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Celebrity Apprentice: Winning or Whining? Recap

Posted by tvtwaddle on March 7, 2011

ADMIN – We are introducing a new author for the Tvtime readers!!  All please welcome ‘tvtwaddle’  and you can follow her on twitter @tweatcyn as well as read her blog at     Thanks CYN!!!!! – IMA

Episode 1

Sunday March 6, 2011

NBC 9pm

The Players:

Girls:  Niki Taylor (Supermodel); Dionne Warwick (Singer); NeNe Leakes (Bravolebrity);  Marlee Matlin (Actor); LaToya Jackson(MJ’s Sister); Hope Dworaczyk (Playboy Model/ TV Host);  Lisa Rinna (Actor/Host/Author); Star Jones (Lawyer/Pundit/TV Personality)

Boys:  John Rich (Country Singer); Mark McGrath (Singer-Sugar Ray); David Cassidy (Actor/Singer); Richard Hatch (Survivor); Jose Canseco(MLB Outfielder and Hitter); Gary Busey (Actor/ Celeb Rehab); Meat Loaf (rock icon); Lil John (Hip Hop Artist/ Producer)

I have never watched a single episode of The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice before. I hate to admit it, but the only reason I am watching now is because NeNe Leakes is on it. I want to see her crash and burn in a monumental way.  Guess that makes me a “Hater”. So be it. This should be interesting.

I am however a big fan of Ivanka Trump. I follow her on Twitter. I have read her book (The Trump Card) and I adore her jewelry and shoe lines. She is mature and gracious and a wonderful role model for business women young and old.  She was not handed her place in the Trump empire. She earned it. And I’m happy to say she and her husband are now expecting their first child. Congratulations Ivanka.

I also follow Gary Busey and he tweets some interesting stuff. He is both brilliant and crazy at the same time.  NeNe Leakes,  I know from all seasons of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I remember Hope from the Girls Next Door episode when Holly was shopping around for the 50th anniversary centerfold. She was in the top three but wasn’t chosen over the Polish babe. Cassidy I watched as a juvenile every Friday night on The Partridge Family. (swoon). He was the Bieber of his time. I like Niki Taylor and Lisa Rinna quite a bit. I respect Marlee Matlin for her great dramatic acting performances. The rest of the contestants I know very little about, especially the men folk.

The Celebrity Apprentice opens with paparazzi lights flashing on the contestants walking down the red carpet.  They are introduced. They’ll bring the CRAZY. They’ll bring the CASH. All in the name of charity. It is on like Donkey Kong brotha (John Rich).

Radio City Music hall and the cast assembles. Trump approaches with some Rockette bookends on either side. He dismisses them. Donald takes a poll. Several of the contestants have performed there. NeNe’s talking head spouts arrogant foolishness as usual. She will “shut them down.” Star is playing for the American Heart Association. Latoya for AIDS Research. Rich (Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital), Marlee for (Starky Hearing Foundation).  We start off with a Men vs Women challenge. They all cheer.  They arrive at their separate quarters. Lil John feels the name they choose for their team cannot be lame.  Gary’s suggestion is “The Sperm Farmers”.

Star lets Pinkey, her Maltese out of the bag. Marlee’s male interpreter is in the lady’s quarters. That could be awkward if he’s always there. They come up with A.S.A.P. for their name. They can’t seem to remember what it stands for each time it’s explained but they all learn to sign it with a snappy SNAP!  at the end. Lisa’s not wild about the name. Star is volunteered as project manager.

Back to the men haggling over names. They decide on BACKBONE-strength courage honor integrity.

Hatch volunteers as project manager. It’s unanimous.  Nene answers the phone “ASAP”. They all migrate to the boardroom.  Boys on one side of the table and girls on the other. Don Jr. and Ivanka are the boardroom advisors. Gary hasn’t brushed his hair. The project managers and team names are announced. ASAP means Artists Singers Authors and Performers with a Purpose (I think)

They set up their pizza shops. Dionne is shown learning how to enter orders. Hatch is already offending and bossing around. The men don’t think too highly of his personality. They remind us of the four years he spent in a federal penitentiary for cheating and lying.

