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ShowTime Premiere’s: “Nurse Jackie”, “United States of Tara” & “The Borgias”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 27, 2011


The Showtime Original Series Nurse Jackie ended season two with the ugly truth closing in on super-nurse Jackie Peyton. Her lover Eddie threatened to come clean about their affair to his good friend Kevin, who also happens to be Jackie’s husband. And O’Hara and Kevin put the pieces together about Jackie’s pill-popping ways and confronted her about her addiction. But if the people in her life think one little intervention is going to stop her, they don’t know Jackie. The great white liar returns for another hilarious season on March 28th.

Season three premieres Monday March 28th at 10:00 PM ET/PT, followed by the season three premiere of United States of Tara.


SHOWTIME Original Series United States of Tara™ returns for a third season. Suburban wife and mother Tara Gregson (Emmy® Award winner Toni Collette) juggles her family and career while suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder — a condition formerly known as multiple personality disorder. It’s never a dull moment in the Gregson household, as Tara’s supportive husband Max and their two teenaged children, Kate and Marshall, try to lead as much of a “normal” life as possible.

Season three premieres Monday March 28th at 10:30 PM ET/PT, right after the season three premiere of Nurse Jackie.



The Showtime Original Series The Borgias is the sordid saga of one of the most remarkable and legendary families in history. Set in 15th century Italy at the height of the Renaissance, The Borgias chronicles the corrupt rise of patriarch Rodrigo Borgia (Academy Award® winner Jeremy Irons) to the papacy, where he proceeds to commit every sin in the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family. The unbounded audacity of this original crime family went on to inspire Machiavelli’s The Prince and Mario Puzo’s The Godfather.

Who are the Borgias?

Outsiders from Spain, the Borgias go up against the most powerful and established families in Renaissance Italy and come out on top. Through the masterful use of bribery, extortion, blackmail, and shocking forms of torture and murder, Rodrigo Borgia rises to the position of pope, the most venerated in the Western World. Aiding him in his endeavors are his sons Cesare, a ruthless operator who yearns fruitlessly to be released from the priesthood, and Juan, a feckless dilettante whom Rodrigo appoints to head the papal armies. Daughter Lucrezia and son Joffre are married off in early adolescence to members of powerful rival families – pawns in their family’s fortunes. Waging their own heated contest for Rodrigo’s affections are Vanozza, his long-time mistress and mother of his children, and the younger Giulia Farnese, whose cunning is matched only by her astonishing beauty.

On the eve of the death of Pope Innocent VIII in 1492, a fierce political battle rages inside the Vatican walls over who will become the next pope. The papacy has long been the exclusive domain of a handful of super-powerful and ancient Italian families, so outsider Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia seems like a long shot. But the staid, pious Italians vastly underestimate the ambitions of the wily, rapacious Spaniard. Once ensconced on the throne, Rodrigo uses all of his power and influence to turn the papacy into a dynastic possession for his children, while his rivals plot with all their political might to unseat him.

The Borgias begins with a special two-hour premiere on SHOWTIME Sunday, April 3rd at 9:00 PM ET/PT.


18 Responses to “ShowTime Premiere’s: “Nurse Jackie”, “United States of Tara” & “The Borgias””

  1. carrot said

    lol Sometimes it’s difficult to watch these shows that are suppose to be filled with Italians and it’s shot with some of the PALEST, Britishiest actors. Oh well– the Borgia family will definitely bring the drama! Here’s hoping it lives up to The Tudors, minus a shirtless Jonathan Rhys Meyer ;(

    Thanks for posting this, IJS, I didn’t even know they made a Borgia series.

  2. your welcome Carrot! I too will miss Jonathan Rhys Meyer smooth skin and piercing blue eyes.. he can undress me with those eyes anytime.. chit. I am getting the vapors.. :-~

  3. Rosie said

    Thanks IJS. Hubby and I are planning to watch The Borgias. I wasn’t sure which week it was starting!
    I’m excited to see the Mildred Pierce miniseries starting tonight too.

  4. Rosie.. I am the go to girl for all things TV!! 😉 I wont let you guys miss a thing.. 😛

    I cant wait for all three shows to start.. showtime is really slamming them out of the park. Shameless is my new favorite one and tonight ends season 1.. sign

  5. Rosie said

    IJS.. I watch Californication, but I haven’t seen Shameless. It’s good? I watched the last season of Big Love! What a surprise ending!

  6. Rosie.. so sad for Big Love to end.. the ending made me teary.. how sad and tragic.

    you must must watch Shameless!! 100x better then Californication.. surprisingly good! You have demand right? if so.. girl its beckoning you.

    Its about a dysfunctional family.. mom left 6 kids with a seriously alcohol father (william h macy) with the oldest daughter (emily rossum) who is the head of the family raising the remaining 5 kids the youngest.. baby.. who is black.. lol.. and it sounds all so depressing.. but its freakin LOL the whole show.. my son comes over just to watch it.

    I 100% recommend it.

  7. Rosie said

    IJS.. Yes! I have On Demand in one room, and TiVo in the other. I’ll watch it. Thanks!

    Wasn’t Big Love good? I so didn’t it expect it to end that way, and the women stayed together! 😦

  8. dy said

    My son is all interested in this The Borgias Show.

    I haven’t seen Big Love in years, don’t know why I lost track of it or whatever.But I really liked it when I was watching it.

    Nurse Jackie is suppose to be good too, just have never seen it

  9. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!!! 🙂
    Oh the end of Big Love was great! Bill was murdered and the women stayed together.

  10. dy said

    Hi Rosie

    OMG Bill was murdered, how sad..And the women stayed together, wow..It must have been really good.. Tell me more..please..

  11. Rosie said

    Bill became a Senator, and came out as a polygamist with all the wives. Then, Margine admits that she has lied about her age for all this time, and was under age when Bill married her. This gets out, and they arrest him, but he gets out on bail, waiting for trial. He introduces a bill in the Senate to legalize polygamy. He starts his own church because no one else will have them. When all area polygamists hear what he is doing for them, hundreds of them show up at his new church. He gets that freak Albie arrested from the compound, and as a Senator starts tearing the compound down. In the meantime they are terrified Bill will go to prison for 10 years and become a sex offender because of Margine. At the end, that wimpy neighbor that has always had his eye on them.. Just walks up to Bill in the front yard and shoots him. Bill dies on the street. They show the women months later, and they are all together, as their best selves, supporting each other.. And doing the things they always wanted to. Barb becomes the Pastor of the new church, that Bill started.

  12. dy said

    Wow thanks for the breakdown Rosie xo..

    That was such a good series, I wonder if they will put it out on DVD.

  13. Rosie said

    @Dy ..
    I’m sure they will. HBO has put every other series on DVD, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

  14. dy said

    I hope so Rosie 🙂

  15. […] for season 3 this spring. I've already seen all. Watch Nurse Jackie Season 3 Episode 1: Game OnNurse Jackie – Jackie's back, and she's more than just a little desperate this time… Nurse Jackie returns to […]

  16. Suzie Q said

    @Rosie-Shameless is awesome!!! RUN, don’t walk to the remote and record the series. Happy watching!

  17. Suzie Q said

    Nurse Jackie was good last night. I could’ve used a little more drama from both the home and work fronts. Hope it’s coming up in the next episode or two. I’d love to see Kevin confront Jackie more seriously about the drugs.

  18. Rosie said

    @16 Suzie Q.. It must be good, I’ve only heard raves on the show.. Thanks for the advice, I’ll do it. 🙂

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