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Big Mistake, Andy

Posted by tinselkitty on March 24, 2011

The DC ladies have been axed, according to Radar Online. The timing leads me to believe that I was right that the PTB at Bravo were waiting to see the public’s reaction to Michaele Salahi’s stint in Celebrity Rehab. Had she done some soul searching and possibly dumped Tareq’s weeble-wobble ass, that would have made for an excellent redemption arc for season two. Now, since she’s just as/more hated now than ever, they are walking away from the whole thing.

Personally, I think that’s a bad move. Part of the anger over DC was the Salahis’ involvement. I absolutely would have watched another season without her scheming ass, especially now that Cat seems to be getting more comfortable with the spotlight on this side of the pond.

Boo on you, Bravo. Boo for letting the Salahis have a venue in the first place and boo on you for walking away from what could have been an awesome season.

From Radar Online

The Real Housewives Of DC has bitten the dust, can exclusively report.

The fifth installation of the hit reality franchise came in with a whimper and never much took off from there, drawing meager ratings all throughout it’s short lived broadcast.

“The show just didn’t do well and it wasn’t worth airing another season,” a source close to the situation told

“The DC housewives were meant to be starting shooting their second season now and they haven’t heard a peep from Bravo.

“No one from the cast has been contacted yet and told that the show is cancelled.” has learned that the DC franchise isn’t the only Housewives show that has been struggling to lure viewers – Miami has also been performing poorly in the ratings war, forcing producers to reassess any further expansion.

“After DC failed in the ratings and Miami just bombed, they realized they can’t just start a show anywhere and it will succeed,” the source said.

The Housewives franchise has been a phenomenal success, spawning a total of seven different franchises – Orange County, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, DC, Beverly Hills and Miami.

“Bravo used to think it was about the brand and they could switch the housewives at any point but now they have realized it is about the women involved and that has changed their perspective,” the source said.

“They’ve realized a lot with the failure of DC and Miami, and they’re going to concentrate on the successful shows they have and not expand any further.

“Andy Cohen has made it official that there will be no more new Housewives franchises.”

In the meantime, when it comes to DC : “We’re just hoping that people forget it ever happened,” the source said.

That shouldn’t be too tall an order…




23 Responses to “Big Mistake, Andy”

  1. Bobbi said

    It is too bad. I think they still could do an interesting RH series out of DC. It is just a little bit more difficult than their normal formula. They really needed at least one cast member that was directly involved in politics in one form or another. It is the life blood of that city.

  2. Donna said

    I hated that franchise. Good riddance. None of those women were very attractive or interesting.

  3. carrot said

    Unfortunately, any smart (ha!) politician would steer clear of HWs shows. Personally, I thought DC was the most surreal wife show– crowning moment was when the wives got together, with hair dresser/ token gay friend, to watch the witch burni… err interrogation of the Salahis. BUT without Michaele, I definitely wouldn’t watch– yes, she’s dangerously crazy, but none of the others did ANYTHING remotely interesting. No sympathy for any on that show– and I already have a HW show where I dislike all the bitches BUT at least they are entertaing (OC).

    Also, I know it’s not popular, but anyone else sad Miami will most likely be canceled? There’s only a few (Cristy, Lea) I don’t like on there and I think a second season would bring everyone’s drama outta the closet.

  4. Bryan said

    Too bad, season two could have been interesting. but you never know, princess cohen may say its dead now but knowing how fickle bravo is, we may have not seen the last of them.

  5. @tweatcyn said

    I agree, big mistake. If they had filmed Stacie meeting her family in Africa-interesting. Cat-always interesting. The DC husbands have been my favorite and focusing in on them more could also have been interesting. This was a smart franchise potentially but they made all the focus on the Salahis. They blew it big time.

  6. Rosie said

    I’m really surprised that they would base this decision on the Salahis! I watched this show in spite of them, not because of them! Just put in two new people and give DC another season, but not the Salahis.

    Is anyone else on an iPad here? The site has turned into a giant phone site on my iPad. Help IJS!!

  7. dy said

    Meh..I really don’t care, DC was ok, but certainly not a favorite of mine.

    Could not stand Cat Litter, rude, obnoxious. SariAss, PorkChop ( for the reasons everyone eles can).

    The only ones I really like were Mary and Rich Amons.

  8. G-sus said

    I am kinda sad about DC. I really liked the women on there (except the grifters, of course). I especially like the men and the dynamic they brought. I would have definitely watched a second season. It was a different group of women who seemed a little more down to earth compared to the silicone city that is currently airing.

