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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview- It’s My Baptism and I Will Cry if I Want To

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 21, 2011

Grab The Baby And RUN!!!

Gina takes Bethenny, Jason and Bryn to her Trinidadian church for a “Blessing” and it appears its more then a blessing. As it dawns on Bethenny that this may be a baptismal, she follows her gut and high tails it out of there!  To be truthful, its a difficult position to be in not to embarress your self or the congregation in this instance and I am not sure how graceful you could be in this position. 

I also think this episode includes baby Bryn’s first Halloween. 

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
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10 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Preview- It’s My Baptism and I Will Cry if I Want To”

  1. dy said

    How cute are the Panda’s costumes..

    In my opinion, Queen B. should have researched exactly what this Blessing entailed, before she agreed to it. Then she would not have embarrassed herself and or disrespected the members of the Church.

  2. @tweatcyn said

    I concur! Why would she agree to this without finding out the details first? Odd.

  3. BobLHead said

    Totally stupid B… don’t take your baby to any church for any kind of blessing without finding out what it entails. Stupid.

  4. Katie said

    I would be furious at Gina! I believe Bethenny & Jason went to a Sunday church function by invatation from Gina.I feel they did not know what they were getting into.Gina knew damn well what was going on.Something as serious as that I would FIRE GINA IN A MINUTE for what she did.That was plain to see they were Baptizing Bryn! I would get her outta my house.Bethenny & Jason try to be good & down to earth with people that are working for them. Most employees take advantage. Gina is one that is taking advantage of the situation.Im sorry but it was FREAKY!

  5. Katie.. Whoa.. I wouldnt go that far but I would be furious too! Bethenny asked 3 times whats involved and was simply told.. its a blessing.. to me that sounds like a prayer and wouldnt know anything different..

    I tried to google Trinidad Blessing and couldnt find anything so I would think one would trust. Its a pure mistake by new parents where they should of visited the church and speak to the pastor/minister if they had any reason to mistrust the nanny.

    i think poor Jason expressed his disatisfaction well. Bethenny would be able to do it as calmly. Gina stepped over the line big time. I remember when kids were young and you had to learn some tough lessons in doing due diligence. Specially when they get older and want to “hang out” with friends or have a sleep over. Kids always knew up to the age of 17 I needed to speak to a parent and no longer trusted ANYONE!! 😉

  6. Bryan said

    Okay I thought I posted something on this thread about how cute Bryn looked in her costume and how it reminds me of when my nephew was her age and my sister dressed him up as a Cow in a costume just like that she got from one of her girlfriends it was her daughters lol

    Also check out pretty on the outside drawing and post about last night OC, houswives, Jesus barbie never looked better…

  7. dy said

    Queen B. could have looked up Gina’s faith Trinidad Bapist, I just did a quick search and found it, if I dug a little deeper I’m sure I would have found out exactly what this “Blessing” was all about.
    Anyway it would have saved her getting so upset and all the drama.
    I’m glad that she did jump all over Jason about it,and that they both spoke with Gina, no harm no foul.

    That baby is to freakin cute for herself, period, case closed!! What a babydoll!!!

  8. dy said

    * didn’t jump all over Jason @7,,sorry

  9. Rosie said

    IJS.. This is lovely, but when I hit the comment button, I could only see the fist 8 comments on this two page thread.. I’m posting one now, so I guess I’ll see if all the comments pop up. Also, I can’t see the recent comments on the right, which I use to see who’s here.

  10. Rosie said

    Omg! IJS..
    Ok I’m back to normal now.. Did you add a new mobile app? That’s what I just got when I turned the iPad back on, pretty glossy & professional looking, Wow!
    I don’t remember which button I pushed to get back to this main site though.. Lol!

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