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Star Jones On The Wendy Williams Show – Talks NeNe Leakes (sort of) and New Book

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 26, 2011


Star Jones appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and did her best to deflect Wendy’s questions on NeNe Leakes.   Star was trying hard but did throw in a few funny questions regarding Miss NeNe for repeatedly talking about her in the media and appearing disinterested in Leakes’ apparent relationship with her ex-husband Al Reynolds.

“Did I sleep with her and forget to call the next day? Because I’m starting to feel that way,” Jones said of Leakes. “Have you ever seen an experience where somebody just talks about you again and again and again?”

I love that Star called her self a little bit manipulative but she is surely assertive on what a stong black woman she is and I have to agree.  I love her sass and the ability to eff-off NeNe articulately with out the use of profanities and maybe.. manipulative..?   Star is a girl after me own heart and that is how I roll in the world of taking em down quietly.  

Check out the video



20 Responses to “Star Jones On The Wendy Williams Show – Talks NeNe Leakes (sort of) and New Book”

  1. carrot said

    I agree on Star, IJS. All the manipulativeness on the show is all so she can win for CHARITY. It’s not about getting along, but working together with knives in backs– Star knows this and I don’t get why the others don’t.

    • I agree carrot!! Thats what the board room is all about! The fittest survive and the weak.. get fired.. King of the jungle gets the money for their charity and people like NeNe goes wee wee wee all the way home…

      Obviously we know NeNe gets fired at some point cause that girl can hold grudges.. and talk shmack cause she goes wee wee wee all the way home.. 😉

  2. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    yep..she is sassy and can say eff u with honey dripping off her tongue,,I have to get that book….Piers Morgan and Omarosa was a battle,,oooo this is going to be good,,

  3. Stacee said

    Star sort of came off as a wee bit defensive when discussing NeNe.
    I still can’t get past how she lied about her weight loss and how diva she was when getting married. I know it’s the past but she just rubs me the wrong way.
    That said, I do wish her much success in her book and life. She’s certainly come a long way.

    Now you’ve made me curious about the firework show between NeNe and Star. But I refuse to watch Birther Trump’s show. No way will I contribute to that gas bag’s viewership.

    • Stacee I understand why you are boycotting the birther show.. I have done so up to this season cause the cast looked too juicy.. its the best season EVA!!! The crazy is just too much and great entertainment.. You see Star in her element and crafty as can be. To me its all in good fun since its for charity.

  4. Stacee said

    Aileen, is it possible Star won this season? (fingers crossed, fingers crossed)
    Is she that good?

    • Stacee.. the final show is live for who wins so it may sound like she may be in the final 2 readying for the live final show. Hence.. NeNe acting all jealous and spiteful.

      Stacee.. Star IS that good. She understands each task, quickly develops theme, concept, delegates and monitors very closely each task and is a task master. She is a great project manager.. The guys have really good creative peeps but usually creative is a team member and not a PM soo.. I think Star is in the running for sure.. i will bet my jolly ranchers on it!

  5. dy said

    @7…I agree IJS… Star is good.. She is in it to win it, by any means necessary. She is not looking to make friends, she has her eye on the prize

    My favorite of the men’s is John Rich, slow, steady, quiet always a gentleman, takes everything in..I’m telling you from the first episode, I called this guy a dark horse..

    Save a horse..ride a cowboy

  6. Stacee said

    Ughhhhh, you guys are making me want to watch it.
    I’m actually rooting for Star; she sounds very focused and methodical. I like that.

    • Stace are you able to watch the previous episodes? they are only 3 episodes in but they are 2 hours long with commercials so I estimate its 1 hour long without! Tomorrow night is episode #4. I think you gonna love it 😉

  7. dy said

    It’s good Stacee..I orginally wanted to watch because of all this crazy stuff with Star and NeNe which has been all over the freakin place, haven’t really seen that yet. Although NeNe does have Stars number when it comes to being pretty controlling and bossy. But as I said earlier, she is in it to win it. Now I’m into it because it’s good..

  8. dy said

    @11..I know IJS..Confidence is freakin cool and sexy, Arrogance is ugly ..Big difference, ya know.

    • I agree Dy!! its an admirable trait! No need to attack or over react.. just address and stand firm.. oh.. and wear a cowboy hat and have a guitar ready to strum at any moment. 😉

  9. Dani said

    Morning all.

    I know Star is good at what she does but I just can’t get on board with her. I don’t care for her, plain and simple. Granted she is good at getting what she wants. Do the ends justify the means? Seems to be what this world is all about these days. I think it is a sad commentary on our world when doing things the right way gets you booted out the door. Call me naive but I am rooting for someone who can deliver, minus the manipulation and still maintain their dignity.

  10. dy said

    @14 Dani..Star as a person for me..Meh, so I’m not on the I’m a fan of Star train..
    But as a contestant on this show, and her “playing the game” and doing what she needs to do to win for her Charity. I think she is good.

    As far as what you were saying about not manipulating and maintaining dignity..John Rich Baby!!

    @ IJS..LOL

  11. Dani said

    Dy, I am with you all the way on John Rich. I like a few of the others too but John is first on my list.

  12. Rosie said

    @12 Dy..
    I did the same thing. I started watching CA because of the feud, but now I’m hooked. I didn’t see Sunday’s episode until last night, on CNBC because even at two at a time, my TiVo couldn’t keep up with all of the good shows on on Sunday nights. Tomorrow Mildred Pierce is on HBO, and so CA will have to wait again this week. Is CA on On Demand? I have that in another room, and can catch up that way..
    Niki Taylor wins the “class act” over all of the women for taking responsibility for the loss herself, as the manager.

  13. Rosie said

    Hi Dani.. 🙂

  14. dy said

    Totally agree Rosie..Nikki Taylor..Class Act..

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