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Real Housewives of Orange County TONIGHT – A New Lease on Life

Posted by tinselkitty on March 20, 2011

I just can’t help but wonder – does Peggy know what pegging is but can’t do anything about how Bravo chooses to name their photo galleries or is she totally clueless about it?

Tonight’s the night, chickens! Tamra and Eddie, making out in the tub. The scene everyone’s been looking forward to. Don’t lie, you know you’ve been anxiously awaiting it. You’re just all saying yuck yuck yuck here to seem cool. Bravo knows how you really feel. In fact, they’re so sure you’re into it they are also giving us sexy time talk between Alexis, Gretchen and Peggy. To quote Bravo, “The dinner conversation turns racy when the women share surprising sexual secrets.” Oh, yeah!

At least it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any Gretchen and Slade action, if this clip, Irritating Slade, is any indication. You can also check out Tamra and Eddie discussing their plans for the evening on the phone in Tamra’s Hot Date.

Also tonight, Vicki’s not yet figured out what it is she really wants to change in her life and is entertaining the thought of selling the house, even though Donn doesn’t want to move, and Tamra takes a break from being topless to propose a girls’ weekend in Cabo to Vicki.







36 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County TONIGHT – A New Lease on Life”

  1. dy said

    I have seen enough cringe worthy scenes( Ed and Lisa in the bath tub, Slade’s sock on his pee pee, Bethenny peeing for her pregnancy test, Bethenny peeing in a ice bucket.. ya know stuff like that) from these Housewives through the years that Tamra’s isn’t gonna bother me. Lol.. Most of them will do anything for air time ya know, me I really don’t care..They don’t have to explain their actions to me, again,I really don’t care!!

  2. Bryan said

    RT has a little story about Alexis, coming to the conclusion after seeing last weeks episode that Barnyard Barney is “NOT” a true friend.

  3. dy said

    @ 2..I read that Bryan..AlexAss is an Ass.

  4. Rosie said

    @2 Bryan..
    AlexAss wrote about that in her Bravo blog. She’s mad at everyone!

    Hi Dy!!

  5. dy said

    Hi Rosie!

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  7. Bryan said

    That poor Maid needs to quit, and Gretchen, shut up for five mintues, “The best cooker ever!!” I bet most of the guests staying at Rancho Bernardo, either left of stayed far far away from that group, I know where that place is, its nice. SLoth’s car looks like it missing its hubcaps

  8. Bryan said

    Barnyard’s boyfriend is tossing off a huge gay vibe, and of course along with the friend, hello girls!

  9. Bryan said

    Bitch put on a blanket!? what kind of fucking restaurant keeps blankets for their patrons? okay, Gerty needs to let up on Slade, he isn’t fat, look at the bloated queen sitting across from you trick!!! ( queen in the pink lacoste!)

  10. Bryan said

    Yeah like you have never seen this trick Naked, or maybe your thinking “Uh oh, I was hired to make this look good but I didn’t I was going to have to get naked and get in the water with her, Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww”

  11. Dani said

    Just watching OC now. I can hardly take Jimbo. What an ass, purposely trying to demean his wife in public by making a scene about all the luggage. Yeah, now she is praying for patience. You think!

  12. dy said

    Gerty I’m so over you cackling all the freakin time you are not funny, you are not cute, shut up! And by the way stop bitching about Tamra, even your bestie AlexAss is tired of hearing it for crying out loud!

  13. Bryan said

    @13TK Oh honey, he isn’t flamer,but something tells me if anything bitch is BI. and that friend in the blanket, I am sure some nook has gone down.

  14. Bryan said

    Oh oh TK it was probably HIM who got her to do that ridiculous Adam Bouska photo shoot for NOH8

  15. Bryan said

    Oh I Twittered Gerty, and told her to back off Slade and his weight,I told her she was turning into a Kvetch. I was waiting for her to turn to slade and see, “Do you want to turn out like him” and point over to portly pablo

  16. Bryan said

    Oh please, Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio!!! .I bet Rebecca will be re-gifting that swill

  17. dy said

    Hey Gerty Slade is not fat..Back off..

    Tamra , Eddie is not hot, he has a nice body,nice hair, but he is not hot, he needs to iron his shirt,and stop wearing geeky jeans,and geeky boots too.

    @Bryan..Tamra’s friend Marcos the guy in the blanket, is gay, thats her boss, she has been frieds with him for a long time.


  18. Dani said

    Seems like the bloom is off the rose for Gretchen and Slade. Then on the opposite end you have Tamra and Eddie in the giddy phase of infatuation. Gretchen was a big party pooper tonight. Bravo is definitely showing a different side of her this year. Dy, I am with you about that laugh. Just give me an ice pick to the ears. It would be less painful.

  19. Bryan said

    @19 TK, Eddie,

  20. Bryan said

    @18 Dy Well Marco’s should have had a jacket with him if bitch was cold, that blanket looked ridiculous, and You know he has probably played with Eddie’s taint!

    I hate those sad ass jeans and that lame shirt, their both up there with “Ed Hardy”

  21. dy said

    Totally agree Bryan ..Bring a freakin jacket, Marcos Geeze!..Eddie, totally disapointed in his fashion sense or should I say lack of..I disagree with ya though Bryan,I think Micah is better looking lol.

