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Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP – Shameless in Seattle

Posted by tinselkitty on March 14, 2011

Gretchen loves Slade dearly, y’all, and she’s sick and tired of having to explain it to you over and over again. If you’re sick of hearing about it, too bad. Get on the damn Slade train, mah bitches! Now!

Okay, are we all aboard? Good. Now, isn’t it nice to see Slade finally doing something worthwhile when he busts Gretchen on getting back into bed? You know she got up and put on the makeup and fixed the hair and then jumped back in before allowing the cameras to film, thus ensuring the illusion of natural beeyootifulness.

Speaking of sick and tired, you know the Bravo peeps are just so over hearing people ask about what Slade’s employment situation is. It appears they attempted to answer this question once and for all by asking Slade on camera.

“My role in Gretchen’s businesses is to consult with her as best I can and guide her to create some successful companies.”

Then they asked Gretchen the same question.

“Slade’s new role in the relationship is mah bitch!”

It looks to me like Gretchen is the one with the facts straight on that one, what with Slade’s taking orders whilst fixing her shower.

Shawna’s up next and she’s arrived none too late as Gretchen is itching to clear the air about Shawna’s loyalties and whether she’s got Princess Gretchen’s back. That’s right, ladies and germs, we are two for two with the phrase “have my back” so far. In episode one we heard Vicki use it with Tamra. Perhaps I should keep a running tally. I wonder if we can get a perfect season.

Poor Shawna. She was only trying to rein in Princess Drunkpants and keep her from making a bigger fool of herself than she already had and now she’s having to explain that without explaining it, lest she offends her highness some more. Shawna’s a quick study, telling PG that she’ll either defend her or not say anything.


Not a sex toy.

Unless it is?

Fernanda’s headed over to Tamra’s with a bottle of wine. Bet Shawna’s wishing she had done the same thing. Tamra whips out the most oversized wine opener in the history of the world and the sexual innuendoes get to flying. Honestly, a corkscrew is not that hard to operate. On a wine bottle, that is. And come on, Fernanda. Everyone knows sex toys are made with rounded edges. Just saying.

Tamra doesn’t want to talk about the party because these days she doesn’t hold a grudge. She’s learned in the past year that stupid shit doesn’t matter anymore. She’s just so happy, she wants everyone to be happy! Eddie lets Tamra be Tamra and she lets Eddie be Eddie. Eddie sees the good in everyone and Simon saw the bad in everyone. Eddie doesn’t even mind when Tamra has to resort to using White-Out for nail polish instead of splurging on OPI.

Vicki’s going to Seattle with her insurance team, but in the meantime she needs the dogs to go potty and Donn to sit. Sit, boy, out on the grotto with a beer. At least she doesn’t notice when Donn goes and sits on the furniture instead. Bad Donn. No bone.

It’s time to meet Peggy. Alexis and Peggy are walking their kids to the park along with a metric shit tonne of baby crap. Since it’s hard to tell which mommy is winning just on the amount of kiddie accoutrements, the ladies are going to have to do battle in the achievement zone. Let’s go to the board and see how the numbers shake out.

As you can see, the incumbent easily trounced the rookie, even if we refactor to give each woman an equal number of kids. Plus, there is the whole bitchtastic talking head where Pegs fills us in on her theory that James wasn’t cute enough to score his own modeling contract so Alexis is lying to cover it up. That’s worth at least -2 points right there.

Alexis’ hand-on-hip thing during her talking heads is getting on my last nerve. I have no idea why, it just is.

I believe I can fly! But if I can't, at least I'm insured!

Unlike many working parents who secretly enjoy being child-free for a few days, Vicki is ecstatic to have Briana join her in Seattle. When Briana checks in she says she’s going to her mom’s room. Totally normal.

Over at the smallest convention ever, Pete Kalasountas presents Vicki with the Top Agent, Top Recruiter 2010 award. Though many would say she was chosen because of the show, Pete is very clear on the real reason. Vicki is psychotically persistent about her business. Reading between the lines, I believe Pete is in danger and he was trying to send a coded message to the outside world. Pete, if you can hear this, let us know you’re okay.

Vicki’s etched square of acrylic touches her deeply and she realizes what an impact she’s had on the insurance industry. Vicki’s made insurance cool, yo. “How crazy is it that I love insurance this much?” Yeah, Vicks, that’s, like, uber massive cool. Whoomp, there it is. Uh oh, that makes two references to crazy right there within a few minutes. Perhaps Bravo’s trying to underscore the seriousness of Pete’s message.