Lil John and John Rich label Gary Busey the Pepperoni Prophet,  spelled PROFIT.

Nene interviews with a hot pink dead animal on her shoulder saying she was busting her azz. Niki’s hideous arm tattoo is revealed when she rolls up her long sleeves to work the dough. The ladies state that Star doesn’t like to get her hands dirty.  Richard is a tyrant.  I keep wondering to myself, when are Joe and Teresa Giudice going to be introduced.

The men come up with the catch phrase “Buy a Pie for Charity”. Gary puts on his “crazy man outfit”  but to me he looks the same. Star is spending a lot of time on the advertising. Lisa and Star have a little tussle but make amends. Lisa thinks the printed materials are too busy and hard to read.

The pepperoni profit is on the prowl. He throws pepperoni in the air and wherever it lands, that’s where the miracle will happen. The guys are doing a great job getting the attention of the passers-by. Rich describes the sidewalk atmosphere as a Pentecostal carnival.

A.S.A.P. has NeNe hawking on the sidewalk. LaToya’s celebrity and Nene’s mouth were bringing them in. Dionne was the bottle neck at the register working at a snail’s pace. Don Jr.  is impressed with the crowds inside. Star wants to move things along and take over the register. Dionne thinks the people will be patient and brushes Star away.

Hatch is selling high dollar pizza pies to other survivor contestants, and rich contacts, big time DJ’s, celebrities. Selling a 15K slice of pizza. David makes some calls trying to keep up and raise some serious money. Everyone he knows is busy. To be fair, his contacts are largely located on the West Coast. The ladies are doing the same. Wendy Williams shows up, and so does Russell Simmons.  Chef Curtis Stone (soon to be hosting Top Chef Masters)  is recruited by the Donald to taste both teams’ pizzas for some extra prize money to the winner. He says both are great.

It’s weird seeing Marlee signing but a man’s voice coming to my ears from off camera. Star’s friend ordered $40,000 dollar pizzas. Curtis calls Star to deliver 8 pizzas to the firehouse. Star closed her doors so they can concentrate on the big order. NeNe thinks that may be a mistake. The girls run into some delivery logistics problems with traffic. They deliver the $40,000 dollar pizza pie. Now they head to Chelsea to the Firehouse. They don’t know some big money is riding on the successful delivery to the firehouse for winning the taste test. The women have won the taste test but they have to deliver it on time. They don’t know how much money is riding on that.

David’s daughter Katie Cassidy. from Gossip Girl, comes in to give $1,000 for her dad’s pizza. Time is up. Did the women make it to the firehouse? Noooooo, because of traffic and their own fumbling around, they lost out on $35,000.

Lisa thinks that Star did a good job, not Great. They could have been more cohesive. Didn’t understand why the store was closed when they returned. Star blames Lisa for not delivering pizzas on time. Donald asks Nene whose fault delivery failure was, and she says Lisa’s. Marlee and Latoya blame traffic. Hope has no voice or presence in this episode. She is clearly out of her element.

Gary’s cell phone rings. He can’t turn it off without much fumbling. Donald tells him he’s fired. “Just Kidding” says Donald. David says Jose was a star. Great pizza producer. Gary’s voice is hoarse. He reveals he had cancer in 1997, that’s why his eye is red and swollen, residual damage. Donald asks Gary what they could have done better. His answer makes no sense. They all laugh. Jose reveals he’s not a big fan of Richards and says he’s very lucky to have such a great team.  Jose doesn’t like the way Richard was physical with David. He’s a bully. David says Richard ignored and disrespected people. Jose defends the underdog. Meatloaf likes Richard but he was very aggressive and short with everyone. Richard tells Jose he lacks intelligence.

