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What’s New On TV Tonight? RHOC, Big Love, Shameless & Sister Wives Premier’s S2

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2011


 There is a butt load on TV tonight and Sundays have become epic in viewing and viewership.   Even Oprah’s OWN network is moving a show to Sunday nights to capitalize on the action.  I often thought why would want to compete already with a full line up? 

Maybe some of you are old enough to remember that Sunday night was family viewing night.  I remember the Sunday Disney movie at 7:00pm and we had to have dinner completed and cleaned up to view our weekly Disney movie.  Now kids have their own TV’s in their rooms so they can watch the Disney channel because regular TV seems a bit too racy for kids.  Anyone remember Friday nights was Brady Bunch night? 

Yep.. I am old as dirt 😉

Here’s what’s on TV tonight (all times Eastern). Check your local TV listings for the full schedule.

All Night

Hallmark Channel: ‘I Love Lucy’ marathon continues


ABC: ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’
CBS: ’60 Minutes’
NBC: ‘Dateline’


ABC: ‘Secret Millionaire’
CBS: ‘The Amazing Race’
NBC: ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’
FOX: ‘The Simpsons’
Disney: ‘Good Luck Charlie’
Travel Channel: ‘When Vacations Attack’
Style: ‘Ruby’
Sundance: ‘Brick City’
BET: ‘The Family Crews’


FOX: ‘Bob’s Burgers’
HBO: ‘Big Love: The End of Days’


CBS: ‘Undercover Boss’
NBC: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
Lifetime: ‘Army Wives’
History Channel: ‘Ax Men’
Food Network: ‘Chopped All-Stars’
HGTV: ‘Holmes Inspection’
TLC: ‘Sister Wives’ (season premiere)
Travel Channel: ‘The Wild Within’
Cooking Channel: ‘Food(ography)’
Retro TV: ‘Mike Hammer’ (two episodes)
HBO: ‘Big Love’
Showtime: ‘Californication’


FOX: ‘The Cleveland Show’


CBS: ‘CSI: Miami’
Lifetime: ‘Coming Home’
A&E: ‘Breakout Kings’
Bravo: ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’
HGTV: ‘House Hunters’
TruTV: ‘Las Vegas Jailhouse’
TLC: ‘Hoarding: Buried Alive’
E!: ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York’
Animal Planet: ‘Taking on Tyson’
Style: ‘The Dish’
Cooking Channel: ‘Unique Eats’
Showtime: ‘Shameless’


HGTV: ‘House Hunters International’


E!: ‘After Lately’



23 Responses to “What’s New On TV Tonight? RHOC, Big Love, Shameless & Sister Wives Premier’s S2”

  1. Fleur said

    IJS, I remember Disney Sunday’s. Loved them! In my family Sundays were spent at church and then we’d have a big dinner with everyone followed by riding our horses, four wheelers, skeet shooting, fishing or crabbing. We’re always outdoors down South. LOL When we got home and had our baths it would be Wild Kingdom and Disney. We loved it. To this day we still follow those traditions as often as possible. My kids and I still watch Disney Channel movies together. Thanks so much for the reminder of some wonderful memories! 🙂

  2. Fleur said

    And the Brady Bunch was a favorite! Remember Charlie’s Angels. I forget what night it was on! My sister, cousin and I would run around the house and property all night, “solving crimes” and pretending we were Jill, Sabrina and Kelly. HAHA I still want that Cobra Kelly drove!!

  3. Rosie said

    Hi Fleur & IJS..
    I remember Disney nights too! 🙂

    Why is everything good on on Sunday? My TiVo tapes two at a time fortunately, but I’ll have to get the late showing of Big Love, and Sister Wives.. Lol. Love Californication too. I can go for days on what I tape on Sunday nights.

  4. Leigh said

    Such good times!!! I loved Brady Bunch so much,I would take my cassette recorder and tape it..Then I would play it all the time:) I was a huge Charlies Angels fan..My mom should have known then I was a little lesbian:)!… I had pictures and posters all over my room.I kid you not I had a “Sabrina Duncan/Kate Jackson” Pillow!

  5. Leigh said

    @Fleur Charlies Angels was on wednesday nights

  6. Rosie said

    @4 Leigh..
    Awww. That’s cute. Lol

  7. dy said

    Ohh Lisa is out of her league..Star is eating her up and spitting her out..Oy, no love loss there!

    Love Jon Rich, Mark McGarth, Lil Jon

    • I’ve never been a Lisa Rinna fan but I did end up watching a couple of episodes of whatever the Lisa and Harry show was called. She seemed pretty pleasant on it and I thought maybe I’d end up liking her. I don’t think so, now. Why is she so defensive? Maybe I didn’t see enough of the other show to catch her behaving this way.

  8. dy said

    Star and Dionne..WoW what freakin Divas!!

    “I will not be taken down by a bunch of Bitches!”…Lol

  9. What's New On TV Tonight? RHOC, Big Love, Shameless & Sister Wives ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  10. mikki12 said

    I’m working until midnight tonight so I’ll have to catch up on everything when I stop working. Tinsel Kitty: The name of their show is “Harry Loves Lisa.” I believe it was renewed for another season although I didn’t think too much of it. But I guess it’s okay for mindless entertainment.

    • Thanks, Mikki. Was it worth watching other than the episode I caught? It was the one after she had her lip surgery done. She’s just so shrill on Celebrity Apprentice. Shrill. I was trying to think of how to describe her earlier but couldn’t come up with the word. Shrill is perfect.

  11. G-sus said

    TK, this one is for you, only because I know how much you enjoy disturbing HW pix. Can anyone explain to me how this could be a “hot pix”. It looks to me like one inch away from the opposite of ass crack exposure.

  12. Fleur said

    Hey Rosie! 🙂

    Hi Leigh! Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t sure! My friend Gale is a lesbian and she always said that Farrah Fawcett was her first crush. She used to have that big poster of her in the red swimsuit on her bedroom wall. LOL

    TK, I was never crazy about Lisa Rinna either. I have DirectTV and for some reason I can’t catch the NBC stations out here on the island. I’m so glad for the recaps!

    G-Sus- MY EYES!! MY EYES!! I wonder if KKB pees standing up. She’s just so manly looking… Ugh…

  13. dy said

    Good call Donald..Lisa needed to be fired, she’s not strong enough, nor smart enough for the game.
    Star is a arrogant, condescending bitch, but she is smart..

    NeNe was right all 3 were wrong.

  14. dy said

    Why is the Donald so freakin orange? Geeze!

  15. Leigh said

    @Fleur You’re welcome..I only know and remember that because my mom let me stay up late on a school night to watch,if I was a good girl;)

  16. dy said


    Lol Tinsel!.

  17. Olive the other Reindeer said

    OFF TOPIC,,,Bradley Cooper will be on Inside the Actor’s studio,,,ooooo he’s gorgeous,,,now I saw him play a gay businessman in Valentine’s movie,,if he is,,then my theory is correct…

  18. Miranda said

    I say good for them, if they are happy and the kids are healthy whats it matter?! I love being able to watch this show, especially since DISH offers TLC in HD. Not that I need to see Kody in HD, but it makes everything is clearer and not so grainy. As a long time employee of DISH, and a subscriber seeing how the picture quality has changed so much over the years. I am glad I have, it has been worth the wait. As for the Brown Family, keep up the work! You guys are beautiful!

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