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No One Is Doing Anything To You, Michaele – You’re Doing It To Yourself

Posted by tinselkitty on March 17, 2011

Flying S. Monster, Michaele, you’re worse than Camille and Taylor and Jill, all put together. At least they provide me with oodles of opportunities to point and laugh. You are just an embarrassment. Straight up, Salahi, go the hell away. Please understand, this is not just big talk for the blog while being secretly glad you’re still around for stories. I really, truly, honestly, from the bottom of my shiny, glitterific heart WANT YOU TO GO AWAY. NOW.

It looks like the Salahis couldn’t even come through on their threat to expose Dr. Drew and the Pasadena Recovery Center via a major network because here they are on Inside Edition. They weren’t even top billing. In fact, the only way I knew about this was because of my new crush, Jeffrey Donovan, and reruns of Burn Notice. Had I not been watching that tonight, I’d never have known the Salahis were going to be on. Did you hear that, Michaele? You don’t even rate publicity by Inside Edition.

There were some constipation tears (’cause she has to screw her face up real hard and push, just like when…) and she claimed MS again and then goes on to say she told them from the get go that she never had any addictions and so now is humiliated that she was tossed out. “On the street,” chimes in Tareq, like that’s even worse.

Let me lay it out for you, dumbass:

Most people would be humiliated to be ON Celebrity Rehab. You’re humiliated because you don’t have any addictions? For fux sake, make sure you talk to someone about that because that ain’t normal.

If you didn’t have any addictions, why did you agree to go on a show whose one and only purpose is to publicize the hard and painful journey of rehab?

Why in the hell would you think you were going on Celebrity Rehab to get psychological help for your fake MS? Dr. Drew is an addiction and recovery specialist. He does not waste his time with nutjobs who make false claims about their health.

Again, as I’ve said before, Dr. Drew is a real doctor. As in, MD. Doctor of Medicine. A board certified internist. He’s also Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at USC. He’s on staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital. And, as if that weren’t enough, he’s got his own practice. I cannot begin to understand how you thought you’d pull off MS with this guy. Let me shorten it so you can understand – he’s not a dumbass, you are.

Finally, let me just say this, Michaele and Tareq. Unless you are going to expose some nekkid pics of the good doc, kindly crawl back under your rock and stay there.

Good day.


From Inside Edition

White House party crasher Michaele Salahi says she’s been made a fool of by Celebrity Rehab.

“The hardest part of this is the public humiliation again. I feel like they brought me there to demean me. Ridicule me. Because you would have helped me, or you wouldn’t have wasted my time,” Salahi tells INSIDE EDITION.

Producers of the VH1 show Celebrity Rehab starring Dr. Drew Pinsky say they kicked her off for one reason: she did not have an addiction.

“They came and said, ‘We’re going to need you to leave, you’re not an addict.’ I said, ‘I’ve been telling you that for the last ten days’,” says Salahi.

Salahi says she was honest with them from the beginning that she did not have an addiction. She says she thought she was at Dr. Pinsky’s Pasadena Recovery Center to get treatment for psychological stress related to having multiple sclerosis.

“Having the disease is hard enough psychologically, because you deal with depression. And I kind of always fight it. And even when the world’s crashing, I say, oh I’m ok, but I’m not,” said Michaele.

She also wanted help with the trauma she’s suffered after being publicly humiliated after she crashed the White House state dinner in 2009. Her husband Tareq says they made a mockery of her yet again.

“Michaele was discarded and she was actually put out on the street in Pasadena in front of the rehab center and left there,” he said.

“It wasn’t right to bring me in and not help me. I wish they had never asked me to come,” says Salahi.



17 Responses to “No One Is Doing Anything To You, Michaele – You’re Doing It To Yourself”

  1. Dani said

    Have you ever had someone in your life that is all drama and they just suck the lifeblood out of you? That’s the Salahis in a nutshell.

  2. cali said

    This b*tch is psychotic as well as her lunatic husband, or rather they must be broke in need of money.
    When you look at the pic, the manipulation is obvious-no make-up (pale skin), straight hair to appear to be sick. What a cocoa-puff famewhore!

  3. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    ok..what part of celebrity addiction does Missy not get? it’s2 words..and didn’t Dr, Drew run neurological tests on her for alleged MS? Tareq was living in Lohan’s apartment while he was also in Celeb Rehab,,um is that not also a clue tou Missy,,U and Mike both went to Celebrity Rehab,buth famewhores.


    U are killing me TK..I wrote an open letter apologizing tou,,,am I the serf to ur majesty????

  4. Olive the Other Reindeer said


    Animals are more loyal then the women on Housewives

  5. Rosie said

    SariAss and Porky had better leave Dr Drew alone. I like Dr Drew.
    The folks at Celeb Rehab probably thought she had an addiction, at first, and was lying about it… Many of the celebs do.. At the very least, she looks like she’s on uppers..or has an eating disorder. So, I can see them taking her in. After the tests showed she was clean of drugs..and apparently MS.. They showed her to the door.
    Makes sense to me.
    Go home and be quiet Salahis.. Do they have a home?

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hi Rosie xoxoxo

    I so agree with you,,,please make these people go away,,,bet Linda feels vindicated,,she never bought the MS story.

  7. Rosie said

    Hi Olive..
    They need therapy badly, but not in rehab!

  8. Bryan said

    To quote Dr Smith from “Lost in Space” “Oh Sadness, Oh Sorrow”!!!…..The pain!!!”

  9. Rosie said

    Hi Bryan. Lol
    I saw your link on the new page.. Omg!

  10. BobLHead said

    Argh, these people just piss me OFF!

  11. Mrs T Soprano said

    What the hell is up with her face??? Did she get her lips done?

  12. Busted said

    What a load of crapola! Salahis, you need to get a new scam. The MS thing’s not workin for you! You were suppose to supply medical records. You didn’t. You claim you were invited and have emails. Are they anything like the fake ones you tried to pawn off on the courts in your lawsuit against Dylan Howard of RadarOnLine. When it became apparent you would be challenged with the evidence you intended to present in the form of fake emails, you tucked your tail between your legs and skedaddled, withdrawing the suit, knowing you could be charged with a crime. You claim that you never had a printed invitation to the White House Dinner, that Bravo knew this but wanted you to lie and pretend that you had a printed invitation. Now you are claiming once again, a TV network (VH1) wanted you to lie about having an addiction. Too much to believe this happened to you twice! Herein lies you problem….trying to pull the same BS over and over again! You’ve been “Busted”! You bring contempt and ridicule upon yourselves and then try to blame others. You go from show to show presenting your lies, thinking if you repeat them you will be believed. In fact you just continue making fools of yourselves.

  13. Rosie said

    @11 Ms Soprano..
    She had Botox recently. She’s got the blowfish look.

    @12 Busted..
    Well said.

  14. G-sus said

    I agree with everything you said TK, especially the nekkid Dr. Drew pictures part!

  15. G-sus said

    Either her botox and filler has kicked in or she is having an allergic reaction to something;)

  16. Love it!! She deserves all the public scorn they can get. I want to know who is paying for her Botox. Tareq is such a scammer – I am sure he scammed it somehow!!

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