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Well Of Course They Are Filming It

Posted by tinselkitty on March 28, 2011

Because when you really, truly want to work things out, you allow a reality show to film it, edit it and throw it out there for everyone to judge. And when you really, truly want everyone to stop calling you a bitch on wheels, you get your kid another dog.

You idiots just don't get it.

In a TV Time EXCLUSIVE!!!, we bring you a look at how that mental conversation went down in Taylor’s head.

“Damn, people are really pissed off at me for getting rid of Kennedy’s dog. Didn’t they believe me when I explained about the allergies?

“How can I fix this? I mean, I want to do something that everyone will see but I don’t really want to have to do a lot of work, you know? I know! I’ll get her another dog! Yes, I’ll get her a new dog and then everyone will like me again AND Kennedy will like me better than that asshole I live with.

“Let’s see, what kind of dog will I get? Oh, I know, I know! I’ll get a chihuahua just like Paris Hilton! That’s Kyle’s niece and Kyle is always talking about her and I want nothing more than to be Kyle’s bestest of the bestest of the besties for ever and ever so if I get a chihuahua that’ll make me just like Paris and Kyle will love me always! I mean, I went after her sister Kim last year just like she asked me to, and now we’re closer than ever.

“Ooooh, ooooh, I bet if I go see that therapist that Paris saw that’ll make Kyle like me extra bunches. Yeah, I’ll do that. And I can let Bravo film it and I’ll cry lots and then they’ll have to give me all kinds of screen time.”

We also checked back in with Taylor’s mental dialogue after the puppy was procured and can report EXCLUSIVELY!!! that she is, indeed, dumb as a box of rocks.

“Wait, I got her another goddamned puppy. People are supposed to like me now. Why do they keep asking about the allergy thing? I explained that all in the blog and on tv. Don’t they understand? Good lord, people are stupid. I got her another dog and she isn’t allergic to this one. Duh. Dumbasses. A Maltese is hypoallergenic, a chihuahua is not. Hypo, meaning a lot, like hyper. So Snowball was a lot allergic and this new dog is not. Really, America, getting a farking clue, asshats. Whatever, I have to get ready to stalk Kyle. I’m over it.”

From Radar Online

Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty Taylor Armstrong and her husband, Russell, showed signs of strain in their marriage on the Bravo hit show and now has exclusively learned the couple is in therapy.

Audiences watched the first season of the show as the pair seemed to become more disconnected and a source close to the situation tells  that the couple is trying to work through their issues with the help of renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy.

“Dr. Sophy was introduced to Taylor by their mutual friend, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif. Adrienne is truly the anchor for the castmembers, they all gravitate towards her for guidance. Adrienne wants Taylor to find peace, and Dr. Sophy is helping her do that.”

And while the couple takes steps to repair the breakdown in their marriage, we’re told several of the sessions with Dr. Sophy will be filmed for the upcoming season Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although Russell is not quite as receptive to the cameras as Taylor.

“Dr. Sophy has seen Taylor and Russell together, and separately. Some of Taylor’s sessions with Dr. Sophy will be filmed and featured on the second season. Russell hasn’t decided yet if he wants to participate on camera. Dr. Sophy has provided the couple with a great deal of guidance, and they genuinely do seem to be working through their issues. Russell comes across on camera as being very aloof, and reclusive, that just isn’t who he is. Russell wants to work to improve the marriage, it just isn’t Taylor, which is a very, very good sign for the future of their marriage.”

Dr. Sophy is a board certified psychiatrist – his patients include Paris Hilton, Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte.

“Dr. Sophy has been a tremendous help for Mel and Stephen,” says the source, adding “Their sessions with Dr. Sophy were featured on their reality show. Dr. Sophy doesn’t preach to his patients – he gives them every day, practical tools to work through their problems. Dr. Sophy has a no-nonsense approach, but he is also very calming, and can deal with very strong personalities.”

Another source close to the couple tells that there is “a little stress in the marriage” and the pair want to make their marriage work.

“Taylor obviously thinks family is super important and wants what best for her daughter. So she is taking steps like any responsible wife would and wants to work on her relationship with her husband.”

The Armstrong family also welcomed a new addition into their home and their daughter, Kennedy, couldn’t be happier about it.

“Last season, viewers watched in horror as Russell bought Kennedy, a puppy, named Snowball. Yet, Kennedy was extremely allergic to the dog, and Taylor decided that Snowball had to go. There were a lot of feelings of anger because Taylor felt that she was the bad guy for giving the dog away, and Russell hadn’t consulted her before buying the dog. They wanted to get Kennedy another dog that she wouldn’t be allergic to. They recently adopted a Chihuahua and named her Jax. Kennedy isn’t allergic to the new dog, and she loves having a puppy in the house,” says the source.


6 Responses to “Well Of Course They Are Filming It”

  1. dy said

    I’m glad they are in therapy( although kinda weird that they are seeing a psychiatrist, I would think a psychologist) and I’m glad Kennedy got another dog.

  2. carrot said

    Um. I dunno, if my child was allergic to dogs, I wouldn’t try experimenting with her to see to which dog she isn’t allergic. Can that even happen? Can you only be allergic to dogs your father bought you and not allergic to the one mom got you? Hmmmm

    Also, agree with you Dy– not sure a psychiatrist would work in this setting? Can he medicate them both enough to be nice and caring people? Maybe just give’em tranqs and call it a case closed.

  3. Mikki12 said

    Are the housewives shows going to continue to copy from one another indefinitely? No wonder the franchise is losing some of its popularity. First we had Ramona and Mario renewing their marriage vows and then it was Vicki and Donn. What a joke that turned out to be. A year later Vicki and Donn are divorcing. Then we have Bethenney seeing a shrink and now its Taylor. Too many people to count as far as bankruptcy. NJ may wind up being the most original of all the shows. We’ve got real crooks and people going to jail on that one!

    BTW, I’m surprised Taylor got a chihuahua as a pet. Mine is almost 14 years old and they are not known to be good with children. Mine certainly isn’t and never has been. They are small, nervous dogs and the quick movements of children tend to upset them. A dauchshund is a small dog with a temperment more suited for younger children. Or a poodle which has hair and not fur and is a great dog for kids/people with allergies. Never did buy that lame story about Snowball and Kennedy’s allergies.

  4. Bryan said

    Look at that chick behind Lips McGee and hubby, she has an “Oh No!!!” look on her face.

  5. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Gag me with a spoon.

  6. G-sus said

    Salami’s, part deux, just on a d list scale.

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