Oooh, never mind, now there’s a new house on the screen. It’s the Tanous house. I’ll bet the bank doesn’t have any problem offloading it when it hits the auction block on Thursday.

For now, though, let’s get to know Peggy. She was born and raised in Orange County. She’s a typical California girl, she got the blonde hair and loves the beach, her bling bling, her lip gloss and she loves her guns.

A few minutes later, though, she explains to us all how she is not like what we expect her to be based on where she lives. I love how she says she didn’t marry JUST for money.

Then we hear how they have the bling and they have the lifestyle of the Orange County Republican, but don’t judge this book by its cover. Do you even know what [airquotes] the Orange Curtain [airquotes] is refering to, Pegster?

So which is it Pegs? Are we supposed to look past the stereotypical OC, bleach blonde, plastic surgified, overextended to the hilt, image-obsessed bitch on wheels or not? How about we just talk about your choice of outing and everything that goes along with it. Oh yes. Lets. And since I’m in a comparative mood today, I’m going to keep up the points theme.

No, you most certainly do NOT wear heels to go shoot a gun. People that actually know how to shoot guns and respect them for what they are know that. One point for the stereotype bucket.

Micah can’t help you get ready because he’s making sure all the clips are empty for transport. I hope to FSM you don’t keep them full at the house. And surely you store your ammunition in a locked box in a separate location from the guns, which are in their own locked safe. Right? Given the shot of Micah pointing the pistol up at his face, I’m going to assume you don’t follow the proper safety measures required for responsible gun ownership. Another stereotype point.

Really, Peggy? You really think it takes strong survival skills to be a housewife in Orange County? What exactly are you surviving? You do realize that there will be valet parking at the apocalypse, don’t you? You won’t be able to just build a fire by flipping the fireplace switch. Whole Foods pre-revolution will not be the same thing as whole foods post-revolution. Jimmy Choo is not a survivalist’s friend. You get two more points in the appearance bucket just for being so damn arrogant and ignorant at the same time. You’re 4-0 now and I got a whole ‘nother clip to go.

Ed Hardy shirt. You know where this point is going. 5-0

“In Orange County you meet a gorgeous blonde with fake boobs and immediately you think oh gold digger, looking to move up whatever, and as a guy you just kind of prejudge someone.” Okay, Micah, you’ve earned your first genuine point for having the balls to say it out loud. 5-1

Peggy and Micah drive to Evan’s Gunsmithing in their full size Hummer. No cheap ass H2 here. At least there’s a TV screen in there so the kids can watch Sesame Street once they move in. Maybe then they can learn to count to six in Spanish like Alexis’ kids. No, wait, she’s of the party that wants to kill PBS. 6-1 (That’s pronounced seises – uno in Spanish. MacKenna told me.)

Not how you hold a gun

NO. Absolutely not. No one who even jokes about putting sparkles on a gun should ever be allowed to shoot one. Hell, y’all know I’ll toss glitter on just about every damn thing in the world, so when I draw the line, you know it’s for serious. 7-1

Excellent gun handling there, Peggy, wrapping your fingers around the barrel like that. I’m sorry, I mean wrapping your fingers around the bangy bangy end like that. Awesome way to shoot yourself in the hand. 8-1

Also not how you hold a gun

Equally excellent gun handling by Micah, holding the AR there up with one hand. 9-1

Micah Tannous – man of many talents, although a good Scarface imitation is not one of them. He does love him some guns and swords, this Mr. Versace Gucci Micah Stewart who can sew and can cook. A man of many wonders indeed. Wonder when he’s going to admit to either being gay or having a super tiny penis.  Seriously guy, we don’t care either way and we already assume one of the two is true. 10-1

“I’m hot, I’m blonde, and I can rapid fire.” Bullshit, Peggy. Do you even know what rapid fire means? Your stance tells me no because if you let that gun run loose it’d knock you on your ass. 11-1

So by my count, you’re all show and no go. The one go you got as a couple was earned by Micah and if we separate them out he’s a no go, too. Ed Hardy will kill you every time, my friend. Leave them in the house for the bank to repossess.

Boned her. Right there.

Tamra’s got to get out of her crappy little apartment but she’s not going to move into Eddie’s old house. Not when he used to bone his wife right there! Pshaw.

