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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap – Ice Castles and Hassles

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 29, 2011


A girls night out with Bethenny’s posse to talk about her upcoming birthday party and let loose sounds like an opportunity for some flirting and bad dance moves.  How funny was drunk Julie and her Metro Card dance?  I want to party with Julie and hope there are more out takes on this scene.  At least we didn’t see any ‘schlong and turf’.  Yeah yeah I know, Bethenny is the queen of inappropriateness and gave all of her posse the license to behave badly.  Of course the single guy had to be names Jason.  Single Jason the general manager got his camera time in and maybe now he will get a raise.  From his boss, not the single girls.

I want more Metro Card dance!

Bethenny receives the call of the year and is asked to join the cast of ‘Staking With The Stars’.  This would mean spending a lot of time on the west coast and Jason is not Hoppy.   He thinks Bethenny needs to start saying no for a change but Bethenny lives for the costumes, sequins and false eye lashes.  Um .. sounds like a good ol time for me only if I didn’t have to skate.   Bethenny is in great shape but the toll all the practice takes on new mother and wife with 50 projects in the works doesn’t sound like false eye lashes and sequins are going to be enough.  Jason would rather she do Dancing With The Stars because I think he is afraid she is going to break a hip but he does in the end provides his full support.

Surprise!!  It’s Shawn the event planner to help Bethenny with her 40th birthday party and it appears Bethenny is planning this party for Jason.  Jason like most of us loves a party and all the bells and whistles that come with it.  Bethenny does not have any idea if the 40th milestone is a big deal or not.  It doesn’t appear that Bethenny has a lot of experience with birthday parties and I think we learn more of that later.

OMG, how sweet is Bryn smiling at Shawn.  Such a Shweet face baby!

It’s now time for the ‘Gay Buffet’ and Bethenny is on a mission to help her friend Jake get some numbers and take names.  Bethenny is annoyed that Jay has no ‘Gay-me’  and I think she is right.   Jay nicknames one potential suitor as ‘big hands’ and am wondering why that is so appealing?  Jake finds another potential suitor Barry and also seals the deal with a phone number.

Jake and Lauren accompanies Bethenny to look at venues for the party and settled on the upstairs at this venue which is a bit more mature than the downstairs which was bedazzled with metallic couches and tables.   It sort of looked like the bad guy in terminator 2 got really drunk and spewed liquid metal on the furniture and it just dried instead of forming together and magnetized itself back the T2 guy. 

Jake and Lauren are really good friends to Bethenny and Jake seems to know A LOT about Bethenny as well it appears they have been friends for quite some time as Jake knows a lot about Bethenny’s issue’s with her parents.  This sort of reminds Bethenny why she doesn’t like birthdays.  Not even a phone call from a parent was something she could have expected.  Although we can trivialize these things, my family and I still get together on birthdays and if not we call each other.  I can’t imagine someone feeling that you’re not even worth a quick call.  Thanks god Bethenny is in therapy to finally deal with her issues.  I can’t take it anymore.

This conversation looks familiar as Bethenny and Jason discuss the head count for the birthday party where Bethenny wants 35 – 40 people in attendance and Jason wants to invite 5 couples.  I am assuming that does not include his parents.  I think.  Bethenny expresses concern that now she has to shave down her list and omit friends on HER birthday and she has a point.  Jason makes a good point himself that his friends should be labeled as her friends and I am getting dizzy with this conversation.  It is HER birthday so just up the HEAD COUNT!!  Problem solved.  Do I have to suggest everything?

As we learn in therapy, Bethennys dad’s book-keeper would send a card to Bethenny each year signing her and her fathers signature with a $500.00 check.   I think my kids wouldn’t mind if I didn’t sign the card because they are all about the benjamins.  We also learn that Bethenny’s mothers birthday is on the same day as Bethenny turns 40, her mother will turn 60.  Given the strained relationship with Bethenny and her mother now with the reminders,  I guess we can understand her loathing her own birthday.  Isn’t there a pill for such issues?  I have a feeling this birthday issue is going to be riddled all through this episode and obviously next episode via the previews..  I need a drink and its only 10:00 am.

On to the skating!!  As we try on some skating garb and get fitted for skates, Bethenny gets schooled by a 10-year-old.   How appropriate. 

We are now in my neighborhood in Jersey and Bethenny meets Ethan. 

Way for Bethenny to make a good impression on her ‘Skating With the Stars’ partner, Ethan Burgess, by revealing she found his story on Wikipedia (or something), divulging that she knew he fell “in, like, the Olympics or something, in one of your trials.” If he only was a Jason, and so primed for a place in “her wheelhouse” like that general manager at the bar. She’d be finessing him, not insulting him. Then again, it’s probably best he’s not another of the Jason clan, given that she mistakenly assured Jason-the-husband that the guy would be gay.

It’s six weeks and counting before Bethenny has to somehow keep up with a professional skater. At least she’s got the outfit down, which was definitely a priority from the start. Plus she’s been privy to the revelation that she has bone spurs, a term that seems to tickle her more than it should.

On to the double date!!  Jake finally has a date with Barry from the ‘Gay Buffet’.   Jake cracks me up as he starts the date by stating he and the date look alike and makes for an awkward moment.  Jake seems like a fun person to have around.  He keeps the conversation going and makes everyone deliberately uncomfortable for my pleasure.  They had the most inappropriate conversations for a first date and I wish I was there!  Barry actually held his own and I think he may be a contender for this group.   Even Jason loves his crazy since he married it.

Next week we see the ‘It’s My Party and I will Cry If I Want To’ theme continue and Bethenny has a breakdown for reasons unknown as of yet.  ugh..  If it was me.. I would have already been buzzed, dancing on the table while wearing a lamp shade on my head.

Until next week folks!


6 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap – Ice Castles and Hassles”

  1. dy said

    Brynn is adorable, love seeing her smiling face wek after week

    Bethenny Ugh! ..Holy Cannoli..You are working my last nerve.

  2. dy said

    Seriously did anyone watch this episode/ What really bothered me is when she was in her Therapy Session, and referred to her Father as a f……. Asshole,and her Mother as f…… Crazy,among other things, IT WAS ROUGH,I cringed seriously..Jesus Bethenny.

  3. Bryan said

    There is something about that sad ass assistant Julie or whatever she is called that I DONT like, also that screaming torch burning party planner, bitch cut out the gay wide eyed look save it for the white party also, that baby was laughing at you not glad to see you. Has that baby taken the place of a lap or purse dog for Temple Beth ?

  4. Bryan said

    Here you go!!!! LOL………

  5. Bryan said

    This just In, Temple B according to her tweet..Bethenny Bethenny Frankel
    energizer bunny finally hit the bed all day.chills last pm,sweating.nothing but u guys.”A place of rest.”

    so I just twatted back…@Bethenny Bitch also you need to be in a place of food, eat something lay off that fake booze and stay in bed

  6. dy said

    @3 Bryan

    I agree Bryan, Julie, there is something about her..Maybe it was her staying in the room when Bethenny tore into Max,and fired him. That was so not necessary, I think most people would have excused themselves. She bothers me.

    @5 Wow, I hope she is ok.

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