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She Did Seem Overly Loud, Tonight…

Posted by tinselkitty on March 14, 2011


Absurd to Sublime is floating a horrible idea. A terrible, horrible, awful idea. But…it would also explain the recent embiggening in the chestesess. Oh, by the way, this pic has nothing to do with the story, they just don’t have pics from tonight up yet at And I love this dress.

From Absurd to Sublime

While not a Tamra Barney fan, everything she says in this video as she trains with Fernanda Rocha is probably true.  Simon Barney got what he wanted when he married Tamra, but once she got a taste of her own money from Bravo, it was over for her.

She married for money, he married her because of her youth and beauty.

Why complain now?

Also, all you Slade Smiley fans out there will love this:  Episode 2 leads off with him in the shower.  Aren’t you thrilled?

The hockey player will not be on Watch What Happens, Live! tonight with Gretchen Rossi. Slade, who went to New York for the taping with Gretchen anyway, will replace the hockey player.

Pay close attention to Gretchen’s belly.  That’s all I’m gonna say (for now)



IJS is watching now and I’ll be hitting up the DVR right after I post this to check it out again.


35 Responses to “She Did Seem Overly Loud, Tonight…”

  1. dy said

    Gerty seemed her loud, obnoxious self to me on WWHL,not any louder than usual.

  2. Rosie said

    Hi Dy! Agree.

    TK.. Gretchen is always loud and cackling to me

    • But what do y’all think of the baby insinuation? Personally, if it were me hiding something like that, I’d stay away from tight and bright, so I don’t know.

  3. Rosie said

    TK.. I didn’t notice anything, but I saw this post after I watched WWH. It’s still on my TiVo, so I’ll look closer in the morning.

  4. dy said

    Oy Tinsel..I don’t know..He must have had the reversal..

    Anyhow if she is pregnant/ going to have his baby..Good for her..I do not care for Gerty or the Sladester, but I could never say anything against them having / wanting a child together..That would be too mean, even for me.

  5. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    Spade had a vasectomy, so he would have gotten it reversed since last season.

  6. Rosie said

    @6.. Lol. I meant “Slade”.

  7. dy said

    Hi Rosie

    I know.. thats why I said he must have had the reversal. They talked about it last season.If this is true, he probably had it done after filming..Who knows.

    I watched WWHL again and her belly looked the same to me.

  8. Rosie said

    Dy.. You did.. I missed it @5.
    He must be pretty sure of himself.
    But Gretchen would have to be crazy to marry him, now. With all his IRS and child support judgements, she could be pulled into his obligations if she marries him.

  9. I found it amazing how Tamra wanted to convince Alexis that their husbands were the same.. acutally pushing Alexis into turning against her husband… Amazing!! When your down.. you want others down with you.. freakin amazing.. you can never speed up a situation to align with yours on own circumstances.. Jim may be like Simon.. but so far Alexis seems to be happy.. its her own journey.. not Tamra’s Maybe Alexis wants to be a kept woman.. who knows but its her own jouney and choices.. Its sorta of like reverse woman hating!!

    Vicky.. oh poor Vicky.. Should never drink and club with coworkers.. Its apparent how desperate Vicky is regardless of her marriage.. I too like attention.. but on camera? I aint gonna happen.. no self awareness to the camera at all!! Truth be told.. we all desparate HW’s. but how much do we wanna have camera’s on us and the truth unfold??

    I think I said it before.. Tamra.. I am SMH. wno does soft porn for Bravo when you have small children and trying so HARD to express what a good mother you are only for your kids to reveal what an up and coming porn star you want to be!!?? SMH I guess Alexis is also shaking her head to say how much better she is then you and thats a long stretch!!!

    Lord have mercy..

  10. dy said

    I think JimBlob is alot like Simon. Let AlexisAss figure that out for herself though Tamra, you are right Ijs.

    Well it could have been worse, she could have made a sex tape in her own home where her children live for sale, like The Strega did 😉

    I’m not crazy about Tamra, but everything she ever said about Gerty is true..She is far from the worst housewive in my opinion.

  11. Rosie said

    IJS.. Omg holy lawsuit!! Vicky cannot be sharing suites with employees, and then yank their half-naked butts out of bed in the morning. As smart as she is, she knows nothing about employment law! If one of them quits, or is fired..look out.

  12. Rosie said

    Dy and IJS..
    Blob is very much like Simon.. But, Alexis likes being taken care of, and she’s not ready to care. Tamra is ten years older than Alexis. Maybe in ten years, Alexis will be sick of it too, but not yet.

  13. dy said

    @13..Totally agree Rosie.

