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Real Housewives of New York – Season 4 Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 1, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City is ready to premiere on April 7th next Thursday and its been long-awaited. 

Season 4 of Real Housewives of New York City is going to feature a new Housewife Cindy Barshop, the owner of the Completely Bare chain of spas. She is joining the show as a replacement for Bethenny Frankel. This brand new season is going to include LuAnn’s new song, a trip to Morocco and…loads of drama.

After watching the season preview video below, I was expecting a much cooler and calmer season since Jill Zarin has reportedly stated that this season was “very enjoyable” for her and made it appear that it was not nearly as fueled with drama since Bethenny Frankel has departed to her own spin-off show.  (Bethenny being on her own island per Jill)   Well, the video certainly shows boat loads of drama which includes a ‘thug in a cocktail dress’. 

Alex seems to really step it up this season and is really being confrontational and sticking her fingers in her cast mates faces.  Ramona is just Ramona and I wouldn’t have her any other way but I am sad to see her have an emotional breakdown on the bed alla Kelly style. 

I found it quite funny that Dr. Jill extraordinaire is making it her business to determine that Kelly is perfectly sane and wants the world to know while Kelly makes sand angels.  It amazes me that  Jill watched a different show then we did!  Even thou Jill was not on skeary island at the time, she did see the show right?  Did she speak to the producers who asked Kelly to leave and escorted her to an airport while the producers put security at the remaining cast mates door until Kelly was finally placed in a straight jacket on a plane? 

Well I for one will be eager for next Thursday to come and will have my popcorn, jelly beans and lollipops at hand!

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13 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York – Season 4 Preview”

  1. dy said

    Yay..I can’t wait..I’m really curious about this season..I wanna know about this Cindy chica,and how she will fit in

  2. Bryan said

    Ramona going thru “THE CHANGE”!!!! she’s nuts already, add this to her mix she’s going to need a straight jacket

  3. dy said

    @ 2…Poor Ramona..Oy!!

  4. Bry.. if you dare.. go check out the link in the current Survivor post at the end 😉

  5. cali said

    I can’t stand fake Jill, nor ultra-fake Alex!

  6. […] post: Real Housewives of New York – Season 4 Preview « Tv Time 101 Stop Snoring | Affordable SEO […]

  7. Bryan said

    @4 IJS, okay, saw it, the dude is humbled, what am I missing?

  8. Bryan.. its is truly humbling.. and its makes me skeared and wondering what the hell is he doing posing for nude pics? I truly love survivor.. but now I see Jeff in a new beaming light. Who is this guy? plays all humble as a show host and quite cute and love the dimples.. but wtf?? Is there a dark side to Jeff? Does he have other aspirations we are not aware of? Does he want his junk memorialezed on plaster? I have so many questions.. I need answers!!

  9. Bryan said

    @8 IJS, Who did nude pics?

  10. Bryan.. the last link i posted on the survivor post.. ur killin me.. based on your comment I thought you saw it!?!?!? lmaooo

  11. Bryan said

    I just barely found it, I’ve seen those before on this other site, doesn’t suprise me they were probably something personal someone shared and shouldn’t

  12. Donna S. said

    Last year, I sort of liked Sonja Morgan. Judging from that clip, though, she’s becoming a bit outlandish. What was up with that Marie Antoniette butt-baring costume? Ick. I don’t care if you’re 25 or 50, it’s just nasty. I guess all of these reality TV people change who they are in order to attain their 15 minutes.

  13. Rosie said

    Yay!! NY is coming! We need to have a party here on Thursday.

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