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HA! I Told You So!

Posted by tinselkitty on March 28, 2011

I  knew it! Jill’s making up for being picked on as a kid by picking on others now! Not that she seems to understand the subtlety of something like that. Instead, she keeps on preaching from the Pulpit of Oblivion about how bullying is bad, mmmkay? In fact, she’s taking it a step further and has totally dropped any mention of Kelly being Systematically Bullied™ and is now making it all about her and how she was all Systematically CyberBullied™ last year. Oh, Jill. How very Jill of you.

Jill also manages to get in a shot at Bethenny, because really, Jill is forbidden by law to ever, under any circumstances, speak to anyone without bringing up Bethenny. The story now is that Bethenny just never fit in with the Housewives. Then she tosses in a sly reference to Survivor by saying Bethenny found her own island. It was probably a good thing that Bethenny left, anyway, as Lisa probably would have had to go beat her up for Jill. Oh, Lisa. How very someone-around-Jill of you to get suckered into doing the dirty work for her.

Also, the folks at US Weekly must not follow the Housewives very closely OR the interviewer is rocking some mad Allison Dubois skillz as they write about the sixth season being Jill’s favorite. Now I can’t wait for it!

Click on the photo above or the link below to watch the video in all its Jill Zarin glory. The sisters sound remarkably similar in this one. Close your eyes and it’s like stereo surround sound!

From US Weekly

All’s well that ends well.

Jill Zarin‘s friendship with Bethenny Frankel went down in flames on the last season of Real Housewives of New York.

What’s the group dynamic nowadays — with newcomer Cindy Barshop in and Frankel out?

The sixth season (premiering April 7) is “my favorite,” Zarin told during a visit to the NYC headquarters with her sister, radio personality Lisa Wexler.

“Living through it was the most enjoyable season,” Zarin. (Frankel now stars in her own Bravo series, Bethenny Ever After; waxing salon entrepreneur Barshop joins show vets Zarin, Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps, Kelly Bensimon, Ramona Singer and Alex McCord.)

“I don’t think Bethenny ever really fit into the group,” Zarin tells Us. “She’s found herself on her own show — her own island. She self-admittedly doesn’t like people [besides her husband Jason Hoppy and daughter Bryn, 10 months.].”

In the clip, Zarin and Wexler, talk about a new paperback edition of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, which they co-authored with their mother Gloria Kamen.

“Jill was really bullied as a kid,” Wexler tells Us, adding that she had a “duel” at summer camp with a particular mean girl.

Catch up on all things Housewives and more in this exclusive video interview.



32 Responses to “HA! I Told You So!”

  1. Bryan said

    Oh good lord we all have had some up’s and down’s with other kids growing up, you deal with it you move on, Bethenny didn’t fit in because she moved on and made herself a real success, hey selling skinny girl, nice move!!!!! she did it.

  2. Geez Laweez.. its BAD! Jill should be banned from letting the word Bethenny spill out of her flappin mouth. She makes it as if it was Bethenny who did not allow her to enjoy filming. What a crock. It was only last season that Jill was a total ass and now it taints all the previous seasons? It amazes me what people will convince them selves in order to find right with them selves..

    Bethenny is on her own island.. yep Jill.. she is on an island of making a living and doing well at it. Jill is completely obsessed with Bethenny and last season.. such a bitchem.. oops meant victim..

  3. Hey Bry! I am so wondering what Bethenny got paid for her skinny girl line. It had potential to make some serious money with expanding and bumping up the production. just curious

  4. dy said

    Uggh..Jill/ Bethenny..Bethenny / Jill..Ugh,Ugh,Ugh!!

    Jill talking about being bullied in her childhood..Bethenny talking about her messed up childhood..Both need to move on..

    Bethenny did what most smart people would do given the opportunity to be on a Reality Show or whatever kind of Tv Show..She made it work for her..She used it to build her brand put it out there, and become sucessful

  5. dy said

    @3..Ijs..Rumors are that she made beau coup money on that deal..I’m sure it was real sweet..She is still on board with this company too, I’m sure she will be drawing some kind of salary..I wonder if Jason ever came on board and worked with her, and if he did, how much he had in the nego.

  6. Bryan said

    @3 IJS, I’m going to say something in the millions, you know she wouldnt settle for anything less, I wouldn’t but its smart that she sold it they can properly get it out there and I believe she still will be the face of Skinny girl diet hooch,

    oh speaking of hooch, juicy joe say ” I ain’t guilty”

  7. GingerTee said

    I bet that Jill would swim to Bethenny’s island naked if invited; of course Bethenny would have to issue invite and give Jill time enough to contact TMZ. Can you spell H-A-T-E-R. Jill is just mad because she brought Bethenny on the show and Bethenny ended up with a show and a ma and baby and few million and a fanbase and several books, a brand, a line of beverages. She ended up with a life that Jill could not compete with. A real friend would be happy for her.

  8. GingerTee said

    To say it simple, no more underdog. How can Jill remain queen if her only subject no longer bows. Bethenny may be a mouth full but lord I’d take her over Jill anyday.

  9. dy said

    Both of them work my last nerve Ginger..To me they are very much alike, loud, rude, obnoxious, selfish. everything is about me,me,me.
    Bethenny is just smarter

  10. dy said

    I’ll take Ramona and Sonja over Jill or Bethenny any day.

