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This “Exclusive” BS Has Really Gone Too Far, Radar Online

Posted by tinselkitty on March 10, 2011

Are you fricken fracken serious, Radar Online? You’re going to pass this off as an exclusive? You got this stuff from the clip on just like anybody else can. There was no source, you just wrote a post based on the preview. Luann’s even laughing at you, now.

Radar Online “hears” –

Real Housewives of New York will finally stop those nasty rumors that the show’s season premiere was pushed back because it was “too boring.” has exclusively learned that in fact the 4th season will be overflowing with drama, as the wives take sides in an all out battle of blondes vs brunettes.

“The new cast member, Cindy Barshop, starts drama right off the bat,” a source exclusively tells

Ramona Singer and Cindy just don’t get along, in fact this season it is definitely the blondes vs the brunettes.

Jill Zarin, Cindy, Countess Luann de Lessepsand Kelly Bensimon are against Ramona,Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord.”

According to our source: “It’s not as evil and dark as last season, but there’s lots of hilarious competitive drama!”

One thing fans will have to look forward to, are some real cat fights between Luann and Alex.

“Luann is taking on Alex and cuts her down at every turn,” our source reveals.

In one face-off Lesseps teases McCord about her pricey shoes.

LuAnn: “You look ridiculous walking in those Herman Munster shoes.
Alex: “These are Louis Vuittons.”
LuAnn: “Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes.”


At another point, McCord bites back by referring to Lesseps as a “thug in a cocktail dress.”

“The cast is excited for the premiere,” the source says. “It’s explosive with lots of catty drama, and real laugh out loud funny moments, I think it’s the best season yet.”



10 Responses to “This “Exclusive” BS Has Really Gone Too Far, Radar Online”

  1. dy said

    Yep, this can all be seen on the Bravo site..Previews for Ny.

    Ugh..Radar on line, I never believe any thing that they spew..

    I think Ny looks good this season from the previews..I’m excited!

  2. Bryan said

    Isn’t it Sonja who is the thug, but if its the fabulous LuLu, Thug on honey, That trick needs a serious ass kissing and I love seeing Ramoner sobbing on her bed and I hope Jill is the one who got her there, because Jill has “I’m sorry’ed” enough and its time those tricks that keep bringing it up need serious slapping.

    Alex a model!!!! the cover girl for the next issue of “Today’s Equine”

  3. dy said

    @ 2…thats what I thought too bryan, it looks like from the clips alex and sonja get into it,sonja kicks her out,and alex refers to her as a thug in a cocktail dress.. but ya know bravo has a way of showing some stuff to make it look one way, and something entirley different

  4. Bryan said

    @3 Dy, that’s what I was thinking afterward, either way I say bravo to to Lu and Sonyak, I actually would love to have seen her actually put jimmy choo to ass as Alex goes flying out the door.

  5. dy said

    @4 Bryan Like we were saying the other night on that other thread..from the clips of this season so far Alex isn’t coming off so good, pretty arrogant/ self centered. We shall see, should be interesting..I have to say though she will be no match for LuLu.LuLu has a way of cutting to the quick, with a smile on her face the whole freakin

  6. Dalai Mama said

    Yeah, what Tinselkitty said!!!

  7. Rosie said

    Hi Dy, Bryan and Dalai!!

  8. Rosie said

    Oops. I hit submit instead of return.
    Anyway, hi guys!!
    We just had this conversation the other day. There is no inside info here. Shame on Radar. That’s pretty lame! I’m excited for the NY season!!

  9. dy said

    Hi Rosie…Yes we did, we talked about the previews and everything, when we found out when ny is coming on lol..

    ugh radar on line!!

  10. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    How lame Radar? Oh brother!

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