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A New Fitness Option for Alexis – Pole Dancing for Jesus

Posted by tinselkitty on March 24, 2011

And of course it’s held only on Sundays! You have to bring your church program with you to get into the class -“so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing”.

Crystal Deans, a Houston fitness instructor is out to remove the stigma from pole dancing, while also empowering the wimmins. Hey, I’m all for it, and good on ya’, Crystal, you seem to be an awesome chick with a good head on your shoulders. I just can’t help but wonder what the little old ladies at the church would do if they found out. Ah, they protest the class by thumping the bibles on the front door of the fitness center. I hope they do it to the beat of the music. There’s nothing worse in an aerobics class than getting off count.

Don’t get all excited about the stripper heels, though. They’re only wearing them because they are good for the glutes. Yeah. They’re fitness equipment. One could argue that if that were the case, you wouldn’t need to go whole hog with the clear, lucite platforms and the schoolgirl bows, but whatevs. Crystal tries to cancel that out by playing upbeat, contemporary Christian music.

Newbie Tiffany Booth says, “It’s a great way that you can get that stigma off. It’s not just dancing on a pole. All it is is you’ve got music and you’ve got girls together working out.” Oh, honey. I’m sorry, but that right there is exactly what the guys are going for in the first place. A bunch of girls together “working out” to some music. Jimbo would approve, most likely with three, very enthusiastic, thumbs up.


7 Responses to “A New Fitness Option for Alexis – Pole Dancing for Jesus”

  1. humbruh said

    Get out of my head, woman! When I saw this mess on the news yesterday Alexis was the first person I thought of!

  2. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    glad I’m a Cat-o-lic 🙂

  3. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    I saw that on the news this morning. I told my hubby that every church needs a stripper pole next to the pulpit. Doncha think? Maybe gogo dancers too. The whole service could be like a scene from the old show Hullabaloo!

  4. jelly--peanut butter & jelly--jelly bean--whatever! said

    Oh look!
    Can’t you envision this in front of the baptismal….instead of with the letters spelling Hallelujah?

    I mean, let’s go all the way with this thing!!

  5. @tweatcyn said

    I have no words.

  6. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    TK LMAO!!

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