Who won? Men’s team raised $54K. The women’s team raised $170K for the American Heart Association. The $35K the women lost goes to Niki’s charity, The American Red Cross, since she was the star of the winning team. Everyone is happy with that decision. The women go back to celebrate. The men are left in the boardroom and someone will be fired.

Donald asks Richard why his team didn’t bring in the big donors like the women’s team. Ivanka is surprised because she saw harmony when she visited the men’s shop. Jose says it was all a façade. Richard has Jill Zarin’s disease as he can’t remember pushing David at all. Gary gives a demo of the Pizza profit sermon. The girls are watching on screen. They applaud his performance and notice his eye is going wonky.  Richard called David little, sensitive, and delicate. Not exactly manly descriptions according to Ivanka. When polled, the men say they would fire Richard. Richard chooses David and Jose to join him at the chopping block. Donald tells the women to” turn off their TV, they’ve seen enough!” They all scream happily that Richard is going home.

David tells Jose how much he admires his strength, intelligence and integrity. They’re called back into the boardroom to defend themselves.  Richard would fire David over Jose because he was harder to manage. Says he took too many breaks to smoke. Says there was a lot of whining. Ivanka is amused again by the demeaning ways Richard describes David. Donald doesn’t like that David keep deferring to Jose to back him up and stand up for him. They think David is too low key, weak and doesn’t have enough passion.  

David: “I’m Winning” (ala Charlie Sheen)

Donald: “No, you’re Whining. You’re FIRED!”


18 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice: Winning or Whining? Recap”

  1. Cyn.. I find it interesting that all we heard from NeNe about Star Jones, NeNe was butt licking her all the way on this episode! I think Star did a great job and raised a whole lotta cash for a good charity. Well for episode 1 fer sure.. GREAT RECAP!!!

  2. dy said

    I enjoyed your recap tvtwaddle, thanks.

    I think Star did a good job,and yes she raised a whole bunch of money for the charity. Lord how could we not know it, she told us every chance she got. Still am not sure about her, she does seem arrogant, we’ll see how she is in upcoming episodes. Oh and Star, BTW..I think you need to get a weave that fits, that thing was shfting all over the place last night

  3. @tweatcyn said

    I think NeNe is just assessing her competitors before she makes her presence known. She is separating wheat from chaff in her own mind. I actually enjoyed watching this show. I’m off of OC housewives. They’re so over.
    I like the photos you added. Snazzed it up. I would’ve found some but I had to get it in to you before I went in to work.

  4. dy said

    I think NeNe was intimated,by Star especially..She is out of her league with most of these women.She will hang back,see who she can push around,control, and get loud with,then the NeNe will all know will come out.

  5. WindyCityWondering said

    Nice recap – didn’t expect NeNe to go off in the first episode – but I bet she was pissed no one nominated her for project manager….her target is locked in and Starr doesn’t even know it yet!

  6. No problen CYN!! I am always ready to help out a working perp!

  7. @tweatcyn said

    Working Perp. LOL. I like that.
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  8. Great job, Cyn! Glad to have ya! I wish he’d stop with the men vs women teams each season. Nene tweeted something last night about her and her girl Hope D so I guess those two will be getting all buddy buddy here pretty quick. Buddy buddy meaning Hope letting Nene do all the driving, of course.

  9. dreemz said

    Thanks for the recap, Tweatcyn! I caught bits & pieces of the show. I saw the part where Richard pushed David…cringe-worthy indeed. David hasn’t seemed to age very gracefully. He came off as a bit of a whiney old lady (i was dissapointed). I doubt that Richard will be pushing around any of the other guys. I’ll keep watching to see him get put in his place, & hopefully see Nene get put in her place. Nene has gotten outa control, enuf!

