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Survivor Redemption Island Episode 6 Recap

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 24, 2011


The  “Previously On” is always edited by Eric Gardner and it’s interesting to me how much they have evolved over the many years.  I sometimes battle with him over these becoming too soap operaish, but I am so happy with his great storytelling.  These two minute stories always remind the audience of everything they need to know before the start of a new episode.  It truly is an art in and of itself.


RI is starting to feel like Matt’s house.  He now has a big home court advantage because he is so comfortable on the island and at the Arena.  It’s like a sports team that has been to the finals taking on a team that has not been to the finals.  The experience is often the difference.


The religious aspect of Redemption Island is not something we ever anticipated when we called it Redemption Island.  Having a religious and very likable person like Matt last this long in the first season of RI was a fascinating development.  It brings an entirely new texture to the island and one that has a lot of people in the church community talking.


The Bible was Krista’s choice for her luxury item.  We gave them their luxury items when they arrived at Redemption Island because we knew they would be lonely and might need a pick me up.  We did not plan it or decide on it because we thought it would give us extra story from Krista and Matt.  It was already laid out.

I respect people who have faith in whatever brings them comfort and security.

When Krista gave her bible to Matt I was moved.  It had nothing to do with my thoughts about the Bible.  It was the human kindness shown in a game that rarely sees the good side of people.  Despite losing and being out of the game for good, Krista still had the presence of heart to think about helping out Matt.


Man this game is tough.  Matt is alone on Redemption, battling as hard as he can to stay alive.  A competitor gives him a Bible on her way out and as a result, his one ally in the game, gets jealous and turns on him.  WTF?  Were they going steady?  Did I miss the engagement?  It was a Bible, not a love note.  Man.  Survivor is a tough game.


Spa days and other seemingly mindless, wastes of time that seem to consume the girls days of late…aren’t as outrageous as they seem.  The contestants do have a lot of free time on their hands.  On days when there is not a challenge or tribal and their shelter is built they really have very little to do.  However reasonable it may be, it doesn’t change the perception of others when they see you lying around.


Ah yeah, baby.  The ego of the lion and the gorilla is coming out and I like it.  Phillip’s explosion was not about the girls not helping with the fire.  His frustration came from not being appreciated.  That’s all he wants, is a little credit.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from Survivor goes like this:

If you have a goal, and your success in achieving this goal requires the support of other people, then you have to remove your ego from the equation.

In other words, when you’re playing a zero sum game, ie a game in which there is only one winner – and the losers of the game are the one who will decide who wins – leave your ego at home.

Otherwise your chances for success plummet.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  Not saying I can do it myself.  But from a back seat point of view it’s quite clear.

Phillip wants credit.  Nobody is giving it to him.  The more he complains the more annoying he will become… because Phillip – nobody cares.

Stoke the fire and stay out of the way.  You’ll last longer.


Once again the wisest person on the tribe is Rob.  I know you hate me talking about Rob, but the proof is in his actions regarding Phillips and the fire tending duties.

Four of them to be exact:

1. During the argument he was the only one still focused on the big picture.  His biggest overall goal was to keep the tribe strong.

2. Simultaneously, he understands how beneficial the fight between Phillip and the girls can be to his game.  The more they fight, the more likely he is to stay in control and the more they hate each other the better for him if he makes it to the end against any of them.

3. Rob then talked to Phillip to ensure that Phillip doesn’t do too much damage to the tribe dynamics while also letting Phillip know that he understands him.

4. After Phillip walked away, Rob then mocked him which in turn endeared Rob even more to the angry girls.

Mission complete. It was deft handling of a very delicate social situation.


Krista was no joke.  Growing up on a farm she knew her way around the rope.  Three tosses, three connects.  It was amazing.  I really thought Matt was going to lose.  Krista gave Matt his biggest challenge so far.


One of my favorite exchanges of the season thus far was between Phillip and Steve when discussing the Gorilla and Lion tattoos.  I really appreciate Phillips simultaneous earnestness and sense of humor.  Is that even a proper sentence?  What I mean is that he really believes everything he says and yet he has enough awareness to know that I’m poking fun at him for those same things he takes so seriously.  Hmm, was that sentence any better than the first one?

Philip gets it.  How bout that?  He gets me anyway.  Moving on.


We’ve done this challenge many times over the years and it never fails to deliver.

This challenge is both physical and frustrating.  Ralph for one was clearly irritated that he wasn’t getting enough action.  But the star of the challenge was Grant.  Stud.  Dude is the real deal.  Mike did his best to defend but there was no stopping him, not even by ripping off his shirt.    If Grant is allowed to stay till the end he could be a millionaire come mid-May.


I’m a broken record but Rob played this moment very well. So far this season he has done a good job of assessing, adapting and then executing very well. Letting Grant find the clue to the hidden idol was a great call as it further solidified Grant’s trust in Rob.

Getting caught with the note however, was a rookie mistake:

Phillip: Whatcha got there boys?  I saw it.

Phillip: What’s it say?

Rob: Back at camp?

Phillip: What?

Rob:  Back at Camp.

Phillip: (interview) I have been in an alliance with Rob, Grant and myself.  In fact, I call ourselves Stealth Are Us.  I’m… the specialist… Rob is the mentalist…and Grant… is the assassin.

Phillip:  Remember boys.  Stealth.

Phillip: (interview) And yet today when Rob and Grant found the clue for an idol they tried to hide it.  Well,

Hell hath no fury like a… lion and a gorilla when he thinks he has been provoked.