Even though we just found out that insurance is cool, it’s not cool enough yet for boys to cross their legs. Vicki tells us she wants her kids completely healthy, completely free from stress, in healthy relationships. She wants them more happy than herself. Yep, I think most moms would say the same thing.

You can tell Briana’s done the “hi, nice to meet you” thing a lot, what with Vicki being her momster and all. It’s almost automatic for her. What’s not automatic for her is seeing her mom flirt shamelessly with a coworker.

“It feels really good to have a man pay attention to me. It’s been a long time since Donn kind of…googled over me.” Sure, Vicki, we get it. Marriages end. It’s a sucky sitch but it happens. But, mark my words, that’s not what you’re going to get slammed for. The way I see it, there are two big issues here.

1. You work with him.

2. You’re kid’s not cool with it.

This is how you make Briana squirm

If you’re really going to be so cavalier as to ignore #1, especially with a camera crew in tow, you should damn well be stopped dead in your tracks by #2. I don’t care if Briana’s an adult and you guys have a totally awesome relationship and whatnot. You are her mom and you are still married to Donn, who, as you’ve always said, has basically been your kids’ dad. And that he was a good dad. You are putting Briana in a shitty spot by behaving in a way that forces her to either narc you out to Donn or keep it a secret from Donn. Not cool.

Oh, honey. Now Danielle is having to tell you to calm down. You are making others uncomfortable. We don’t care how long you’ve known him. Enough!

Tamra wins comment of the night:  “What’s she need an assistant for? To hold Slade’s balls?” Oh, Tam Tam! That’s funny but you know, Princess Gretchen’s put special, new fangled pocket things in her giant handbags that are just perfect for ball carrying. Now she never has to go digging in the bottom of the bag for them.

I just want to admit that I was totally floored by Vicki sharing the room with four other people. It’s just not a thing I’d ever see her doing. She’s so easily rattled if things aren’t just so and that room was obviously not just so. I mean, I could see her getting an awesome suite for herself and making everyone else share, but I am fully surprised that she got down in the trenches with the peons. Peons who are all probably making a pact to convince her to get her own room next time.

Bravo kindly lets us know that John is the social media coordinator, which explains the printed green undies. Those things were made to go viral. A picture of them will be slapped up here as soon as it shows up online. You betcha.

Improper prioritization

Back in the OC, Tamra and Alexis meet up at Renaissance Club Sport to do the yogas. Tamra’s not so bendy, but damn if she doesn’t seem all around happier. If they had just reversed the order and done cocktails and then yoga, she would have nailed those stretches.

Hallalujah! After how many seasons and cities, a Housewife’s finally figured out that on-camera relationships are cursed. Tamra’s hesitant to share Eddie with the ladies because she doesn’t want to ruin it. Yes, Tamra, good for you. Of course, next week we’re going to see you getting busy in the bathroom with Eddie, but you will always hold the title of First Housewife To Get It.

Alexis, still of the more common varietal, Housewife Not Getting It, tells Tamra she can meet Eddie because she won’t gossip. Too easy. Moving on. A quick discussion of the party fiasco ensues, and Tamra seems sufficiently chastised by Alexis asking her what she thought would happen by wearing the Evil Eye hat out to the patio. Thankfully, it seems this party will not be rehashed into oblivion a la Beverly Hills. Tinselkitty does a little happy dance in front of the teevee.

Briana’s thinking the unthinkable – leaving mom. And she’s urging Danielle to do the same thing. This is, in fact, so unthinkable, that the producers immediately recognize the serious of the situation and show us only the briefest of clips, buried within the Tamra/Alexis scene. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them cut an episode like that.

Tamra’s noticed that Alexis seems a little more independent and sassy these days. A little less Beth Cleaver-y. Many viewers thought Alexis had just flubbed the name and meant to say June Cleaver, but this is not the case. Beth Cleaver was June’s sister-in-law, married to Ward’s older brother, Montgomery. Beth had always been the most popular girl in the room, perfectly coiffed, perpetually made up and always, always with a picture-perfect Jello mold at the ready, even for (gasp!) drop in guests. The legend of Beth was so magnificent that the local ladies took to dropping in on her at all hours, just to see if there would be an untouched, unbroken Jello mold awaiting in the ice-box. There always was. When fruit began appearing in the Jello molds, suspended in all its fruity glory, jealousy rippled throughout the suburb. And then word got ’round that Beth had been offered a television deal.