  10. Rosie said

    Good recap!
    I didn’t see NeNe raising any money.
    I can’t stand that Hatch person, but David C. was trying to be a victim, and it did come across as whining. He just didn’t have the “killer instincts” that Trump expects.

  11. CotonMom said

    The women won handily despite the fact Star was the PM. I owned a pizza restaurant for years and she made some major mistakes. She should have had Dionne in a marketing position and put Lisa on the register. You never ever close a restaurant when people are coming in. And you only need one person to deliver a pizza therefore she should have sent 1 person to the 40k people and 1 person to the firehouse.
    She doesn’t have a good sense of management but was smart enough to call on her rich friends.
    I think David got a bum rap and it will be interesting to see what happens with Richard and the guys as we get further into the season. He’s not a good manager either, by any stretch.

  12. @tweatcyn said

    Right back atcha TinselKitty. I’ve been reading yours too. Very nice.
    David looks like a face lift victim unfortunately. He is a very nice guy, but I agree, doesn’t handle confrontation well. When criticized for looking to Jose, he should have firmly stated that between everyone in this room, Jose is the only witness to the fact that he did not take too many breaks and did his share of fundraising. Instead he fumbled around trying to defend himself and came off weak. Reminded me of Kim Richards in that respect. Nice, smart, right, but can’t manage a good quick come-back when needed.

  13. G-sus said

    Was it me or was The Donald extra orange last night? I laughed when Hatch said he never lies. Really? Didn’t ya spend 4 years in the hoosegow for lying to the IRS about your taxes? Duh!

  14. dy said

    Yea he did look orange GSus, now that you mentioned

  15. WindyCity – I was HOPING NeNe would be a storm out of the gates.. but she is smart.. playing it low, sizing up her perps.. etc. I think this season is going to be a HUGE hit.. but the ratings for the Apprentice NBC show dont fortell a good outcome… WHY??? WHY????? (Nancy Kerigan style..)

    ABC took Sunday in adults 18-49 (2.7 rating/7 share) thanks to a strong premiere by Secret Millionaire, which not only won its time slot in viewers (12.6 million) but earned an impressive 3.3 rating/9 share in the demo, according to preliminary ratings. Desperate Housewives also had a good night, earning a 3.4/8 in the demo and 11.3 million viewers.

    Millionaire outranked the other reality shows in the time slot – The Amazing Race, which earned a 2.7/7 and 9.7 million viewers, and the debut of America’s Next Great Restaurant (1.6/4, 4.5 million). In fact, the latter show did no favors for the return of NBC’s Apprentice: Celebrity Edition 4, which earned a 2.7/7, down 16% versus last season’s version that bowed on March 3. The two-hour premiere averaged 7.8 million viewers. NBC put a positive spin on the show’s performance by saying it ranked no. 1 in its second hour in nearly all key demographics.

  16. G-sus said

    IJS I think Celebrity Apprentice made a big mistake by making it 2 hours. That makes it compete with 2 different shows on each of the other networks who have just one hour shows in that time frame. I think a lot of people don’t want to make that kind of a commitment to a reality show. I stopped watching the Biggest Loser for that reason. Too much fluff added into it to stretch it to 2 hours.
    Last night the pizza challenge was over just one hour into the show, that left one whole hour to stretch out the deliberations on who to send home.

  17. @tweatcyn said

    I watched Secret Millionaire before Celeb Apprentice came on. SM was really good!
    I recapped it on my blog:

  18. Gypsy Moth said

    Well, where do I start? Star Jones and our patron saint of psychics, Granny Warwick, are two bloated, old ego driven,has-beens. I thought the idea of a team was to be a ‘team’…Each old biddy, wanted to put their name on the kid’s book…Rinna’s mistake was not allowing them to do so. How damn smart can either of these heifers be? Star, kicked of the View and marrying a gay man; Warwick selling voodoo…oh my…Well, they are too attention loving to last….Have a good bowl of gravy Star. Granny Warwick, get your cards read…ahahaha

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