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Then Why Be On WWHL?

Posted by tinselkitty on March 16, 2011


I know Andy was giddy as all get out to have Diane von Furstenberg on his show, but if she’s not a fan, why’d she go? I watched that episode and she didn’t seem comfortable at all. So what exactly did she have to say?

“You know what I don’t like right now about women in America? I don’t like when they are objectified in the Housewives of Miami and the Housewives of … you know? What I resent is when women are objectified … I just want every woman to know that they can realize their potential — but their potential is not necessarily fake tits.” — Diane Von Furstenberg after last week’s DVF Awards, a celebration of International Women’s Day.


29 Responses to “Then Why Be On WWHL?”

  1. Bryan said

    You have to admit she has a point, I mean while we enjoy these shows, most of these women are.. well they way I feel about Perez Hilton and how he thinks he represents the gay’s. Personally I feel he demeans us and to DVF, well these women are not exactly the kind of women most mothers want their daughters to turn out to be. So I could kind of see her point, she was probably on WWHL because Princess Cohen was trying to upmarket his usual guest line up, and another Fashion related guest to go along with IMAN who wasn’t just some bravo celeb.

    Also, what happen to Larsa Apso Pippen, she was suppose to be on last night with Kathy, I’m glad she wasn’t no need to sully her guest appearance with that trick.

  2. dy said

    Hi Bryan

    I know I was glad that Larsa was not on on WWHL..Kathy was great!

  3. Bryan said

    @2Dy Good Morning Dy, and everyone else.

    Kathy was great and it was so Dlist of her to not win that poll, even just by a narrow margin, but it doesn’t suprise me after reading some of the pro-palin stuff over on RT

  4. dy said

    Hi Bryan..

    Gotta love KG and of course Dlisted.. I want to see her live so bad, my daughter has seen her, and she says you freakin laugh so hard you cry!!

    I see what DVF is saying also, but please, these are freakin Bravolebrities that have sold their freakin souls/ dignity for a little bit of change for a Reality Show.

  5. BobLHead said

    Hey Dy, saw Ms. Griffin live a while ago, so freakin’ funny!

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Good morning everyone,,,

    OK,,I have a serious problem,,,My older
    brother and his GF are supposed to leave for Hawaii the 21st…I don’t want them to go because of the Japan disaster…anyhow,,I just told him I am afraid for their safety,,but he’s been watching all the news and HE decided he didn’t want to go,,,Mary (GF) wants to go and can’t understand why he is saying he’s not going. I tell u the truth 95% of the time,,,I’m on her side if there is a problem and they talk to me about it(Being MY brother,,u know he ain’t no angel),but this time I have to agree with Rich. I really need your opinions,,do u think it is too dangerous to go to Hawaii right now?

  7. dy said

    Hi Bob..

    Hi Olive.. I wouldn’t go.

  8. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Kathy ain’t afraid of no gun toting mama grizzly,,,Kathy saidone of the girlswas using the F word on their Facebook,,not the 4 letter,,but the 6 letter f word,,,If it’s Bristol.,she’s an adult and free game to Kathy,,,GO GET THEM KATHY….

  9. BobLHead said

    Hey Olive, My mom lives in Hawaii, I just sent her iodine tablets. It may not be a great time to be there, they also have had some serious damage on the big island from the tsunami, not getting press because Japan is the bigger story (of course), but things are kind of messy in Hawaii right now. No radiation though. If for some reason they decide to go, make sure they take iodine tablets with them.

  10. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    An open letter to Tinsel C. Kitty

    Dear Ms. Kitty,

    I was tired last night ( I know how dare I… right? ) and did not answer you properly. First,,I did not see your post,,because again I am the ditziest of them all..I saw newer comments and a lil’ lite went off in my head…and there was your post. I am so afraid of u that my knees knock together that I pray that you not sideline me with a post…I have flogged myself and lain in the prone position that the priestess of all that is feline will forgive a silly peasant girl. Do not m’lady (M’kitty) ever doubt that I fear you. Thou art not a wimp.