Tragically, Beth’s good fortune was to be her downfall. So upset were the other women that a plot was hatched to knock Beth down a few pegs. For the other women saw clearly that, by judging Beth to be perfect, they were being judged to be imperfect. This would never do. Although the details remain fuzzy, it was determined that the ladies worked together to convince Beth she was going insane.

When the television producers discovered that prim, proper Beth had turned into raving, screetching Beth, there was a great wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. For this was the olden days, and promises were promises. They had promised their sponsors that their new show was wholesome and pure and now their key player was spending her days in the bathtub, curlers in her hair and fingerpainting on the tiles with cake frosting. If word got out that she sometimes walked the neighborhood at night in pants (the horror) or that her oven was no longer spotless, (won’t anyone think of the children?) their sponsors would back out of the deal and they would be ruined. RUINED!

Then, one evening, a representative for the producers was dispatched to the elder Cleaver’s house to inform Montgomery that his wife’s deal had been killed. Montgomery’s brother, Ward, and his wife, June, happened to be visiting that night. Sensing a glimmer of hope, the representative held his tongue on the deal killing, telling the Cleavers he was stopping by to check on Beth’s health. The next day, he phoned his clients and told them about June and how she might do in a pinch. Long story short, June became the star of the Cleaver empire and the story of Beth was buried.

I don't want to be a Beth!

So, you see, Alexis is right to be concerned about becoming Beth Cleaver. One minute, you’re clicking your heels around the kitchen in a new ‘do, sporting a kicky little apron and making brownies, and next thing you know, you’re living in a trailer park with 83 cats and wondering who the man is in the toilet tank and why he talks to you every time you poo.

Anyhoodles, Alexis does have her new dress line going and she can do most of that work from home. Of course, the minute any of that career nonsense gets in the way of mom/wife life, they’ll have to have a family meeting. Why do I envision a Bellino family meeting as a “bitch, you need to come to Jim-sus” meeting?

Tamra doesn’t believe for a second that Jim is supportive. Hell to the no. Uh uh. Now that Tamra’s been through the battle and has a bit of distance, she’s learning what it looks like from outside. Tamra does some gentle prodding and hint dropping, like how Simon was telling the Bellinos that Tamra doesn’t like them at the same time he was telling Tamra they don’t like her. Ironically, Simon always put the Bellino marriage up on a pedestal.

Tamra’s also heard from too many people that Jim doesn’t like Tamra. Kind of like how Simon didn’t like Vicki. Yep, Tamra’s figuring it out, but it looks like Alexis isn’t yet ready to see it. She disagrees that Jim bosses her around because of biblical stuff. See, men are supposed to be the ones going out and taking care of the outside world. Wimmens is supposed to stay in the house and be all loving and nurturing. Now, there’s been times when Alexis has gotten out of line and Jim has to put her back into line. But that’s how it supposed to be.

It’s okay, Tamra. You had to come to it in your own time and Alexis’ path might not look exactly like yours. In the meantime, if you could ask Alexis to please pepper her scenes with even more bibley stuff, that’d be great. I’m all set to go and feel a bit let down this week.

Next week is also Tubby Time Tamra. Yippee ki yay, chickenfuckers!


40 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP – Shameless in Seattle”

  1. Bryan said

    Okay, well I already said in another thread but I will say it again, the pretentious names of these kids given to them by their white trash parents who think it will make them sound sophiticated. Peggy and her hubby, oh please swingers on the down lo along with Alexis & slot, but you know, if these two couples swing the men watch the women kiss while they rub one out.

    okay I’m done with Fernanda the Roach, she needs to be shipped off to Miami so she can out latin the other who try to out latin each other. to me she is “fashonably gay”, maybe LOGO will use her for something

    Oy Vicki, your a mess

  2. Miss Figg said

    Ohhhhh THAT Beth Cleaver. I don’t know why I get her mixed up with Beverly Cleary nevermind June Cleaver. Mystery solved, everything explained and cleared up. Thanks.

    I am sick to death of Vicki’s complaints about her empty love tank and it’s only Donn’s fault. If her tank is anywhere near the size of her ass and thighs I don’t know any man alive that’s going to fill that up.

    Tamara does seem happier and less wound so tightly. Alexis doesn’t even bother me yet this season. Icky Vicki needs to go and take Gretch with her. Gretchen is so annoying and bitchy now. And her makeup line isn’t getting good exposure with her face being all broke out. I’d be afraid to use it. Yikes!

