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Bethenny Ever After Preview – Ice Castles and Hassles

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 28, 2011



 Tonight’s show is about planning a 40th birthday party for Bethenny and Bethenny attending a gay buffet.  Thats all I know and all I got!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
                                                  Bethenny Ever After Preview – Going To A Gay B…, posted with vodpod


In other Bethenny news, below is the video of Bethenny on Good Morning America promoting her book “A Place of Yes”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
                                                                Bethenny Frankel GMA, posted with vodpod

4 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After Preview – Ice Castles and Hassles”

  1. dy said

    Ugh..Saying she might not be able to afford Shawn for her B’Day Party..Why say that?

    People are gonna call you B’Day Girl Bethenny..Omg, stop already please.

    Why not add to your B’day guest list,( to include Jason friends, seriously Bethenny pick your battles, this isn’t a big deal) your not paying for it, probably Shawn isn’t either. Probably Bravo is..

  2. dy said

    She freakin loses it at her B’day Party on the next episode..WT….?

  3. Bryan said

    She looses it because when she looked into the mirror she saw a FOURTY plus looking woman looking back, “skinny girl” is not “looking younger girl”.

  4. dy said

    Why did she agree to a party, approve of the venue, have her husband plan it,or whatever..Just to make a fool out of herself? I don’t get it? Those people were there because they love her, were invited, and wanted to help her celebrate.
    It can’t be because she is shy and doesn’t like people looking at her..Wt….? She is on tv for crying out loud..Wow,are her therapy sessions working? There doesn’t seem to be much improvement , she seems to be going backward. Seriously..


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