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Lulu’s Not Dicking Around

Posted by tinselkitty on March 12, 2011

The Countess is smart enough to set her sights on acting instead of handbags or polyester bedding ensembles.

From Radar Online – 

Real Housewives Of New York City
star, Countess Luann de Lesseps is filming a guest star role in a new scripted show called Eden for USA Network playing – herself!

Luann is in high demand having only last month played her first scripted role as a high-brow art collector in NBC’s popular crime drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

And this time around she feels right at home!

“I’m a socialite!” she said without revealing too much about the new show. “It’s exciting! I’m making the move into scripted. I feel comfortable paying the socialite. I’m good at it!”

Meantime, the Countess dishes that the new season of her hit Bravo reality show will be a “rollercoaster.

Fans of the New York Housewives, which is returning for its fourth season on April 7, will see a “shift in friendships and new alliances,” said Luann.

“I think it looks very exciting and there’s a lot of drama going on. I think people are invested in our characters.”

Last year it was Jill Zarin who butted heads with the leading ladies, and this year it looks like the new antagonist is Ramona Singer.

“Ramona lets a lot of things fall out of her mouth and I think she’s going to have a harder time getting away with that,” Luann confessed.

“I think some of us have issues with Ramona and some of us don’t-everybody knows Ramona and she’s always somewhere involved in the drama and I think you’re going to see her bumping heads with some of us this season.

“I try and keep the peace which isn’t always easy. But I’m not push-over, if I have something to say I say, I just say it differently.

Luann has her own set of personal adventures this season, including a studio visit with music legend Natalie Cole, a Sex And The City-style girls-only getaway to Morocco, and finding love with her hunky new beau Jacques Azoulay.

So after the much talked about public break-up with her husband of 16 years last season, has she thought about tying the knot again?

“We’re very close and care very much for each other so you never know! I’m not against marrying again,” she confessed.


27 Responses to “Lulu’s Not Dicking Around”

  1. dy said

    Good for LuLu, hope the acting stuff works out for her..

    I don’t mind that any of them have stuff going on,( cookbooks, hand bags, skin care, make up, bedding etc.) They all deserve to strike while the iron is hot, one isn’t any better than the other, when it comes to trying to make some money.

  2. dy said

    I have always like Ramona, I know she lacks a filter plenty of times(all of them do)..But she always owns what she says, and apologizes when she has hurt anyone,( not all of them do). She does have a heart.

  3. Bryan said

    LOL, it seem’s RT wants to expand and is taking a cue from IJS…….

    One can only imagine from that group over there! LOL!!!!

  4. dy said

    @ 3..Hi Bryan!

    I saw this Bryan and posted this on another thread ( not the link just the info.)..Hey there are some talented writers that post here, you being one of them, plus you are freakin hysterical.I would love to see you blog for her..You would make some of those posters over there heads spin!!! lol

  5. Dani said

    Good morning Dy and Bryan,

    Glad LuAnn has more of a story line this season. Last season she was mostly just Jill’s lap dog. I can see the acting gig working for her and she looks good on screen so it is all good.

  6. dy said

    Hi Dani!

    Me too..I really am looking forward to this season..

    Yes, I agree LuLu does look good on screen, she is very attractive.

  7. Bryan said

    @4 Dy, Thanks for the compliments, but first off I’m not good enough a writer and then I don’t think RT would want her readers to leave in droves. I would end up pissing the lot of them off. Also I don’t watch that much TV or what I do watch those RT,ers probably don’t

    @5 Dani, I never saw her as Jill’s lap dog, she just wasn’t going to persecute her till the cows come home like the other two banshee’s did, Also she was the smartest one she stayed away from that bahamian or wherever it was nightmare and warned Mrs Limon Zirga, “NO DONT GO!!!!”

  8. Dani said

    Dy, I am so ready for NY season. I think it will be fine without Bethenny. All these ladies are characters and always bring it.