    • Miss Figg, it almost seems like, when they got the characters out of storage and got ready for filming, some of the ladies got into the wrong costumes! I’m almost completely turned around with who I like and who gets on my nerves this year from last.

  3. Bryan said

    Check out “pretty on the outside” picture of Peggy ….

  4. dy said

    @4 Thanks Bryan.

    Love pretty on the outside..He is freakin hysterical and right on every freakin time!

    I like Fernanda so far, she doesn’t bother me ..Yet.
    Vicki is he same, hasn’t changed, me,me, me..I work, I work I work..Empty love tank, loud and obnoxious when drunk..ugh..She has been like this forever..So I guess I’m used to her.
    Gerty’s assistant is more mature than Gerty. I thought she didn’t deserve the dressing down Gerty gave her, I mean the kid was trying to difuse the stupid argument at Tamras party. Gerty what did you expect her to do, bitch slap AlexiAss? Gerty just wants people around her to fight her battles..very imature.

  5. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Good morning everyo one xoxoxo

    I see in future episodes, Alexis gets all possessive with Jim the Sloth,,she jumps bad at a girl who is going near her man,,oh for the love of God,,this chick bothers me the most. I really don’t like any of them,,but Alexass is trying to put women back to where the man is the freaking ruler…lmao Pretty on outside where he calls Peggy Anne Coulter,,what a put down,,,but it’s true,,lolololllllllll

  6. dy said

    @6..Hi Olive

    I swear everytime AlexisAss and Gerty open their mouths they make fools out of themselves.It’s so freakin annoying to me.Geeze!!

    I think Pugly and her husband are freakin stuck in decade..80’s/ 90’s..not a good look.

  7. Olive the other Reindeer said


    I can’t find one redeeming quality for these women. But so far ALexass is driving me nuts,,her and Gretchen’s friendship will not last,,especially if her relationships with girls is based on Jim the sloth’s opinion….oh God,,(getting all biblical here ) please keep his red fat bulbous face off my tv..

    Ya’ know ..none of these wenches in all the franchises seem to know how to be friends,,and every freaking franchise,,at least one HW says I want to celebrate women,,yeah? Celebrate this


    I’m crabby this morning..sorry

  8. dy said


    Lol Olive ” Yeah..Celebrate this” Funny! ..

    You are not crabby sweetheart.

  9. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I was in a very bad controlling, possessive relationship and when I see JimSLob and ALexass,,I want to slap them into next Tuesday,,,
    Controlling and jealousy does not equal a good relationship,,I learned that at a young age,,,

    Dy,,thank you,,,u keep me sane,,well as sane as an Olive can be 🙂

  10. BobLHead said

    Hey all….looking foward to watching this tonight. I expect to do a lot of screaming at the TV tonight!

  11. Olive the other Reindeer said


  12. Bryan said

    yes even all the gay boys want Sloth!

  13. Olive the other Reindeer said

    hahahaha,,and I want all the gay boys,,,lol…well seems I have an attraction to them,,,I gotta’ find my Will to my Grace *sigh

  14. @tweatcyn said

    Ok, this is hilarious! My favorite line: “Bad Donn, No Bone” LOL!
    Hey, I have had the priviledge of going to that indoor shooting range. I recognized it immediately. I was so excited to connect with dear Peggy. It’s really a cool place, but her attire was so inappropriate. If you’re a gun fan and are in the OC with shooting on your mind, check them out. They teach gun safety seminars and other shooting classes as well as sell guns and accessories and target range.
    I sure would like that barretta she bought.

  15. Reality TV Morons said

    Here is the thing about AlexisAss. She really should learn what the bible quote truly mean that she is spouting all of the time. Now I don’t have anything against religion or plastic surgery, so let’s just get that out of the way. However, I do have something against someone that CLAIMS to be this big Christian woman yet she has openly slapped the good Lord in His face by getting all of this plastic surgery. What she is saying is “God, I don’t like how you made me and I am unhappy with you”. Furthermore, she puts SO MUCH emphasis on her looks. Therefore, she needs to read scripture about modesty and vanity. Lastly, she dresses like a hooker with her boobs hanging out and her dresses so short, that she is knowingly leading men into temptation by causing them to look at her body and think adulterous thoughts. She needs to stop fronting and know that people don’t buy her BS. If you want to read more about her, come to our facebook page and read what we found out about her first marriage.!/pages/Reality-TV-Morons/184571844914092

