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Watch What Happens Live – After Show with Alexis and Carla

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 21, 2011


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Alexis Bellino from “Real Housewives of Orange County” and Carla from “Top Chef All Stars” appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night and it was ok, not great.  I did like when Alexis presented Andy with her son’s sketch of Andy.   On the other hand, it could be Alexis proving that her son does have talent.. lmaoo.   I kind of feel bad for Alexis having to constantly answer questions about her marriage and justify her devotion.  She may be in a controlling relationship, but it appears its something she wants so who should even judge it?  The show last night with them vacationing in San Diego was a bit cringe worthy for me.  When my kids were small, I did serve my then husband meals and take care of the kids, but he did help me alot and now that I am older?  My Mr Man makes ME the meals or takes me out for a meal.  Priorities change as you get older so I wont judge their marriage.  EXCEPT for the fact that she left the jewelry store with NOTHING!!!  That I would never of tolerated.  😉


Vodpod videos no longer available.
                                                      WWHL – After Show with Alexis and Carla Part 2, posted with vodpod

6 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live – After Show with Alexis and Carla”

  1. Bryan said

    Hey if Jesus Barbie is really happy, well then I say lets leave her be and be glad we are NOT married to Sloth, and how could he say NO to the little boy, I would have found a way to have him fit, and for crying out loud they were only going an hour away, they could have left shit and if they needed something there are stores down here especially nicer ones in La Jolla where they were staying, nicer then OC.

  2. dy said

    I didn’t like that he would let James ride with him @1 Bryan, that was mean, and he asked him twice :(.

    I don’t care about AlexAss and JimBlob’s marriage never have, she seems ok with it, she hasn’t complained that I can recall.. I don’t know that it will stay that way, she’s young,and just now coming into her own her working now with a plastic surgeon,and her clothing line,and of course her second season of OC, soooooo..

    To tell you the truth I don’t see alot of love from JimBlob.

    Love Love Love Carla..Hootie hoo

  3. DUDES!!! I agree sorta of.. if the girl wants to be submissive.. then its world of do want ya wannna!! if we protest this sort of thing.. then all marriages are off the table!! its what it is and she sorta seems happy.. its up to her to say so.. so mazel and grants

  4. Bryan said

    Look at this trio of terror!!!!!!!……….

  5. GingerTee said

    Hello, Hello, I found you all again. I had to get a new computer

  6. Bryan said

    Hi Ginger, and welcome yes Reality Tea has turned into Crack Tea and Anita and a few others are over there running amok, good to see you!

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