  9. Bryan said

    @8 Dani, It will probably be better without “Temple Beth Banshee”

  10. Dani said

    Hi Bryan.

    I always thought the scenes with her and Jill were always all about Jill. I think Jill kinda consumes people in that way. I think Bethenny being gone will hopefully take the focus off of that ridiculous drama that was way overplayed last season. Glad to see the ladies are venturing out in new arenas. One thing Bravo does with these ladies is take an argument and blow it into a season theme and it gets old. Can you imagine living your personal life that way? Too exhausting and life is just too short.

  11. dy said

    @7 Bryan, Your welcome sweetheart, I think you’re great..:) Totally agree, that LuLu told Jill to not go to the Bahamamas, she really should have listened to her..Also she was and has been a good friend to Jill. I think she tells her when she is wrong, we just don’t see it,all the time.I really started to like LuLu last season again, she was on my list for a minute because she became D’LuLu in the seson second.;)

    @8 Dani..I think NY will be fine without Bethenny too. I looking forward to not hearing about her ass aches for anymore seasons. She has her own show now for that. Oy!

  12. Dani said

    Dy, good point about LuAnn. I had forgotten that she did try to bring Jill back down to earth to no avail. She also had some perspective on Kelly’s behavior during that time frame.

    Alright now I have to agree w/you Bryan about LuAnn. You smarty pants.

  13. dy said


    To me LuLu was more like the LuLu that I liked the first season of Ny last season..The second season to me, she became D’LuLu and really worked my last nerve..With her whole ‘I’m the Countess’ shitck,and her writing her manners or whatever book..Oy..She is still passive aggressive,and at times arrogant, but to me she reined it in last year.

  14. Dani said

    Dy, I wonder if going through the divorce was an equalizer for her. I think she changed her priorities and has had to consider living expenses more than she had to in the past. Just speculating. But I give her credit for putting herself out there to make a living.

  15. Bryan.. also did you notice the tv in the logo as well? hmmm

  16. dy said

    @14 Dani

    I think you are right. I agree I give her credit also..
    She went through alot with her divorce,with Count Alex-Ass. Telling her he wanted a divorce via email and screwing around with a Princess..What a putz! Wonder if he and the Kelster are friends?

  17. dy said

    @ 15

    Imatation is the sincerest form of flattery..;)

  18. dy said

    Oy.. I don’t think I meant intimation@16..Oy, I’m such a idiot sorry.. I meant when someone copies you, it’s flattering..

  19. dy said

    @ 18 *imitate(sp).. I think that is what I mean..Oy..Rough day 😦

  20. lmaooo Dy.. try it one more time… lmaooo 😛

  21. dy said

    @ 20
    Nope..I’m done Ijs..Made enough of a fool out of myself ..I hope you know what I meant, I meant it as something nice..:)

  22. Dy of course I know what you meant the first time!! its all good! 😉

  23. Bryan said

    I don’t see any Televisions in that photo anyway

    Check out this gruesome twosome………………

  24. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Bryan,,now that is a disaster waiting to happen,,hmm I wonder what ol’ Omarosa thinks of Lawrence…she’s one of the biggest homophobes I have ever seen. I know this isn’t nice..but I loathe that creature…last I read she was dating Michal Clark Duncan
    ( the same time she had her reality show ),,I thought wow,,this sweet man is way too good for that heifer. But she fits with Sheree for some reason. I am NOT a fan! *I have been watching toomany movies about the Monarchy,,,,WE ARE NOT AMUSED!

  25. Bryan said

    I didn’t know Omarosa is a big homophobe!? doesn’t surprise me, if she doesn’t like Lawrence, what must she think of Dwight LOL!?!?!

  26. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Uggggggh! Omarosa nearly ruined me on Apprentice for life. When I saw her on Apprentice, I wished there was a way to reach through the television screen and slap someone!

  27. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Jelly,,but Piers took her on and didn’t give an inch,,,she is a monster,,,,

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