    BTW, anyone see Elsa on WWHL? The before pictures of Elsa were fascinating, she was gorgeous! In one picture she looked exactly like Marisol (before she had her face done).

  9. dy said

    I saw Mama Elsa, and I loved it GSus, she was a hoot.And yes, I agree she was very attractive…Yes, Marysol looks like Mama, I agree.

    As I said the only man I Liked on DC was Rich Amons, the guy is hysterical, and to me the most down to earth. I like Mary also cause she never met a cocktail she didn’t like. Madam Lynda was ok, she could/ would call bullshit a mile away, and I liked that.

  10. KurlyHairedB said

    Being from the area, Northern VA, they should have focused more on the political fundraising/wine country/horse country aspect. We have people with ginormous estates here, in Middleburg/Leesburg/Great Falls. The Salahis were very well known years ago for their generosity and their winery was well known and had received many national and international awards. Then they stopped paying their bills and well, you know the rest of the story.

    They’ve replaced women on the RHOC when things didn’t work out, they could do the same here. I think that Cat is very abrasive and obnoxious, but she grows on you, kinda like mold on the side of the house that doesn’t get much sun. I liked Mary and Rich, they seemed very down to earth and Linda and Ebong seemed like a nice couple. I was kinda blah about Stacy, but I liked her hubs.

    Bryan, whatever happened with your nephews bowling trophy? The boys have been sick and so has their mom, so we’ve had them for the last week so if you posted what happened, I missed it.

  11. Tinsel.. Radar may or may not be wrong if we believe @bravoPR on twitter. They tweeted today no decision has been made.

    on the other hands, reports earlier this week said that they would only do the show if Michaele signed on but we know the other HW’s wont film with her and we know it may be boring with out the chit of Michaele soo.. this may eventually be true.

  12. G-sus said

    @ IJS Could be Bravo’s way of testing the waters. Put the story out there and see what the fan reaction is.

  13. Rosie said

    Hi all! I’m back from mobile oblivion. Thanks IJS!
    I would have watched a season 2 od DC, especially without the Salahis! Maybe Bravo is testing the reaction, as IJS said. They just need a couple of interesting new HWs to replace Sari and Porky (who thought he was a HW). I think Bravo should add on and give DC one more shot.

    Miami.. Not so much. That one can go.

  14. Mikki12 said

    I think DC will return. I can’t believe that Stacie shot all that footage in Africa with dear ol’ dad for it to wind up being a “special” on African TV. I think Bravo would like to milk that for all it’s worth. Yes, I do know Bravo did not have a camera crew there but I suspect some deal was made with Stacie regarding the filming. Let them find someone interesting to replace the Salamis and they can squeak another season out of this show.

  15. dy said

    I think I read somewhere that Bravo commits to 2 seasons of these shows right out of the gate, does anyone eles remember reading this?
    Anyway until Bravo makes an annoucement, then I’ll believe it.I feel that way about any story( reagrding the housewives. the franchinse or whatever, whomever) from radar on line or tmz, or any of those other rags.

    I, myself do not care if they bring it back, if they don’t I feel bad for the fans of the show.:(

  16. Bryan said

    Good Morning All!!!

    @10 KHB, thanks for asking, A happy ending to that story, my nephew got his trophy,along with some applause and a public apology from the woman who forgot to order it and made a point of saying how he has been there every weekend and improved each time, they had another little ceremony for him and a few other who were absent the week before. So now the trophy is still sitting on his toybox in the family room next to his little baseball trophy from this past summer.

    @16 Dy That sounds familiar, something I think was over on “you know where” I wouldn’t mind a new season but, well if they don’t that’s show biz.

  17. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    @17 Bryan, I am so glad to hear that your nephew was properly recognized!!

  18. CotonMom said

    I agree with you here. If they’d gotten rid of Michaele and added a couple of other exciting women, it would have worked! Bravo put all their DC eggs into the Michaele basket and that was a BIG mistake. It’s a shame, this had the potential to be a really good franchise. Maybe another network will take a stab at it.

  19. Rosie said

    @19.. Cotonmom..
    Yep. That’s what I said. Add two new spitfires and let them run..
    Making the Salahis “the stars” was a rookie move by Bravo.

  20. Bryan said

    @18, Thank PBJ, just reminded me I need to add Jelly, well Jam actually to my shopping list.

  21. Bryan said

    Oh New Jersey alert!!!!, Juicy Joe got busted for using a fake drivers license, he went to the DMV with his brother info and they gave him one but caught it and busted him, I just saw the story over on RT

  22. […] if there was no Michaele there would be no show. If that’s true, that’s a damn shame. I said it before and I’ll say it again – I would have liked to watch another season without shyster […]

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