  11. GingerTee said

    Hi Dy:

    Give me the Manzos, the Lauritas, Joe & ReRe and Bethenny for $5000 and I want to buy two vowels. Jill just needs too much A-kissing and I do not want to do that.

  12. dy said

    @11 Hi Ginger..

    Lmao!!..I agree about the Yenta and the ass kissing..Oy to be her freakin’ friend @@ (roll eyes)

    But Queen B to me, would be just as exhausting, the whining, complaining, constant talking and interupting, Oy put a bagel in it…Be freakin “Hoppy” worked hard for it Jesus..And by the way give some people around you a break, they deserve it

  13. GingerTee said

    Hopefully and Hoppily Bethenny gets over her trust issues soon but that Jason is one heck of guy for putting up with it. From what I read about her parents, it’s a wonder the girl can talk at all. She is kind of like one of those kids raised by wolves. It’s going to take a while. Her folks really did some damage.

  14. Dani said

    I have been reading all over the internet today about Jill’s Bethenny smackdown. Bravo is probably loving the publicity right before NY starts up again. Personally I am just sick of hearing about their feud. Please don’t let it continue in this season of NY. It will ruin the season for me. I prefer to live vicariously through these women when I watch them but not the neurotic part of them. They can keep their neurosis for late nights in their own beds when they cry into their pillows.

    Hi Dy, Bryan & IJS. GingerTee, so good to hear from you again too. Always love your input.

  15. dy said

    I agree Jason does seem like a heck of a guy..I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, how Bethenny would be..She doesn’t seem like she has the patience for anyone that has any kind of problems. I don’t get that she would be so understanding. Just my opinion.

  16. dy said

    Hi Dani

    Oy..I’m so sick of the whole Yenta and Queen B. thing..

  17. Dani said

    Dy, I am so over it too. These women need to learn to just release the bad stuff and move on. Sonya is a favorite of mine because she seems to be trying to find the joy in life rather than dwelling on the negative.

  18. dy said

    @17 Dani..

    I have always liked Ramona( taken alot of hits for it) but I don’t care..Yea, she is goofy and does not have a filter at times. But she is the only one out of the Ny group ever to owe what she says and apologize, she has a heart.
    Sonja,it took me a minute, but then I really grew to like her. What nailed it for me was when they were on that crazy trip and Kelly whacked out, Sonja was the only one to notice that there was really something bad going on and got them all stop. Ithough to myself she is a good person..LuLu was on my list for a while, but she started to get off of it last season toward the middle of it, I think I’m gonna like LuLu again.

  19. Bryan said

    Lu Anne has me at “Even Louis Vuitton can make a mistake” Alex needs to go, actually she needs to be hitched up to one of those central park carriages, I want to see Sonyak kick her out of her place!!!

  20. dy said

    @19..Yea Bryan lol..That is gonna be on this season…Alex seems like she is really full of herself from the previews I saw..Wt… “beautiful, blessed with good features..becoming a model”..Oy!!

  21. Bryan said

    @20 Dy, LOL, Yeah a model for “Feedbag Monthly”

  22. Bryan said

    Oh and if Ramoner is going thru “THE CHANGE” this!!, should be interesting!

  23. dy said

    @21 and 22

  24. Dani said

    I have no problem with Ramona either. She pretty much is what you see. I think she works hard and on the other side knows how to enjoy herself. Funny, I work with a lady that is forever sticking her foot in her mouth but we all love her for who she is because she has the ability to laugh at herself. That is a great trait to have and that is kinda Ramona for me. LuAnn, I tend to think of her as pretentious. I don’t aggressively dislike her. She just can be a bit of a snob at times. I do think she is pretty and dresses well.

  25. dy said

    @24 Dani…Ithink LuLu dresses the best out of all the Ny ladies,and probably most of the other franchises housewives.. Except when she keeps wearing those wilma flinstone one shoulder jobs ugh enough. lol
    But really she is always so put together, never showing too much of anything, hair make up always perfect.

  26. G-sus said

    Bethenny should take it as a compliment when Jillousy says she never fit in. And Jill is right, she is on her own island, where money falls like coconuts out of the palm trees.

    And no surprise the this season is Jill’s favorite. She’s surrounded herself with an army of minions who are going to take on Alex and Ramona for her. Bethenny is very good at standing up for herself, but when Ramona and Alex try to go head to head with someone it turns embarrassing. Alex looks like she is having an allergic reaction to something and Ramona gets a serious case of verbal diarrhea. They are no match for Jill and her posse.

  27. Dani said

    Dy, the way you feel about the one-shoulder dress is how I feel about the bandaid dress. LOL.

  28. Bryan said

    @24 Dani, that’s why I like Luanne because she does snob so well especially with someone like Alex., yeah I can do without anymore of those one shoulder things for lulu, but she is always so well dressed and she can work a room,, there is never a trace of schlep about her

  29. Dani said

    Bryan, no doubt about that. She never appears desperate. She knows how to dress and always looks put together. By the previews, it appears that things have not gotten any better between Alex and her either.

  30. Bryan said

    @29 Dani, No she doesn’t, I like Lulu, she knows how to handle these girls.

  31. GingerTee said

    My word, the Countess aka Wilma Flintstone. She is as relevant for me mustard on watermelon but she makes for good TV. Her lessons are class are a class that she should take and not try to teach. That being said, she has been a nonfactor for me.

  32. […] preview video below, I was expecting a much cooler and calmer season since Jill Zarin has reportedly stated that this season was “very enjoyable” for her and made it appear that it was not nearly […]

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