    @ Dani..So agree Gerty and the freakin obnoxous cackle God!! and she freakin laughs all the time, its so annoying and imature..God she works my last nerve!..Btw she is so freakin bitter this year, what was with the crack about old ladies and how they dress( when they were shopping) and of course her still going on about Tamra.Another thing AlexAss seems to be a litle put off by her some what, the cracks about her moods, her drinking, etc. Hmmm..Not saying I’m a fan of AlexAss but it seems that she knows hoe Gerty can be and that is her!

  22. Dani said

    Dy, she is bitter this year and it is not a good look. That comment about older women and short skirts or dresses was way catty. She is gonna get some backlash on that one and you just know this will get blamed on editing.

  23. dy said

    @24 I don’t get her this year Dani..Move the hell on already. She just sounds ridicules, she is bringing more attention to all the lies that she has told about what went on all that time ago, Tamra did not lie about Gerty, nope not at all, and Gerty can’t stand that…
    And the remark about older woman and short dresses, her getting bent out of shape about AlexAss calling her a princess. Her getting mad at her assitant her not “having her back” at Tamras party..

  24. Bryan said

    @22 Dy, Im not into queens and that Marco’s torch was too high and bright for my taste although, he is probably a hoot to have as a platonic friend, oh and if Barnyard was worried she was going to look like a sad old trick next to Eddie……….LOL too late!!!

  25. Dani said

    Gretchen was flinging the passive aggressive poo all over the place tonight. Then she tops it off with the cackle. Was that comment about the older women aimed at the new lady?

    Maybe she is ticked that she had the misfortune to fall for broke ass Slade and it is making her a tad crabby. Plus all this stuff w/the court proceedings, I would assume is a matter of public record. Why would you set yourself up to be caught in a bunch of lies knowing they could be easily disproved?

  26. Bryan said

    @27 Dani, they are both wrecks, they deserve each other! Oh and It looks like its just Deputy Dog and Barnyard dragging their butts to Mexico, hopefully they can dodge bullets.

    • Normally I don’t like to comment on looks but I have to wonder if anyone else is noticing the difference in bodies from OC to BH. I’m not singling anyone out in particular, but why such a big difference between the two sets of women? The OC ladies are all pretty small but no one is bony or skeletal. They look healthy. Is bony really that stylish in BH?

  27. dy said

    @26.. Bryan..
    I Don’t think Marcos( blanket boy) is good looking at all Bryan Iagree….I think he would be fun to have as a friend too. Micah..Peggy’ huband was the one Iwas saying is freakin hot, the best looking one of the guys..That guy is hot hot hot..Just has to get rid of the Ed Hardy shit!!

    TamTam does look old next to Eddie your right.

    @27 Dani..Yes it was aimed dead at Pugly, and it was mean and not necessary. The woman needs to grow up.

    BTW..For the record I do not like that Tam Tam went the route of doing anything for air time, as so many of these fame whore housewives/ bravolebrities have..Just putting that out there!..

  28. Dani said

    Bryan, you have such a way w/words. I know it is kinda true about Mexico right now. Not the safest place to vacation anyway. But Deputy Dog dodging bullets, now that just sounds funny saying it.

  29. dy said

    @30..I don’t know Tinsel.. OC does look healthy..BH the only one to me that looked too skinny was/is Taylor, but she seems like the type that is like that anyway..Camille was looking preTty thin, but I think that is/ was stress, plus I think she is just small any way..Kim, Lisa, Kyle and Adrienne look normal to me.. All the other woman on all the other shows look normal to me, except for Bethenny, she is waaaaaay too thin, in my opinion,(SHE WAS NEVER THIS THIN) she needs to put on some weight it is aging her. She looked the best to me first season of NYC

  30. Bryan said

    @29,Dy, yeah that guy looks good dresses like Eddie though, jeans and bad shirts

    @31 Dani,, yeah Mexico is a real mess my sister mother in law has a house in rosarito but she refuses to believe that its dangerous going down there, my sister disagrees and doesn’t want my nephew going down there and when they have in the past and if she didn’t go with my brother in law she wants them to leave before dark, and she would NEVER let my nephew go down there alone. I don’t go down there anymore and its too bad the little house she had is in a gated community right on the beach and was always nice but in the last few years, forget it.

  31. Bryan said

    Oh as for the weight issue, now Vicki looks to be the beefiest of all of them, the rest all kind of look the same with the BH group getting higher marks for their dress sense.

  32. Bryan said

    Look its Strega’s sister…………..Stregette…..

  33. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Alexis should shout one time to Jim “I got your ketchup here, Bitch!” Does that man not know that women got their rights and are not a man’s chattle? We even got the right to vote….hey Jim 19th amendment..look it up. Although Alex-ass would not vote for who she thought was the better candidate,,it’s who Jim thought was AARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!! That poor excuse for a man irritates me,,but Alex-ass irritates me more for selling her soul for a few pieces of gold. I don’t like any of the OC women,,not one has any redeeming qualities,,but Alex-ass really rubs me the wrong way,,I do NOT think she’s attractive,,,that eyebrow lift,,she looks strange.

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