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Dancing With The Stars Recap with video’s of performances

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 29, 2011

This season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ could easily turn into the ‘Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley Show,’ since both fan favorites have proved entertaining and fun on the dance floor. But, for me, this week’s main attraction was Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas’ mime jive.

I thought Carrie Ann and Len were a little tough and labeled them too contemporary.  If they didn’t like the theme, they performed very well and certainly Chelsea has talent waiting for her partner to properly choreagraph.

While stars, like Ralph and Kirstie, are surely safe (I hope), it was time for the others to try to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack in order to keep up. While I’m already on board with the obvious fan favorites, I’ve become a new fan of Chelsea who didn’t make a big impression last week.

Kirstie performed well and didn’t seem too phased by her latest drama.  In case you’re not up to date, after her debut performance, comedian/late night talk show host George Lopez compared Alley to a pig, joking “She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show, she went to the market, then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home.” The comment prompted a Twitter war between Alley and Lopez that was, thankfully, resolved over the weekend after Lopez apologized and sent Alley flowers.

Other surprisingly notable dances included Chris Jericho’s “bright and breezy” quickstep and Romeo’s ‘Grease’-themed performance that Len called “the best of the night.”

Still struggling, though, were Wendy Williams, Sugar Ray Leonard and “Psycho” Mike Catherwood, who each garnered a combined score of 17. Of the three, Len predicted Sugar Ray was in the most trouble, mainly because he showed the least improvement.  I think Mike showed alot of personality and heart this performance.. I would like to see him stay and see if he improves more.


  • Kirstie and Ralph, they both faltered a bit in the eyes of the judges this week. Len, in particular, seemed especially harsh. But with a 20 and a 21, respectively, they still go into the first elimination at the top of the cumulatively-ranked pack — along with Hines (23).
  • Romeo (23) and Chris Jericho (23), scoring two of the favorite performances of the night, are also safe on high ground.
  • Slight improvements and steady performances leave most of the competitors — including Chelsea (18), Kendra (19) and Petra Nemcova (18) — in the lower but likely-to-return bracket.
  • And then there’s the folks on the bottom. Sugar Ray Leonard (17) was the only lower-ranked competitor to actually lose points in week 2, and though he tied both Wendy and Mike (17s, all around), they showed improvement and, perhaps, a bit more personality.



One Response to “Dancing With The Stars Recap with video’s of performances”

  1. dy said

    Love Kriste and Ralph..

    Romeo and ChrisJ..were really good.

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