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Casting Call Roundup

Posted by tinselkitty on March 31, 2011

For all you non-Housewives out there, here’s your chance to get on your own reality show. Not that it seems to stop some people from being cast as Housewives, but that’s a whole other story. As always, if one of our readers ever gets a crack at fame, we at TV Time 101 have already laid claim to your soul. First interviews are ours, and you already know about the nekkid pictures clause.

Are Elderly People Draining the System?

I just can’t imagine any way this could backfire on someone and make you appear mean and heartless.

Casting the Real Life Redneck Yacht Club

You will never convince me there would be anyone better to host this show than Vicki.

Casting Young Good Looking People with Rare Items Worth Lots of $$$

If you’re old or ugly, stay home.

Casting Teen Dads

It’s about time the dads got some of the same judgemental action that teen moms get, but I’m betting the editing leans toward the awww-isn’t-he-cute-trying-to-take-care-of-a-baby end of the spectrum.

Casting LA-based Adventurers for the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Shoot, this isn’t going to air. I would totally watch it.

Casting Single Ladies Who Love Their Pets/Refreshing New Dating Show

Hey! First, it says pets in the title but then you read the call and it’s obvious they want the crazy cat ladies. Second, it’s directed towards friends of crazy cat ladies, because we all know the cat ladies are too crazy to see how crazy they are. Yeah, like my cats would call them. As if.

Looking for Affluent Families Who Want to Give Back

Interesting concept, but surprising that they’d ask the family to provide monetary gifts instead of having the production company foot the bill. I suppose it’s a sign of the times, eh?

Looking for Well-Deserving Families Who Have Hit Hard Economic Times and Live in the Tri-State Area

The other side of the show above.




3 Responses to “Casting Call Roundup”

  1. KurlyHairedB said

    Tinsel – find me a reality show that I can get on and you will have all the exclusives that you want.

    My qualifications include: a loving husband with no affairs or hidden secrets. Two wonderful stepsons who actually love and respect me. A family who is loving and supportive and would have my back no matter what with no knife sticking out of my back. wonderful neighbors who look out and care for each other. We only go to parties that we are invited to and when we do go, we bring a nice hostess/host gift. We use our credit cards sparingly and make sure that the balances are paid each month. We have 3 cats who don’t pay attention to anything that I say, but are well fed and taken care of. I get along with my hubs 1st wife because it is the easiest way to co-parent. We are dysfunctional, but in an oddly endearing way.

    Damn, I am boring. Maybe a reality show would perk me up a bit? I bet we wouldn’t get past the pilot episode since the crew would probably fall asleep.

    • Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything out there for ya, KHB. Bravo wouldn’t touch that sort of normality with a 10 foot pole. Unless they can find someone to sneak up on you and sniff your hair. That might do it. 🙂

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    I know, I hate doing laundry. I let it pile up, not as bad as hoarders, but I only start laundry when I’ve run out of unmentionables. I have been known to go to Kohls to get more undergarments instead of doing laundry. Maybe I do need help.

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