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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap: It’s My Christining and I’ll Cry If I want Too

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 22, 2011

We begin with the show with Gina’s issues with bathroom time. It appears Gina has some serious bathroom issues and needs to start sippin on the Bethenny Juice to make movement like the movie EARTHQUAKE!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t see Charlton Heston OR Ava Gardner helping Gina out. She will not be rescued.

We learn that Gina insists that wee baby Bryn receive a “blessing” from her church and it appears Bethenny and Jason wants to appease Gina since they have taken Gina into their family since Gina is having some real issue’s with her separated husband in Trinidad who just scammed her house and bank account.



 Lesson #1: Don’t give into emotions where your children are concerned..

Lesson #2: Don’t give into emotions when you have to wear a bright orange head dress..

Bethenny now baby proofs her apartment which is always a good idea. I remember when my kids were young.. In 1929, I read in a wooden plank magazine that you should crawl on all fours in your kitchen and look up and around. That was a huge wake up call for me for things that can reached on the counter.. Like knives.. Duh. And what could be reached into cabinets. That’s when I learned to not store cleaning products underneath the sink.. Again.. Duh.

I am a WARLOCK!!  sorry.. back to Bethenny..

Lo and behold!! There they are crawling on all fours!! I swear I am writing this as I am watching the rerun at 11:00 pm because of DVR conflicts.. I don’t agree with kids not playing with pots and pans.. Its how I kept my kids and grand kids busy with wooden spoons.. But I did learn to make sure all handles point to the back of the oven without incident! (unlike other people who didn’t get the message)

I love Bethenny’s friend Jake while he came over to help Bethenny clean out the closet. The ease he handles Bryn is so sweet. He is comfortable with her on his lap as is she. Great to have friends like this.

Today is the day that Bethenny, Jason and Jake take Bryn to Gina’s church for a blessing in a Trinidad “Baptist” church for a “Blessing”. This is not looking good.

I got nuttin.. my capture stuff is dead. google the baby.. so sweeat!

At the “Bail Bond” store.. There is a place of worship and they are warmly received and the garb is something to see. I love traditional garb and admire traditions. I really like the music and the vibe and want to be a guest. With.. A red carpet..

Quickly it appears its not just a blessing.. But a Baptismal and its freak out time. Poor Jason, his parents are not here.  With Jason’s parent not present they fear the ceremony will slight the grandparents and good call. The water gets poured over the head of Bryn and Bethenny and Jason FREAK!!! Not only did they freak.. They scooted the baby and ran! Quite frankly, both parents were on board and I think Bethenny saved face for his parents on a first Baptismal. If it wasn’t for Bethenny, Jason would have a lot of splaining to due.

Quite frankly, it is a odd thing to bring your child into a house of worship without not knowing the particulars to customs which details were held back and that are strange to you. Knowing is comfort.. Not knowing is just plain strange. Even Jason had guilty remorse.


Bethenny total gives into having a Christening for the family and friends and I am glad that Bethenny regards Jason’s religious beliefs for him and his family where she doesn’t have such a history of much. It never hurts to hold God and Santa over your kids heads when they behave badly..

Johnny.. You just hit your sister.. What would Jesus do? Hell may be in order..

Johnny.. You just ate all the cake and didn’t share.. Santa may not bring you that Xbox game this year.. Are you being good?

Me personally, I love the threat of god when kids were toddlers.. It was a spirit in the house that was invoked by me and just me and I loved the power.. When they got even older?? Santa. He was my god. I could use it 4 months before Christmas and don’t think for a minute that it was not over used.. frequently..

Once we got into the teens.. I just threatened to “rip their faces off“. Plain and simple to the POINT! Yep.. They learned to fear me as well. I am the NEW GOD!!

Time to shop for Halloween costumes and only Bethenny can make it fun. I never had fun with the kids shopping for costumes since it involved 3 stores and 5 hours of makeup design for me. I have to say, kids won all contests regardless if I made all kids over the age of 5 be dead.

Johnny.. You want to be a fireman?? YOU’RE A DEAD FIREMAN!!

Susie.. You want to be Cinderella?? YOU’RE A DEAD CINDERELLA!!