  16. Reality TV Morons.. I love your edited pics!!

  17. justasbad said

    I don’t know who writes more crazy; a.) Jennifer Sale b.) Author of this blog

    Omg how bizarre? Tinsel have you been taking lessons off her, or is it other way around? Holy }&%P headache – hope this isn’t your everyday vocab. Tacky Tinsel

    • Dont worry peeps.. there is nothing to see here.. justasbad (another moniker) is the same peeps hittin up blogs under different guises and new mantra for us ‘hobby bloggers’. Someone sounds like they need some serious nasty times in the dark.. by themselves.. with tools… dirty ones.. large ones..

  18. Rosie said

    @19.. IJS
    Glad you’re on the job. 🙂

    As far as the episode goes..
    Vicky needs to clean up around her employees! So unprofessional, you can’t un-ring that bell. Mark my words.. Some disgruntled employee will sue her one day, and use all of this footage..

    Gretchen, as employer, gets an “F” too. Is the assistant in charge of drunk rantings? That was horrible. Gretchen should have been apologizing, not reprimanding. Once again.. Lawsuit material.

    Peggy.. Yuck. That’s all.. Just yuck.

    Alexis.. I agree with RTVM @16. She does the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. At least we were spared seeing Jim-Blob. She is obviously a time-traveler from the 50’s. She is controlled, but she likes it.

    Tamra is the least annoying so far this season (I know, can’t believe it either).

  19. dy said

    I agreed with one thing AlexisAss said…When she and Tamra were having cocktails, she said bascially” what good did you think was going to come out of you putting on that evil eye hat and looking at Gretchen”..The look on Tamras face seemed liked she agreed with her, thinking it was wrong. I wish they would have filmed what she said.

    I agree with you Rosie@20..AlexisAss does like it, at least for now ;)..Tamra is right though JimBlob is very much like Simon,you really noticed it when they showed some clips from last season.

  20. carrot said

    TinselKitty. There are two people’s recaps I read. Carina Chocano’s at Vulture (ny and yours. This recap was REEEALLY fantastic, even Iman would wear it! Your Beth Clever story was comedy gold (glitter?).

    Ok, enough of the ass kissing. I agree with Rosie @20. Peggy is blah. I’d prefer to see Fernanda and her life. Peggy just seems like Alexis + Tamra, but minus more personality. At least Fernanda’s body is bangin! Jealous even when she has clothes on ;(

  21. Dalai Mama said

    “Reading between the lines, I believe Pete is in danger and he was trying to send a coded message to the outside world. Pete, if you can hear this, let us know you’re okay.”

  22. G-sus said

    Just watched the episode. Can you tell I wasn’t very excited about this season? A few things stood out to me.
    First, why is it that Alexis only seems to reference her role as a Christian when she is talking about being subservient to her husband or her role to take care of the kids and home? It just seems like Jim has used religion to control and manipulate his wife. And the part where Alexis talked about her kids being the most talented because they scribble the best and can sit a LONG time. LMAO! I wonder which one is gifted at picking their nose?
    Second, why won’t Vicki give her kid a break. This is the second time she has brought Brianna on a trip and not let her relax! Let the girl sleep for crying out loud!
    Lastly, Tamra is continuing to bug the crapola out of me. All these ladies are self-centered egomaniacs, but it really bugs me when I see people slamming their kids’ other parent on national television. Her kids are soooo young, I don’t see the need to make it all so public. Maybe it’s because I know what is coming in future episodes like the bath porno and the publicity trip to the courthouse. Yuck!

  23. dy said

    @24 Gsus

    “wonder which one is gifted at picking their nose”

    I don’t care for Tamra, but she really isn’t bugging me..I don’t think she is slamming Simon( just my opinion). As far as the bath tub scene next week, well we saw something like this with Lisa and Ed from ATL.a season ago, while I don’t think it is necessary, it does’nt really bother me,as I have seen other goofy scenes ( peeing on pregnancy sticks, peeing in ice buckets). lol..The courhouse scene, I don’t think she can help when the Bravo cameras are going to show up, they film whatever the housewive is doing that day. Remember when they showed up at Lynn house when she was being served eviction papers? I don’t know, I’m not making excuses, it’s just what I have seen is all.

