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Random Tweets By A Lunatic, allegedly

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 29, 2011

Kelly Kooky BeenShmokin has some seriously random tweets this week.  She is a Mom,Model,Author,Jewelry Designer, Equestrian, Tastemaker, Reality Star on BRAVO’s The Real Housewives of New York and now a Plumber Extraordinaire.


Not only can I chit on da crappa, I can screw the crappa Bat Chit is as Bat Chit Does


16 Responses to “Random Tweets By A Lunatic, allegedly”

  1. She’s a pot head fo sho!!!

  2. Bryan said

    Hey at least she is doing it herself, can’t fault her for that.

  3. Bryan said

    Speaking of ridiculous, this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, Disney is full of idiots!!!!

  4. Logan K said

    Wahack job!

  5. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @3 Bryan, that makes no sense whatsoever. Why wouldn’t they find an actress of the appropriate age?

  6. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @3 If I were casting that role, I would want Glenda Jackson

  7. G-sus said

    I think the thing I love most about this tweet is that it is like she assumes that no one else knows how to change a toilet seat! Tomorrow she will show us how to change batteries in the remote, can’t wait.

  8. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @7 LOL G-sus! or screw in a lightbulb!

  9. G-sus said

    Yes Jelly, or maybe tomorrow she will enlighten all of us ignoramuses on how to change the roll on the TP holder. Wouldn’t it be great if Kreepy had her own DYI show. What a laugh riot that would be.

    • G-sus, I don’t think she uses TP. I bet she uses those stuffed animals that are everywhere. She’s probably got a big basket of them somewhere in the bathroom within arm’s reach. Oh, no, I just realized – I bet she watches those Charmin bear commercials and then uses the Charmin bears. Well, I suppose they are soft.

  10. Bryan said

    @5PBJ, I have no idea also, why don’t they hire a british actress then someone like kate winslet, not Jennifer Garner, good lord and that squeaky voice.

  11. G-sus said

    TK@ 10 You’re right, Kelly is probably against the abuse of little stuffed bears while she simultaneously uses them to wipe her hiney.

  12. LWoo said

    WTF? Is this her first time doing this?! When I want to change the color in my bathroom, I change the toilet seat! It’s about 3 times a year!

    She needs a straight jacket! Why take a picture of this?!

  13. LWoo said

    Wait….the best part about this photo: you can’t just unscrew/ screw it like she ‘appears’ to be doing. You have to hold the screw underneath so it doesn’t just spin around & around…unless, of course, it’s the square kind. Either way, you know she’s not doing the shit right! lol

  14. Bryan said

    At least she is trying, You know most of these other HW wouldn’t have a clue and she isn’t sticking her head in the toilet or trying to change it with her toes.

  15. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @11 Yes, of course British, but there are some great older British actresses. ( you know I want Glenda Jackson to be cast in the part… hehehe)
    Ms Marple is not a young chickie.

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