  14. Tinsle.. the dude in the bowling Alleys name was DUDE!! ok I kid.. it was Jan.. I prefer he is dude.

  15. dy said

    Really Gerty/ Sladester..The next Oprah..Please…You could’nt even be the next Bethenny..I’m so tired of hearing the words building my bran..Ugh!!

  16. dy said

    @16..Opps..* brand

  17. Oy Vey said

    Hi all, I agree with TK and IJS. Gretch was way too loud, like always and she really wants Alexis to be as miserable as she is. My other question is, why (except for a second tonight) does Tamara not have tears when she crys? That has bugged the crap out of me for a couple of seasons.

    Also, Vicki just wants to be single. The whole renewal thing was for the cameras, otherwise she would have teared up instead of explaining how many diamonds she paid for in the ring.

  18. Rosie said

    Dy.. I agree. I’m sick of everyone’s brands, too. I understand the urge to make money, but don’t turn the HW shows into infomercials!

  19. Rosie said

    Oy Vey!!! Hi Sweetie! xo

    Maybe the Botox has blocked Tamra’s tear ducts.

    You could be right, I think Vicky just gave it one more shot, before she pulled the plug (either for herself OR for the cameras).

  20. Oy Vey said

    Hi Rosie, never thought of the botox! Good call!
    I feel bad for Don, poor guy never had a chance. He can’t compete with her need for attention now that she’s been in front of the cameras. And I would totally ask for a copy of this tape if I worked for her in case I needed it later.

  21. Oy Vey said

    Hey TK!

    I don’t know why, but every time she crys she never has tears. It has always bugged me, because that’s how I know my kids are lying (most of the time, my son should have a couple of oscars).

  22. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I know it’s no big deal,,but I thought the singing on Gretchen’s song was auto tune as well…

    Slade..Slade..Slade…*just shakes head,,dude,,ur not funny,,Does he get paid on the show for being Gretchen’s “partner”? ewwww
    I watched the reunion from last season, before the show,,,Jim,,omg,,,he doesn’t want his wife going anywhere with these girls,because they act inappropriately…that’s a way to say u are a controlling asswipe…he effing bugs me. Alexass ain’t goin’ anywhere Jim,,u have her soooo programmed,,and plus I really don’t think she’s all that,,the eyebrow lift makes her look like she seen a peen or sumthin’.

  23. dy said

    I think so too Olive..Loved Andy saying it,and laughing! It seems to me he’s not that crazy about Gerty and Sladester.

  24. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Hi DY xoxox
    I think it was Rosie or u who said Vicki better not be staying in the same room with her subordinates and acting inappropriately with them ,,,California has very very strict labor laws that are pro employee,,plus they got it on tape…

  25. Olive the other Reindeer said boyfriend said the same thing,,,Vicki has a large love tank ewwww

  26. dy said

    @26 Hi Olive

    That was Rosie..Believe me she knows her stuff, very smart lady our Rosie!

  27. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Yep she is,,and so r u,,that’s why I hang with all of u,,,hoping it will rub off on this ditzy blonde 😦

  28. Mikki12 said

    Okay, you all know that I was working until midnight last night so I was pretty tired when I was watching Bravo after I got off from work. Did I hear Gretchen correctly on WWHL? Did someone ask about Slade’s job and did Gretchen say “banging me in the bedroom.” After she said it she must have realized how slutty she sounded and then made an apology to her parents.

    Did I really hear this or did I fall asleep and was having a nightmare?

  29. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Hi Mikki,,no u heard it Hun,,unfortunately,,,now that will give anyone nightmares,,he’s so creepy,,he reminds me of a guy in a trenchcoat,,”Hey little girl,,want candy”? u can tell,,I am not a

  30. dy said

    @30 Hi Mikki

    Yep, you heard her correctly..She is freakin ignorant. Geeze!

    @29 Olive..You are not ditzy, you are a very smart young lady..Wise beyond your years!

  31. Mikki12 said

    Just wanted to add another word about employees sharing rooms. Several years ago, two co-workers and myself went to a conference in Saratoga, NY. All paid for by my employer. One of my co-workers was a male so I knew we would not be sharing a room with him. What did surprise me is that Susan and I were not allowed to share a room. We all had to have separate rooms. So there I was in the lovely Saratoga Inn with a king-size bed and all alone. I called hubby and asked him if he wanted to join me. You know you’re married a long time when hubby says that he’s too tired to make the trip. His loss.

  32. @tweatcyn said

    I wouldn’t want to share a room with any coworker. I would demand my own room. That king size bed all to myself. Heaven.

  33. Mikki12 said

    @ Tweatcyn: I was only too happy not to share a room. I just figured my job would have us share a room to save money. But I think it might even be a law – at least in NY. The king-size bed was divine. In fact, the room was just lovely with a lot of charm that you don’t see in the big hotel chains. It was a wonderful 2-day stay. Glad I got to go.

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