Music transition.  Patriotic.  Strong.  Preparing for battle.

Phillip: (interview) If you’re gonna  make an alliance with me you better adhere to it because I am all about integrity.  I served my country for four years, eleven months and thirteen days for duty, honor, country.  That means something to me.

When you try to trash on that… me and the United States got something for you when you try that little baby…

 I could dwell in the place of negativity right now based on what I just saw, but I’m not gonna do that.

 I’m gonna smile and when the time comes…. I’m gonna kick a little ass around here.

Let it breathe.  Gonna just let that little piece of poetry sit there.  No comment needed.

But I can’t resist.  F*&king genius.  Phillip please grab Coach and come back and play again as soon as possible.


I think a lot of you are glad to see Stephanie out of the game.  I’m not sure what it is about me that likes the spunky, lippy folks but I am bummed she is gone.  She’s definitely a competitor and she’s a great interview.

I’ve said it before but I think Zapatera’s biggest problem is they are playing a “too cool for school” game and it’s biting them in the ass.

It’s the Russell factor. They are so happy to “defeat” Russell and his two “girls” – Krista and Stephanie – that they’re in danger of losing the big picture.

David realized that tonight.  I agree with David.  I would have voted out Sarita.  Nothing personal, Sarita, but I think Stephanie wanted it more and the tribe could have used her spunk.

Okay I know I’ve been ignoring everybody else in the game… so here we go.

DAVID – If memory serves I think David scored the highest on our IQ test during casting.  He is a smart dude.  We fought to get him on and I’m glad we did.  He’s giving us great story and he’s a legit threat to win the game if he can get his alliance figured out.

STEVE – I like him. He’s laid back and probably a pretty nice guy in his normal life. He would drive me a bit crazy as a member of my alliance because he is so laid back!  I want the guy who played in the NFL for 13 years. Maybe he’s saving that for the individual portion of the show.

SARITA – I think she’s too soft right now.  I liked her in casting but I think the game is overwhelming her right now.  She needs to get over the toothache and find that inner strength otherwise she is going to be seen as a pain-in-the-ass.

MIKE – How can you not like Mike?  He’s strong, seems pretty bright.  A major threat to win this game.  If both are still in the game when they merge – he could prove a worthy adversary for Boston Rob.

MATT – The undisputed underdog.  If he can win long enough to get back in the game, people better watch out.  I have a feeling that even his faith will not be able to contain his desire to get even.

NATALIE – I’ve said it before I am so impressed.  She is 18 years old.  Think about the 18 year olds you know.  How many of them could handle themselves this well in this cut-throat environment.  Natalie is a long shot to win but IF she can get to the end the jury may feel like I do that based on age alone she has earned the money.

JULIE – Julie confuses me.  I like her and I think she’s a fairly good player but I haven’t seen any moves yet that make me think she could make it deep.  She’s a mom which helps in dealing with people and she’s very reasonable and that could take her a long way into the game.  But a big move will be necessary.

RALPH – I love Ralph because he’s so fun to listen to and so fun to watch.  He so very smart in his own way but his liability is that Ralph hasn’t found himself in this kind of social situation and it shows.  If Ralph can figure out how to deal with the others in his alliance he could last.

ANDREA – She’s a bit wishy-washy regarding Matt but she is definitely a fighter and a player.  She will not lie down for anybody.  I like her but her problem right now is her status within the alliance.

ASHLEY – Dark horse to win the game.  She’s very good in the challenges and come the individual portion of the game she will be a threat.  She also has friends in the girls and will probably make more friends if she makes the merge.  If I was Rob I’d be most worried about her in the end game.

GRANT – Grant is a bit ill equipped socially because he is so trusting. At this point he believes in Rob 100%.  So long as that lasts, these two could go deep.  But if that trust is ever broken, my hunch is that Grant will turn on Rob and vote him out.

NEXT TIME ON.. Survivor.

One of the greatest challenges of the season… and one of the funniest moments in our history.


1. If you haven’t been tweeting LIVE with me during the episodes, you’re missing out.  Get yourself a Twitter account and start following me @JeffProbst.  I tweet during the east coast and west coast feeds of each episode.  We’re creating a “virtual living room” and it’s pretty amazing.

2. If you were diggin on Phillip this week, check out Grant’s un-aired interview about Phillip’s explosion and Natalie’s interview about Phillip being bi-polar in this week’s Secret Scenes.”

URL to link “Secret Scenes”:


4 Responses to “Survivor Redemption Island Episode 6 Recap”

  1. wildheart said

    Love “Survivor” and these recaps are great. Probst is cute and funny and smart. My kind of man, especially since I generously gave up rights to a few others. 😉 Thanks for posting this IJS!

  2. Your welcome WH!! his recaps are great and his insight is awesome! i actually learn alot from his recaps and would study them before I am shipped off to the next season of…

    SURVIVOR!! On Glamour Island lol

  3. wildheart said

    I totally agree! His insight is awesome. Glamour Island?!?! Lmaoooooooo! That sounds much better than cutting armpit hair with shears! LOL

    • WH.. I have always said.. if I was on Survivor.. i would be in charge of cooking and finding indigenous herbs and root veggies.. and making the place more comfy and pretty.. The jungle has lots of stuff to do that. Peeps are dumb in their spare time..

      Now glamour island is the season I want to be on!! lmaoo with the grooming this season.. You have to know the cameras are rolling.. smh..

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