albums and such, kids like to look at. She will get rid of other things in her own time.Edward needs to back off, it was good that he left when he did.

  37. Dy said

    Geeze Vicki..Never home cause your kids aren’t around anymore..What about your husband?? I felt bad for Donn tonight, her son Michael felt bad for him too. Those 2 are clearly not happy, seems like it really was time to end things, sad. 😦

  38. Bryan said

    Dy, Why the beard is even talking about moving in together is ridiculous, please, and Gerty and her diamonds, she’s a nitwit, nothing suprises me, yes NeNe does have Star’s number, I want to see Neigh pick up star and toss her out a window

  39. Bryan said

    @41 Dy, yeah, what about your husband you big skank, Donn is probably happy to be rid of this mess, Now Deputy Dog can run around pull her skirt up and have various men write on no no and she can woo hoo till the hookers come home

  40. carrot said


    Hey Dani. I think you make the point even clearer, or at least the issue at hand. Although we call it “trash” TV that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna see something productive going on, like -some- women getting along and not backstabbing each other.
    ATL has… well, I always think of Sheree and Lawrence when I think of (true) friendships on that show, but Kandy and Kim to lesser extent. BH has Lisa and Kyle, Adrienne and Lisa, Taylor and Kyle (yikes!). On NY everyone TRIES to get along considering they are forced to work together. Other shows etc..
    OC is one of the worst at showcasing friendships and I think it’s sad. There is absolutely no counterbalance to the drama and tends to put forth a stereotype that women can’t get along with anyone.

  41. LWoo said

    Okay, so I caught a little bit of OC the other day, and I like Fernanda. (Am I the only one?) She seems down-to-earth and, if I were a lesbian, I’d go for her! She’s hot!

    Gretchen? Okay, she’s a bitch. I saw the episode where she invited everyone to a little party and Gretchen was being a bitch to her. If Tamra wants to try to move forward with everyone, then I don’t see a problem with that. I think Simon DID make Tamra a miserable bitch! I can see how that can happen…

    Alexis? Oh-Em-Gee. Could this girl BE more of a Jesus Barbie?!?!? Who the hell is she to try to judge anyone?!

    And telling Peggy that her child potty-trained in 2 weeks?!? Really?! Why is she competing with Peggy? And I do have to say that Peggy’s daughter DOES speak better than Alexis’. Why have children when you’re just going to have nannies watch them? Alexis didn’t even have a handle on her kids when she was alone with them. That’s kinda sad.

  42. Oy Vey said

    Hi All! Hope everyone is doing well!

    This season is kind of boring so far. Gretchen is just on my last nerve. STFU already, we get it, you and Tamra don’t like each other, woopie do! Vicki, I can’t even get into all her issues. If going to a party at 6pm is in the middle of her work day, she needs new work hours. I think she was sooooo verry verry happy with Don, becuase Tam Tam’s marriage to Simon was going down the drain, and she needed to feel superior. And in Cabo with all the ear covering, what is she 12 talking to her mom about sex? Now that her “bff” (with a contract, really?) is single and having fun, Vicki is looking at the other side of the fence. She really needs help, and it’s sad, the kids agree with Don and feel bad for him. I like him. Tamra, she has no clue. That Eddie is just creepy! There is something weird about his face that bugs me. My daughter is even having trouble watching him. She thinks Tamra needs her eyes checked if she thinks he’s soooo sexy. EEEEWWWWW! I’m just going to ignore “Lexie”, I think it will be eaiser. Peggy was prettier before all her plastic surgery. But I’m still out on her and the other one!
    Oh, if my husband gave me a diamond ring with the cast off stones from my daughters first wedding ring, I’m not sure we’d be seeing year 41 together as a couple. That is just strange and maybe bad luck? Is he that cheap? Just how bizare!

  43. G-sus said

    I would think it would be bad juju to give your mom diamonds from a failed marriage. She would have been better off trading them in and starting with new diamonds. And Gretchen’s donkey laugh has got to go.
    While I am glad that Tamra’s kids are in therapy, it disturbs me that she doesn’t realize that 100% of her focus should be on them, and not her. Dating is one thing, but acting like a hussy on national television is a whole other story. Her kids will be affected by all of this, either now or later on. I’m not sure how old her kids are, but I would bet money that they have already heard stories.
    No surprise that Vicki likes Peggy, she followed Vicki’s pecking order and started ass-kissing straight away. And Tamra is no doubt gonna love her just to spite Gretchen and Alexis.

  44. Bryan said

    @47 G-sus, I have come to a conclusion that with this group of “housewives” most of them haven’t got the sense that god gave a goose.

  45. Chit.. just reread my comment and I didnt splain it properly.. before a few days ago, all Bravo videos can only be embedded with the stupid black box to the left of the video pane. I stated in my protest blog that I wanted Bravo to fix that problem.. now they did!! Just in time for the RHoM to end as well. lol..

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