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Lohan No Likey the Salahi

Posted by tinselkitty on March 22, 2011

So which is it, reality show whores? Are they full of mean editors who hatchet job your storyline or are they the purveyors of truth? You can only pick one. I take this to mean Michaele’s “issue” was codependency? Was Dr. Drew trying to get her to see she might be in an abusive situation? She’s addicted to Tareq, isn’t she? What say y’all?


2 Responses to “Lohan No Likey the Salahi”

  1. wildheart said

    Was it that or was Lohan trying to get his kids on the show with him by saying they were codependent? I thought I read somewhere he wanted the kids to come to a therapy session with him. In any case, don’t know if Michaele is codependent. I’m thinking a lying, delusional fame ho.

  2. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Michaele is codependent,,,I said t before,,when the show was on..and he is co dependent as well,,Tareq enables her,,so that she needs him for everything.

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