    I remain your humble servant,


  11. dy said

    @8 Olive..She was talking about Willow, the 16 year old…Still WRONG, she knows enough to know that word is ugly, and should be told about it, period!

  12. BobLHead said

    Way to suck up Olive!

  13. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Thank you Dy and BobL…I was just wondering if I was over acting..Today is Mary’s birthday and I am going to call her soon,,so I just wanted to know what you all thought..

    Thank U,,,

  14. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    That is sooo wrong,,,you are correct Dy,,where did she pick this ugly word up? Kathy did go see Palin when she was in Alaska to see Levi,,and Sarah wasn’t home. I hope I don’t forget to watch Thursday night…

  15. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    shhhh BobL….maybe she takes my open letter as the sincere apology that it u think she will buy it?

  16. BobLHead said

    Yea Olive, I think she will, but just in case, I’m tossing some glitter on it, you know how TK loves shiny things!

  17. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Oh thanku Bob,,,,Glitter keeper of the land! U Rock!

  18. Olive the Other Reindeer said

  19. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    ok,,everyone is pissed off,,my brother,,because he doesn’t want to go,,,Mary cuz she thinks I influenced him,,but he doesn’t want to go at all..,,just not because of that,,and my Dad,,because he said Obama says it is ok,,other countries are taking their people out of Japan,,but Obama isn’t and I told Dad that I think they are trying to keep calm and lying to the people….we are a tight family,,but when there are hurt feeling sand people are pissed it sucks.

  20. dy said

    @19..I’m sorry Olive 😦

  21. BobLHead said

    Geez, family can be a pain sometimes!

  22. carrot said

    Hi Olive– we’ve never talked before but I just wanted to say I side with you on this subject. I am sure Hawaii is safe, radiation wise. However due to the damage of the tsunami, I can’t see your brother and his GF having too much fun. I am sure Hawaii would appreciate their business, but also Hawaii is trying to deal with the damage done. I just don’t see it too fun for them– no telling what is closed right now or the state of many of Hawaii’s people. I say wait. UNLESS!! they would like to volunteer to help 😉

  23. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Thank you DY,,BobL and Carrot,,,,

    I wanted objective opinions and I thank you…my brotherand Mary are both workaholics and wanted to rest,,but asRich said,,he can’t see getting much rest there….

    Carrot,,during the Katrina disaster,,I did phone calls forthe Red Cross,,,it was so sad,,because the calls dropped thru the computer and you could tell if it would be a donation or a person looking for his family,,,,my brother, my best friend and some other friends went to Louisiana to set up shelters…the stories they had were heartbreaking and the bureacracy was horrific. Someone needed to write about this,,it was not a proud moment in our history.

    Thank you Carrot,,,I can be a real silly ditz at times,,but I really do appreciate your help.

  24. Bryan said

    Olive, carrot is right. it’s okay if they go to Hawaii, and the damage is limited to certain area’s please its better then going to florida, they could run into the Bruja!!

  25. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Everything ok out there in California,Bryan? I hope so,,,ok,,’splain what a Bruja is please.
    I don’t like anyone to be mad and this is a huge thing,,it’s Mary’s birthday and I decided I’ll call her after she gets home from work, but I’m sure she will be a little hurt,,mad,,Rich just doesn’t want to go and she will ask me to intervene. Oh Sunday will be fun,,we are having her birthday dinner,,,I love my family..I love my family arghhh!

  26. Bryan said

    @25 Olive, yeah everything is fine, the only places that got some wave damage were way up north near the border and that like 500 or 600 miles away. oh and btw, Bruja is spanish for witch.

  27. Olive the Other Reindeer said


  28. @tweatcyn said

    LOL, Brian. Elsa the Bruja is such a trip ain’t she? If my face looked like that plastic surgery nightmare, and I was a witch, you can be damn sure I’d not only curse the surgeon, but also be casting beauty spells on myself.

  29. Bryan said

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well it looks like Reality Tea is in the middle of some sort legal tussle with someone from the BH cast,check out her tweets on Twatter she lays it out.

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