  24. G-sus said

    @ Dy I just wish she would take it down a notch for her kids’ sake. I do think she is slamming Simon, though more subtly than she usually does. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if she didn’t have young kids. And she could chose not to have Bravo cameras with her when she went to the courthouse just like when LuAnn said she wasn’t going to let the cameras film her when the videos of her daughter surfaced. Somebody obviously also alerted the paparazzi at the time so they would be conveniently there to catch it all on film also.
    In the end, they aren’t forced to do or say anything they don’t want to. IMO, I don’t think they think about the lasting effects stuff like this has on their kids, they just think about their own time in the spotlight. This kind of stuff just bugs the heck out of me. I can take their egos and craziness, I just get a bee in my bonnet when I know that their are innocent victims because of their behavior.

  25. Rosie said

    G.. I agree, why make the kiddie info so public??
    Lol on the nose comment! I don’t care for Tamra usually, but the others are bugging me more so far. I’m sure Tamra will change that soon..

    Dy.. Lmao on when the cameras were at Lynn’s eviction!

  26. dy said

    @ 26.. I see your point Gsus.

    You are right about LuLu, I forgot about that.

  27. Rosie said

    Dy or G..
    Did you see the Bravo Blogs for OC?
    Omg! Peggy and AlexAss are already attacking each other. Alexis is mad at almost everyone…
    They were all attacking each other, way worse than in the past, and so early.

  28. Rosie said

    G.. Lulu is one of the best at handling the bad situations. She keeps her children pretty low-key too.

  29. dy said

    Hi Rosie,

    I read AlexAss’ and Gerty’s Oy!! AlexAss really was a bug up her butt about Pugly and Tamra..Gerty’s is just so freakin long winded and, Oy she just works my nerves any way, I can’t take her..Ugh!! You are right Pugly is attacking AlexAss too..Boy if this keeps up can you imagine the reunion?

  30. Rosie said

    Hi Dy xo!
    It really was personal and ugly, wasn’t it?? Peggy has certainly come out of the gate with her dukes up!
    I think it’s a big mistake to be new and already attacking.
    Omg on the reunion!

  31. dy said

    @32 Yes it was Rosie.. Geeze no love loss between those 2 already, geeze..
    You are right it is kinda of ballsy of Pugly, but she seems like the type doesn’t she?

  32. G-sus said

    I haven’t read their blogs yet but I can just imagine. I did read something about Alexis not getting along with anyone this season, even her BFF Peggy. Why is it that these women seem to be in competition with each other so much? Who works more, who is the hottest, whose marriage/kids are the best? They need to get a REAL reality check!

    Now, there is something I will add about Lulu. I personally wouldn’t want to hang with her, but you have to give her credit about how she handled her divorce. Obviously she was hurt, but she managed to publicly talk about how hard it was for her without dissing her husband. Kudos to her for that, the other ladies need to a cue from her.

  33. Rosie said

    Dy.. Yep. I was turned off to that one right off the bat. Beginning with her posing with the gun…

  34. Rosie said

    I don’t know why they think that kindness and friendship are boring. I would love to see a true friendship or two on the HW shows.

    Lulu wins the “divorced HW” award, for sure.

  35. dy said

    @34..You are right Gsus, actually I said that last week about LuLu..Bryan and I were discussing LuLu and I said exactly what you said 🙂

    Talk about about being humiliated, Count AlexAss totally humiliated her emailing her that he wanted a divorce and screwing around with that whatever prinecess..Geeze..He and Kelster must be friends or related.

  36. G-sus said

    Seems we agree;) One other thing to add about these ladies dissing their exes. For the most part they are preaching to the choir. I don’t know too many people who don’t think that guys like Kelsey and the Count are anything but dirtballs who make major life decisions with their Johnson instead of their brain or heart. These ladies look way better when they take the high road like LuLu did.

  37. dy said

    @38 Yes, we agree about LuLu 🙂 She was/ is a class act regarding dealing with the divorce and not speaking poorly of her X. At least not to the media, nor on the show, but I’m sure she has to her friends and family in private. 😉

    But I can’t be too mad at the others for saying things, they are human, not perfect,and have spoken without thinking alot of times. Who am I to judge? I’m not perfect either, I don’t know that I would have been able to hold back at times ya know..I’m just being honest.

  38. […] Peggy already say her kids were signed with an agency? Yeah, she did. What the hell? I could give her the benefit of the doubt if I wanted to (and I don’t want […]

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