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Bill O’Reilly Scoffs At Donald Trump’s Birther Claims

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 3, 2011


I find it rather odd that even Bill O’Reilly found Donald Trump’s claims on Barack Obama birth certificate validity ridiculous while Trump was a guest on  “The O’Reilly Factor” last week.

Trump has been causing outrage in many corners—from “The View,” where he set Whoopi Goldberg off, to CNN, where anchor Carol Costello called him a “joke”—due to his recent spate of declarations casting doubt on Obama’s American birth.  It even inspired me to write this post. 

  A recap pointed out this dialogue which is what I also pointed out in my post.  Trump finally says what he  truly thinks about Obama’s failure to disclose the birth certificate that he thinks Obama is hiding that he was born with the appointed choice of religion, Muslim.  Really Trump?  So what if the birth certificate did or didn’t?  Maybe his mother at the time of her son’s birth wanted to honor the father by attaching the religion at birth?  The fact of the matter is that Obama practices Christianity and his ties with Christian churches go way back before he decided to run for presidency.  We have even seen reports of the controversial pastor from his previous congregation.  I can’t believe religion would be so controversial when we are supposed to be ruling with the mindset of separation of church and state.  I guess it’s the same old idea to discredit a person’s character by using issues that pander to the ignorant instead of challenging his policies which may pander to the people who have the ability to think for themselves.  (video below).  Hell, even Glenn Beck this week says Donald Trump “makes him uncomfortable” on this issue and that coming from Glenn Beck is priceless! 

O’Reilly said his show had looked into the claims about Obama’s birth certificate. Once they found the two Honolulu newspapers which announced his birth, he said he “put [the issue] to bed,” since “that is impossible to make happen” if Obama was not born in a Honolulu hospital. O’Reilly labeled Obama’s mother a “hippie,” and scoffed at the notion that there was a “sophisticated conspiracy” to smuggle Obama into the U.S. and forge his identity.

“What is he, baby Jesus?” he joked. Trump said that he remained convinced that there was something fishy going on. “People have birth certificates,” he said. “He doesn’t have one.” He then repeated the speculation that had so angered Whoopi Goldberg—that something on the birth certificate must be so radioactive that Obama is covering it up. “Maybe it says he’s a Muslim, I don’t know,” Trump said. “…If he wasn’t born in this country, it’s one of the great scams of this time.”

O’Reilly finally said he didn’t believe that Trump was serious in his skepticism. “It’s provocative, I think it gets a lot of attention, but I don’t think you believe it,” he said.

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7 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Scoffs At Donald Trump’s Birther Claims”

  1. Bryan said

    Trump and Palin should run on the same ticket

  2. Rosie said

    Lord I’m so tired of people doubting Obama is a citizen and a Christian. He’s both. Get over it. We have so many real problems to worry about in this country. It amazes me what people waste their time on..

  3. Dy said

    @2..Totally agree Rosie..Holy Cannoli wasn’t this beat to death during the election, enough already

  4. […] Bill O’Reilly Scoffs At Donald Trump’s Birther Claims […]

  5. Bry – that would be a hysterical ticket!!!

    This subject is so totally beatin to death. move on peeps!! wrangle the real issuesz!!

  6. You have come too far to accept to the demands of the democratic fringe!

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