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Caroline Manzo’s Husband a Target by NJ Govener

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 17, 2011


As reported by NBCNewYork

He’s a familiar, if not benign presence on the popular cable show, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Albert Manzo, husband to housewife Caroline, is well known as the owner of the profitable restaurant and party venue, The Brownstone in Paterson, N.J..

What’s less known is that he’s also a Commissioner at the North Jersey District Water Supply. He earned a pension, state benefits, some authority and a $7,500 yearly salary.

“These entities collect money from the citizens of New Jersey in various forms and no one is paying attention,” said Gov. Chris Christie during a Wednesday news conference.

Since taking office, Christie has had it out for what he calls government waste in unsupervised independent bodies such as the NJDWSC.

Already this year, the governor claims he’s saved taxpayers $10 million by removing six of the seven Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners and firing 71 of its employees for things like mismanagement and alleged corruption.

“The toilets are still flushing,” argued Christie.

Now, with his spotlight on the NKDWSC, Christie has suspended Manzo without pay and is looking to fire him for cause for listing his business in Paterson as his home address.

Christie claims anyone who watches ‘The Real Housewives’ knows Manzo lives in Bergen county’s Franklin Lakes.

NBC New York went by The Brownstone and Manzo’s Franklin Lakes’ home for comment but no one was available.

Manzo reportedly told a New Jersey Politics blog that he has no intention of resigning and that he’s done nothing that can be considered remotely corrupt.


18 Responses to “Caroline Manzo’s Husband a Target by NJ Govener”

  1. Rosie said

    Christie loves going after reality stars.

  2. CotonMom said

    A Gov’s got to do what a Gov’s got to do. I’m sure state’s can’t afford to pay people like Albert any more. And so it goes.

  3. dy said

    I love Big Al..I don’t think he did anything wrong/ corrupt.

    I agree with @2

  4. G-sus said

    Speaking of Jersey, anyone see this pic yet? If you’re eating dinner at this time, you may want to let your food digest first.

    I swear Michael Lohan is a famewhore magnet.

  5. G-sus said

    Just in case you didn’t recognize the fur with a head, it’s Kim G.

  6. dy said

    @4..Yes GSus..Bryan posted this morning on another thread.. I laughed my ass off!..These 2 are freakin perfect for each other lol

  7. G-sus said

    Well, at least we can rest assured that whatever diseases each of them carry probably cancel each other out. Why tongue? Why?

  8. Dalai Mama said

    I miss you all. Won’t you climb up to my cave and have some yak butter tea and fried mo-mos with me?
    I get lonely sometimes.
    With regard to Mr. Manzo, “J’accuse!” (pointing finger).
    There. I’ve met the minimum requirements for an on-topic post,right?

  9. Bryan said

    On my way Dalai

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  11. Mikki12 said

    If Al’s salary is correct and not some typo no one can say that $7,500 a year is much of a salary. So it must be the benefits, i.e. pension, medical insurance, etc that’s the big draw here. The most benign explanation is that Al needed a job that provided benefits for himself and his family. You certainly can’t look forward to a pension when you’re self-employed. On the darker side of the issue it sounds like one of those “political jobs” that aren’t really needed or necessary.

    I always keep in mind that the Manzos were good friends with Bernie Kulick who was a pretty corrupt guy, as we all know. My grandmother always said “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” I suspect that there is something a little shady about this job but I doubt it rises to the level of outright corruption. If Al is smart he’ll keep quiet and get the hell out of Dodge. I can’t see him winning this battle with the governor.

  12. dy said

    @ IJS

    Are you around ?? If you are, What do you think of all this stuff,and now that Big Al has resigned?

    I read that he was going to resign in May anyway, that he has his income from this postion( that he was held only sinse 08) in escrow,and that he is donating it to Wounded Warriors, I read a good article on that real jethros site or whatever its called I can’t remember it now.

    Anyway..I really don’t think Big Al did anything really wrong/ am I wrong??

    • Dy.. I think he needed to resign for a few reasons.. bad press for his business and not to look like he is scamming to distance himself from the mafiosa rumors from his fathers past. He certainly does live in Franklin Lakes and it is fraud to say that you live in a banquet facility when your drivers license says something else.

      The perks for being on the commission is to have ties to officials, a small salary but there are benefits such as health and retirement. I am sure he is also on the board of chambers which is legal for the town of Patterson because your business resides in that town.

  13. dy said

    Zap2it is the site, Iwas referring to @14

  14. dy said

    Thanks, just wondering what you thought.

    I read his resignation letter, the aricle I told you about on Zap2it, and todays article and I really do not think he did anything wrong. Also his DL says Patterson. He has explained it all,and to me it makes sense, but I think no matter what, people are gonna think what they want.
    Any way he resigned, next…

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