I kid you not.. My daughter wanted that 60 dollar Cinderella costume and would only agree to purchase if I can make her dead. She reluctantly agreed cause she wanted to be a princess so bad. Little did she know.. She went to 8th grade with ghoulish makeup, teased out green hair, fish net gloves bloodied and bullet holes with worms coming out on her face and a slit throat with blood oozing. I am a master at dead costumes and she was humiliated but she won!!! Every time she lifted her head blood oozed. Teachers took her for a tour round classrooms but till this day.. She hates me for it.. Dang kids. No appreciation for hard work.

Panda’s are good for newborns. Um Bryn, when you reach the age of 5? Call me.

Bethenny and Jason confront Gina and thank God Jason does the talking and Gina whole heartedly apologizes. It really is a conflict of interest and culture and love how they wrapped it up. Mazel to the Hoppy family!!

Mr. Therapist learns of the Trinidad “Blessing” and we learn of Bethenny’s fear of the baby being passed around into strangers arms. Sounds like deeper issue’s and maybe more to come. Bethenny has never felt she has been protected or taken care of. It’s sad as mothers who know they protect to the death or even a threat!! Ugh

Now we see a church for the potential Baptism and we are in Jason’s comfort zone. Bethenny doesn’t really have a denomination since her father is Jewish, her mother converted, she went to Catholic School.. UGH!!! Bethenny was happy she didn’t burst into flames when she entered the church and I am glad as well. Bryn would not be happy. AT ALL!

Shweet booboo.. kissy face

How Sweet is the shweet baby face!!

Bethenny tells Julie she is to be the godmother and I had tears in my eyes.. P.S. Julie is Catholic IT’S A WIN WIN!!

Halloween time in Panda Costumes!! A far cry from bars and boozing! Its Corey and Sandy’s place and it looks festive minus psycho Cookie.

It’s the usual trick or treat me times and love that Bethenny and Jason did T&T time with a grown ass family. Welcome too teenagers!!

Brynn is now being officially Baptized with her grandparents present and the life lessons from Jason’s family is the best thing for the family. Regardless if the priest doesn’t know ANYONES name.. its all good in the name of “The Fadda, da Brudda da Sista and da Mudda!!” MAZEL ALL!!!  We can now sing Kumbaya and hold hands while we adjust ourselves. me.. MEH?  I am good..







63 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap: It’s My Christining and I’ll Cry If I want Too”

  1. Rosie said

    Yay Gingertee! Almost everyone here.. Was there. Some of us just didn’t like our old names.

  2. GingerTee said

    As far as I am concerned I am not taking any mess from them. I’m respectful when I post and I expect the same. I know that when I post a select few say nothing. Bring it on, I say.

  3. GingerTee said

    Thanks for telling because I wasn’t sure who Rosie was but I was happy to be greeted just the same. Hiya Rosie, now I know

  4. Rosie said

    I stopped over there a couple of times, once when I saw you had been there. Left my email.
    Another time, I just went on to explain why we left.. Some of them were discussing it, and their info was wrong. Well, several “animals” started attacking (no offense to animals). I kept my cool, but they did not. Nothing had changed.

  5. dy said

    I thought so Ginger, someone had mentioned that they thought you hadn’t changed your name when you came on here, and I said I remembered that you did.
    I’ll always get your Champs and ta-kill-ya, you can count on me 😉
    Bond Girl visits from time to time.

    @48 Rosie

    It’s cold and rainy here..yucky..Be careful driving today.

  6. Rosie said

    Yes, nasty out there. I’ll be careful, but I drive a Mustang, have to downshift in this weather.
    My friends birthday, so I need to be there. A few of us are giving her a party, but she doesn’t know it yet.

    Ginger.. If you need a list of who is who, I’ll email you tomorrow.

  7. dy said

    @7 Rosie..
    You in your sassy Mustang..Woo hoo!! I know you’ll be careful. How nice you and your friends giving your friend a party, aww! Have fun!

  8. BobLHead said

    Morning ladies! Wooo….AMC better watch out…TK is pissed!

  9. Rosie said

    Awwww. She needs cheering up.. Big time, as you know. I will be careful!

  10. Rosie said

    Hi Bob!
    We’ve got Gingertee back!
    I’m a little pissed at AMC too!

    I have to get ready to leave.. Talk to you all later. 🙂

  11. dy said

    @10 Rosie

    I wondered if that was the same one..Aww your a good friend 🙂

    Hi Bob!

  12. Hey GINGERTEE!!!! Nice to see you again!

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