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Nene Can’t Be Dating Al Reynolds – She’s Too Busy Wooing Taylor Armstrong

Posted by tinselkitty on March 30, 2011

Well, that and the whole still-not-yet-filed-for-divorce-from-Gregg thing, even though she’s always insinuating that she’s going to. What’s it been, two years now? I’m starting to think she doesn’t really mean it. Could it be that she just went to talk to a big time divorce lawyer…for show? Gasp!

What does seem to be evident, though, is that Nene is sucking up to the California housewives in a big, big way. We’ve seen Nene do lunch with Gretchen at Villa Blanca, Lisa’s restaurant, photobombing Vicki and Bethenny at a Louis Vuitton event, and even going so far as to be seen with SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives under the sea and everyone knows how California peeps love their ocean. We get it, Nene, you don’t want to be in Atlanta no more.

Nene seems to have found herself a West Coast soul mate with Taylor, though. That picture above is their second date! Notice the hand holding, a sure sign of a crush, y’all! Need further evidence that Nene’s enamored? BAM!


That’s right, Taylor know’s her place and it is behind Miss Nene Leakes! Done and done!  Besties forever! Or until Taylor effs up and tries to steal some spotlight action from the Neenster.

Let’s just hope Nene doesn’t get it in her fool head to join Taylor in her Kim bashing.



7 Responses to “Nene Can’t Be Dating Al Reynolds – She’s Too Busy Wooing Taylor Armstrong”

  1. carrot said

    Um. I really hate to mention this– but has anyone thought Bravo might be moving Nene to Beverly Hills?? Maybe testing the waters? The thought crossed my mind last week when I saw Nene, Tay, and Kyle together cuz I knew Nene mentioned wanting to move to LA.

    But y’know, I wouldn’t mind just a GUEST visit from Nene. She comes in, is funny, stirs some shit up, and leaves. This way she doesn’t have time to get too comfy and start screaming at EVERYONE about their audacity to question her authority.

  2. carrot said

    Also good morning darlings!!! 😉

  3. GingerTee said

    Nene mentioned last year that she liked LA better then Atlanta. I lived in the ATL for 10 months and not much goes on. On TV, they make it look as if there is a lot to do but those events are spread out. You go do all of the ATL in a short time. She too has mentioned that there is not a lot to do in the ATL and I can vouch for that, especially if you are used to cities like Chicago, LA or NY.

  4. Bryan said

    Good Morning All.

    If Neigh and Temple Beth Frankel come out here they may not like it, In a town where bullshit is an art-form, no one will put up with their antics for long.

  5. BobLHead said

    Morning ladies & gents!

    Neigh Neigh needs to stay in Atlanta….last thing LA needs is another loud mouthed broad!

  6. Dani said

    Morning all.

    Nene has done such a good job of alienating most of the cast of Atlanta, maybe she is looking for new oportunities. She has been pretty well behaved on CA so far compared to the outbursts she had on Atlanta this year.

  7. dy said

    Idon’t know what opportunites LA has for NeNe and Bethenny, I mean they are both in their 40’s Bethenny just starting and NeNe pretty far in it now)..I would think it would be a little to competitive for these 2..Oh what the hell do I know?? Umm nothing

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