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**UPDATE** Real Housewive of NJ Teresa Giudice Husband, Joe Charged With Fraud! Bail Set At $50,000

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 25, 2011

We Are Above The Law!

***UPDATE*** Below is also reporting this holy chit story that does answer some questions in regards to the agency who initiated investigation.. an excerpt below:

The charges arise from an investigation conducted by the financial crimes unit of the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office with the assistance of investigators from the Motor Vehicle Commission and the Montville Police Department.

Radar Online is Reporting the holy shit below!

The husband of Real HousewifeTeresa Giudice was arrested at the couple’s New Jersey home on Friday and charged with fraudulently obtaining a state driver’s license, is reporting.

Joe Guidice, 40, license is suspended following a drunk driving conviction last year which landed him in jail for 10-days.

“Mr. Giudice was arrested at his home earlier today (Friday) as the result of an investigation this office did with assistance from the state Motor Vechilce Office,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay W. McCann said in a statement, released to

Joe, real name Giuseppe, allegedly obtained a driver’s license from the Patterson branch of the Motor Vehicle Office using his brother’s identifying information in June 2010.

Giudice’s license was suspended at the time and still is, according to cops.

Giudice is charged with Wrongfully Using Identifying Information of Another, a violation of NJSA2C:21-17.2, a crime of the second degree, which is punishable by up to ten years in State prison, and Forgery, a violation of NJSA 2C:21-(a), a crime of the fourth degree punishable by up to eighteen months in State Prison.

Bail was set by Paterson Municipal Court at $50,000 with no 10 percent option.

Joe was charged following an investigation involving three law enforcement agencies; the Passaic County Prosecutor, its Financial Crimes Unit and the Montville Township Police Department.

Who do they think they are?  You can not tell me that Teresa didn’t have any knowledge on this one.  Obviously Joe Obtained a fraudulent drivers license to DRIVE and that would begin with inserting a key in the ignition of a car in his driveway while his current drivers license is suspended.  I don’t doubt there will be jail time with his current record and impending law suits on other ongoing investigations.

Some people think they are just invincible and it amazes me with all the trouble and targeting they experience, they choose not to clean their act up.  I can’t imagine what we don’t know with all the shady dealings.

Do we see a Bravo spin off with Teresa dealing with life as a single mother while attending book signings and flipping tables at any one who mentions her husband?

Hey.. I’m Just Saying….


60 Responses to “**UPDATE** Real Housewive of NJ Teresa Giudice Husband, Joe Charged With Fraud! Bail Set At $50,000”

  1. Dalai Mama said

    I’m hearing a Michael Jackson tune seeping into my brain.
    “That Giudice’s NOT my brother. He’s just a thug who looks like a bowling ball. He’s got no gun and the license ain’t no pun.”
    ‘Because I’m (not) bad, (not) bad, I was framed.”
    Too late for this level of creativity. Better keep my day job.

  2. lmfaoo!!! ok here I go rebooted and finally for a lifetime let the dog in the entranceway that leads to the livingroom.. no nuttin.. he is pissed.. no confetti or red carpet.. he sniffed for awhile and now he is OUTTIES!! good riddance hairy dog.. ahh.. now u come to rest upon an entrance way carpet.. I knew you were dirty.. dirty dog.. 😉


  4. Humbruh said

    @Dalai – you are killing me with the MJ lyrics!

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